Bourne: The Ultimate Collection

Universal (2016)
USA | English | Color

Rescued from the Ocean and suffering from amnesia, Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) discovers that he is the creation of an off-book US unit trying to create the perfect soldier. Struggling with memories he cannot trust, Bourne sets about piecing his fractured past back together and finds conflict with people and institutions who will stop at nothing to keep their secrets safe.
2002 saw director, Doug Liman take Robert Ludlum's spy/soldier to the big screen. Creating a new kind of screen hero, Matt Damon's troubled character has, to date spawned 5 movies, including the off-shoot Bourne Legacy, that have captured audiences with visceral action placed in a very real world. This 2016 boxset showcases the 5 Bourne movies, to date in HD.

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Franka Potente Marie
Vincent Cassel Asset
Scott Glenn Ezra Kramer
David Strathairn Noah Vosen
Edward Norton Retired Col. Eric Byer, USAF
Brian Cox Ward Abbott
Julia Stiles Nicky Parsons
Karl Urban Kirill
Rachel Weisz Dr. Marta Shearing
Paddy Considine Simon Ross
Gabriel Mann Danny Zorn
Matt Damon Bourne
Chris Cooper Conklin
Stacy Keach Retired Adm. Mark Turso, USN
Tommy Lee Jones CIA Director Robert Dewey
Clive Owen The Professor
Albert Finney Dr. Albert Hirsch
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Wombosi
Joan Allen Pamela Landy
Jeremy Renner Aaron Cross
Edgar Ramirez Paz (as Edgar Ramirez)
Riz Ahmed Aaron Kalloor
Oscar Isaac Outcome #3
Alicia Vikander Heather Lee

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Director Tony Gilroy
Paul Greengrass
Doug Liman
Writer Tony Gilroy, Paul Greengrass, W. Blake Herron, George Nolfi, Dan Gilroy, Christopher Rouse, Scott Z. Burns
Producer Frank Marshall, Paul Greengrass, Doug Liman, Patrick Crowley, Gregory Goodman, Matt Damon, Richard N. Gladstein, Paul Sandberg, Ben Smith, Jeffrey M. Weiner, Jeffrey M. Weiner
Photography Robert Elswit, Oliver Wood, Barry Ackroyd
Musician John Powell, James Newton Howard, David Buckley


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5053083096137 Blu-ray Disc Free Nov 28, 2016 Blu-ray + Digital Download
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84145331011844 Blu-ray Disc
191329007778 DVD 1 Mar 28, 2017
025192386800 DVD 1 Dec 2016
5053083096120 DVD 2 Nov 28, 2016
5053083132262 DVD
5053083079161 DVD
025192389597 Ultra HD Blu-ray Free 2002
025192395505 Ultra HD Blu-ray
5053083126780 Ultra HD Blu-ray 2002