Blue River

Echo Bridge Home Entertainment (1995)
Drama, Western
USA | English | Color | 1h 30min

Edward's father walked out on his family years ago. In the years since, his mother has become a fundamentalist Christian and fallen for the school's self-righteous principal, Henry Howland. When Howland begins to mistreat Edward's mother, Edward's troubled older brother decides to get revenge. Now, Edward must protect his family from his brother's wrath.

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Jerry O'Connell Lawrence Sellars
Nick Stahl Young Edward
Neal McDonough Edward Sellars
Jean Marie Barnwell Darienne
Patrick Renna Zoltan
Sam Elliott Henry Howland
Susan Dey Mrs. Sellers
Rebecca Rogers Elizabeth
Lorri Lindberg Mrs. Silver
Merritt Wever Lottie
Cara Jedell Anita Candle
Catherine Shaffner Mrs. Morris
David Cutting Jonathan
Chris Blackwelder Kurt
Joanna Canton Stacy
Rebekah Bayard Mourner
Craig Dawson David
Michael Harding Policeman
Martin Hundley
Jonathan Whitton Drunk Kid
J Schaefer Mourner / kid at party

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Director Larry Elikann
Writer Ethan Canin, Maria Nation
Producer Brent Shields, Tom Luse, Richard Welsh
Photography Eric Van Haren Noman
Musician Lawrence Shragge


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
096009398095 DVD 1
013023051096 DVD 1 Jun 06, 2000
096009292348 DVD Jun 10, 2014
096009569297 DVD Nov 23, 2010
5024165292488 DVD