Building Australia


Australia / English / 160 mins


John Doyle


Serge Ou
Writer Michael Cove
Producer Michael Tear, Harriet Pike


"Rather than exploring history through monumental buildings, this series tells us who we were and who we are through the hidden history of houses,"said John Doyle. "The series reflects how people live, and have lived, in many parts of the country. This is the story of how we have built so much more than just a roof over our heads – we’ve built Australia.” Doyle shares his observations and conversations with a range of experts, enthusiasts and home owners in the series.


Episode 1: The Terrace

Episode 2: The Queenslander

Episode 3: The Homestead

Episode 4: The Weekender

Episode 5: The Federation House

Episode 6: The Project House


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
818506020251 1 2017-08-08
9344256009525 4 2013-00-00