Bowery At Midnight

Alpha Video (1942)
Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction, Crime, Action
USA | English | Color | 1h

Soup kitchen operator and criminologist Bela Lugosi operates a soup kitchen as a front for a criminal gang who commit a series of robberies and murders.

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Bela Lugosi Professor Brenner aka Karl Wagner
John Archer Richard Dennison
Wanda McKay Judy Malvern
Tom Neal Frankie Mills
Vince Barnett Charley
Anna Hope Mrs. Brenner
John Berkes Fingers Dolan
J. Farrell MacDonald Capt. Mitchell
Dave O'Brien Pete Crawford
Lucille Vance Mrs. Malvern
Lew Kelly Doc Brooks
Wheeler Oakman Stratton
Ray Miller Big Man
Victor Adamson Tramp
Willy Castello Jeweler
Pat Costello Tramp Questioned by Richard
George Eldredge Det. Thompson
Bernard Gorcey Shopkeeper
Eddie Hall Tramp Playing Checkers at Friendly Mission
Eddie Kane Police Chief Martin
Jack Kenney Usher
Ralph Littlefield Big Man's Friend
Theodore Lorch Tramp Playing Checkers at Friendly Mission
Walter McGrail Coroner
'Snub' Pollard Motorist


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
089218400598 DVD 1 Jun 04, 2002 Movie-Only Edition
872322002389 DVD 1 Jan 01, 2004
785604205425 DVD 1 Dec 12, 2000 Movie-Only Edition
803212000994 DVD 1 Oct 29, 2002 Special Edition
787364571895 DVD 1 Oct 12, 2004
790617407094 DVD 1 Aug 01, 2009
779836279897 DVD 1 Aug 28, 2007
096009373443 DVD 1 Dec 02, 2014
883629250632 DVD 1 Sep 06, 2007
3700173209497 DVD
069458171939 DVD
089218400536 DVD
020215533933 VHS