Broken Vows

Platinum (1987)

Drama, Thriller, Romance, Mystery
USA / English / 95 mins
IMDb 5.7

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Jean De Baer Gene Drumm
Peter Crombie Dan Phelan
Frances Fisher Maureen Phelan
David Groh Michael Drumm
Tommy Lee Jones Pater Joseph McMahon
Joseph Drblik Conductor
Richard Dumont Father Purdy
Mark Kulik Boy in Line
Anthony LaGuerre Carlos
Andrew Nichols Boy in Confession
Annette O'Toole Nana Marie Fitzpatrick
M. Emmet Walsh Detective Mulligan
Milo O'Shea Monsignor Casey
Madeleine Sherwood Mrs. Chase
David Strathairn Stuart Chase


Jud Taylor
Writer Ivan Davis, Dorothy Salisbury Davis
Producer Wendy Grean, Bill Brademan
Musician Charles Gross



When Father Joseph Hennessey visits the home of one of his parishioners to offer last rights,he becomes embroiled in a plot which ultimately shakes his faith to its very foundation. Intrigued by the dying man's mention of "Nim," and fascinated by the man's saintly demeanor, Father Joseph's curiosity is redoubled when a beautiful young woman enters his church to question the young priest about the deceased man. Father Joseph and the woman, whom he discovers to be the "Nim" in question, embark upon an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the man's death.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
096009258191 1 2005-01-04 REGION 1
032621095233 1 2005-02-08
5060146910545 2 2005-01-04