N279 Entertainment (2016)

Western, Thriller, Mystery
The Netherlands / English / 148 mins
IMDb 7.1

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Dakota Fanning Liz
Kit Harington Samuel
Carice van Houten Anna
Guy Pearce The Reverend
Paul Anderson Frank
Emilia Jones Joanna
Naomi Battrick Narrator
Ivy George Sam
William Houston Eli
Carla Juri Elizabeth Brundy
Jack Roth Wolf
Vera Vitali Sally
Tygo Gernandt Crawling outlaw
Alexandra Guelff Working Girl
Jack Hollington Matthew
Bill Tangradi Nathan
Frederick Schmidt Sheriff Zeke
Justin Salinger Doctor
Peter Blankenstein Man in Gunfight
Adrian Sparks Eli's Father
Dorian Lough Street Preacher
Dan van Husen Coach Driver
Martha Mackintosh Pregnant woman
Joseph Kennedy Husband of pregnant woman
Natascha Szabo Working Girl First Period
Sam Louwyck Marriage Broker
Sid Van Oerle Drunken Miner #1
Joe David Walters Customer Sally
Ellie Shenker Young girl
Sue Maund Abigail's mother
Fergus O'Donnell Fred Eastman
Bob Stoop Drunken Miner #2
Hon Ping Tang Meng
Andrew Harwood Mills Man at Bar
Ad Van Kempen Arie
Frieda Pittoors Agatha
Baely Saunders Jackie
Leon van Waas Barman
Charlotte Croft Abigail
Judith Edixhoven Working Girl 2
Amelie Ha Chinese Girl
Rebecca Theresa Schedler Working Girl Second Period
Farren Morgan Mike
Talizia Hoysang Working Girl Second Period
Ninh Kerger Chinese Man on Street
Irene van Guin Working Girl First Period
Isabella Depeweg Working Girl Second Period
Florentine Seuffert Working Girl First Period
Griffin Stevens Customer
Danila Linzke Working Girl Second Period
Julie Plitschke Working Girl Second Period
Hans-Joachim van Wanrooij Blacksmith
Elizabeth Muller Working Girl Second Period
Ian Xu Chinese Boy
Paula Siu Meng's wife
Lydia Pauley Working Girl 3
Tim Ahern Man in Gunfight
Alexandra Wirth Working Girl First Period
Katharina Frucht Working Girl First Period
Stephanie Andrzejewski Working Girl First Period
Henry Büchmann Mine Worker
Raimond van Soest Death Man #1

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Martin Koolhoven
Writer Martin Koolhoven
Producer Anne Sheehan, Violaine Barbaroux, Nicki Hattingh
Photography Rogier Stoffers
Musician Junkie XL



Brimstone is a suspenseful tale of guilt and retribution that unfolds in America at the end of the 19th century. A dark, violent and epic western/thriller about a young woman (and her family) whose lives change drastically when a new preacher comes to town. The story, told in four chapters, shows us how the young woman has to fight for her life and those of her loved ones, but also portrays the horrible past that led up to these events.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
741952837091 1 2017-04-11
5414937043385 2017-04-21
741952836995 1 2017-04-11