Tla Releasing (2016)
Drama, Romance
Argentina | Spanish | Color | 1h 33min

It’s Spanish title derives from a line of Adrián extolling friendship as being like a girlfriend without the complications of sex (Como una novia sin sexo). Adrián [Agustín Pardella] is the clueless one of the three friends on vacation in November 1996 at an otherwise nearly deserted beach campsite. He is the first to go to sleep, the last to wake up, and oblivious of the sexual tension between Daniel [Javier De Pietro] and Santiago [Marcos Ribas]. Daniel wants Santiago to be a novio, not a friend without sex. Santiago tries to ignore Daniel’s desire. He may return a degree, but is and wants to be straight. (He tries to impress this on Dani when he is aware that Dani is spying on Santi fucking Juli.)
Santiago seduces (or acquiesces to seduction) by Julieta [Luana Pascual], the only other camper, who sets up near the boys on the beach and removes her top. After he has “broken up” with her (passed her on to Adrián), Santiago says she came looking for cock. He supplied his readily, increasing Daniel’s agonized longings.


Don Alphonso Bar Customer #2
Charlie Curilan Bar Customer #1
Jet Kracht Bar Customer #3
Merlijn Remmig Brother #2
Rowan Remmig Brother #1

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Director Marica Crombach
Writer Maria Crombach
Producer Peter Kasbergen


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
5060103798162 DVD 2 2017
5060103708161 DVD