Bring It On: All or Nothing

New Line Home Entertainment (2006)
Comedy, Sports
USA | English | Color | 1h 39min

A transfer student at a rough high school tries joining the cheer-leading squad and finds that she not only has to face off against the head cheerleader, but also against her former school in preparation for a cheer-off competition.

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Hayden Panettiere Britney Allen (also as Hayden Panetiere)
Kiersten Warren Pam Allen
Gary LeRoi Gray Tyson (as Gary Leroi Gray)
Debra Sullivan PV Teacher
Eric Bruskotter Tim Allen
Solange Knowles Camille (also as Solange Knowles Smith) (as Solange Knowles-Smith)
Marty Dew Crenshaw Heights Cheerleader
Jake McDorman Brad Warner
Tarah Paige Pacific Vista Cheerleader
Conni Marie Brazelton Mrs. Webster (as Conni Marie Brazelto)
Tony Gonzalez Himself (uncredited)
Steven West Security Guard
Kevin Wilson Crenshaw Heights Cheerleader
Cindy Chiu Amber
Sandy Colton Audition Cheerleader (uncredited)
Jessica Nicole Fife Sierra (as Jessie Fife)
Giovonnie Samuels Kirresha (also as Giovonnie Samuels) (as Giovannie Samuels)
Danielle Savre Brianna
Chris Moss Dancer (uncredited)
Don Le Asian Student (uncredited)
Teresa Strasser Pacific Vista Cheerleader
Francia Raisa Leti
Michelle Alexandria Prom Girl (uncredited)
Jeran Pascascio Jock (uncredited)
John Cronin Crenshaw Heights Cheerleader
Tia Robinson Dancer (uncredited)
Nathan Belt High School Student (uncredited)
Michelle Maniscalco Pacific Vista Cheerleader (as Michelle Jersey Maniscalco)
Paul Haasch Prom Date (uncredited)
Erin Yvonne Crenshaw Heights Cheerleader
Monica Soto Crenshaw Heights Cheerleader
Kimberly Magness White Girl Clique Leader (uncredited)
Heather Nichols Dancer (uncredited)
Danielle E. Hawkins Audition Cheerleader (uncredited)
Terrance Harrison Crenshaw Heights Cheerleader
Ivan 'Flipz' Velez Dancer (uncredited)
Jordan Johnson Pacific Vista Cheerleader
Marquita Scott Crenshaw Heights Cheerleader
Shane Cibella Coach (uncredited)
JoJo Wright Himself - DJ / Announcer (as Jojo)
Caity Lotz Pacific Vista Cheerleader
Rihanna Herself
Trever Love Crenshaw Heights Spotter
Matthew Campbell Amber's Boyfriend
Emme Rylan Winnie (as Marcy Rylan)
Gustavo Carr Jesse (also as Gus Carter) (as Gus Carr)
Deborah Sullivan PV Teacher
Wilke Itzin Student DJ
Swin Cash Herself
Sean van der Wilt Pacific Vista Cheerleader
Blake Angiers Pacific Vista Cheerleader
Bowd Beal Pacific Vista Cheerleader
Casey Marlow Pacific Vista Cheerleader
Griffin Myers Pacific Vista Cheerleader
Whitney Lefler Pacific Vista Cheerleader
Shannon Stotz Pacific Vista Cheerleader
Betsey Lawrey Pacific Vista Cheerleader
Noreen Juliano Crenshaw Heights Cheerleader
Alexiss Sanchez Crenshaw Heights Cheerleader
Dominque Domingo Crenshaw Heights Cheerleader
Alexandria Kaye Crenshaw Heights Cheerleader (as Alex Kaye)
Sal Davila Crenshaw Heights Cheerleader
Chester Jackson Crenshaw Heights Cheerleader
Jonathan Rios Crenshaw Heights Spotter
Shaun T. Crenshaw Heights Spotter (as Shaun Thompson)
Tanya Douglas Dancer (uncredited)
Denise Emery Audition Cheerleader (uncredited)
Lindsey Evans Cheerleader (uncredited)
Audia Holiday Mime (uncredited)
Bora Jasa Coffee Break Student (uncredited)
Devon Marie King Student (uncredited)
Chad Moore Prom Date 2 (uncredited)
Josh Siemens Prom Goer (uncredited)
Alex 'Shorty' Welch Dancer (uncredited)

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Director Steve Rash
Writer Alyson Fouse
Producer Armyan Bernstein, David Roessell, Zanne Devine
Photography Victor J. Kemper
Musician Transcenders


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191329065969 Blu-ray Disc 1 Jul 24, 2018
5050582452860 Blu-ray Disc
400202097066 Blu-ray Disc
025192910029 DVD 1 Aug 08, 2006
025192910128 DVD 1 Aug 08, 2006
025192033698 DVD 1 Jun 14, 2009
624262178781 DVD 1
025193218827 DVD 1 Dec 05, 2006
025192040450 DVD 1
5050582434941 DVD 2 Sep 05, 2011
5050582426441 DVD 2, 4, 5 2006
5050582434958 DVD 2 Sep 04, 2006
5050582451504 DVD 2 Jan 03, 2008
5050582707076 DVD 2 Sep 03, 2009
5050582452846 DVD 2
708758640381 DVD 2 Jun 06, 2000
5050582426434 DVD 2 Sep 21, 2006
5050582452891 DVD 2 Oct 25, 2006
5050582450491 DVD 4 Sep 13, 2006
5050582552133 DVD 4 Apr 30, 2008
5050582452877 DVD
5050582457162 DVD Sep 28, 2006
025192173479 DVD
5050582835250 DVD
4582131181132 DVD
015192910020 DVD
5050582459609 DVD
025192220838 DVD
096898717335 VHS
7501925425518 VHS