Buck Privates

Universal (1941)
Comedy, Music, Musical
USA | English | Black/White | 1h 24min

Petty con artists, Bud & Lou mistakenly join the Army evading the cops. The cop chasing them winds up as their drill instructor. A rich young man and his former working class chauffeur are not only in the same unit, they're vying for a pretty girl who seems attracted to both.

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Bud Abbott Slicker Smith
Lou Costello Herbie Brown
Lee Bowman Randolph Parker III
Jane Frazee Judy Gray
Alan Curtis Bob Martin
Nat Pendleton Sgt. Michael Collins
The Andrews Sisters The Andrews Sisters
Laverne Andrews Laverne Andrews
Maxene Andrews Maxene Andrews
Patty Andrews Patty Andrews
Samuel S. Hinds Major General Emerson
Harry Strang Sgt. Callahan
Nella Walker Mrs. Parker II
Leonard Elliott Henry
Shemp Howard Chef
M.J. Frankovich Announcer
Dora Clement Miss Durling - Camp Hostess
Jean Brooks Camp Hostess
Janet Warren Camp Hostess
Kay Leslie Camp Hostess
Nina Orla Camp Hostess
Dorothy Darrell Camp Hostess
The World Champion Boogie Woog Dancers Contest Dancers
Al Billings Tough Fighter - Maguire's Replacement
Stanley Blystone Recruiting Sergeant


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
025192128172 Blu-ray 1, Free Apr 17, 2012 100th Anniversary
191329092170 Blu-ray 1 Feb 19, 2019
5053083143831 Blu-ray
014381426724 DVD 1 Oct 17, 2000
096895508530 VHS