Blood Theatre

Comedy, Horror
USA | English | Color | 1h 15min

Three young movie theater employees are given the task of re-opening a long closed old-time theater at which many years before a shocking series of grisly murders took place. It seems many more murders have occurred since then but all of this remains unknown to these three young upstart employees hoping to finally make it big on their own. As they approach the grand re-opening night, things keep getting stranger and more unsettling with items suddenly starting to move around by themselves without any seen aid and a terrifying old man seemingly haunting the premises.

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Mary Woronov Miss Blackwell
Jenny Cunningham
Jonathan Blakely Original Owner
Andrew Cofrin Adrian
Joanna Foxx Selena
Stephanie Dillard Darcy
Rob-Roy Fletcher Dean Murdock
Daniel Schafer Malcolm
David Millbern Original Owner (Young)

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Director Rick Sloane


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
814456021638 Blu-ray Disc Free Jun 26, 2018 VS-231