Brain Twisters

Rhino (1991)
Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller
USA | English | Color | 1h 31min

Employees of a software company discover a conspiracy to use the games made by the company to control the thoughts of its customers.

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Farrah Forke Laurie Stevens
Terry Londeree Dr. Phillip Rothman
Joe Lombardo Frank Turi
Donna Bostany Michelle
Elle Thompson Yvonne
Shura McComb Ted
Heather Ann Barclay Denise
Robert T. Hughes Wrightnour
Bill Hilkert Jr. Pete
Charles Lopresto Custodian
Michael Warholic Norm
Mitch Kornfeld Roger
Gene Malone Police Captain
Jonathan Lomma Twelve-Year-Old Boy
Mark Fryer Policeman
Johnny Pidgeon Policeman
Vic Sangiuliano Policeman
Gerald Weller Policeman
Doug Massell Norm's Buddy
Donald Scioscia Derelict
Kelly Patrick Dancer in Bar
Carmen Mercadante Football Stud in Cafe
Frank Rasieleski Superior
Carl Scioscia Superior
Laurie Ann Hickey Girl Runner


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
081227566425 DVD 1 Jun 12, 2000