Bull (2016)

Bull: Season 1

Paramount (2016)
USA | English | Color | 17h 15min

From series creator and executive producer Michael S. Chernuchin (Law & Order, Brooklyn South), comes TNT's first ever original series. Bull is the story of a group of young wall street investment bankers and stock traders who leave an established firm to strike out on their own.

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Freddy Rodríguez Benny Colon
Michael Weatherly Dr. Jason Bull
Geneva Carr Marissa Morgan
Chris Jackson Chunk
Jaime Lee Kirchner Danielle James
Annabelle Attanasio Cable McCrory

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1 The Necklace 45 min | Sep 19, 2016

Dr. Jason Bull, the brilliant, brash founder of a prolific trial consulting firm, combines psychology, human intuition and high tech data to create winning strategies that steer high-stakes trials in his clients’ favor.

Director: Rodrigo Garcia
Writer: Paul Attanasio, Phil McGraw
Guest stars: Katherine Reis, Tammy Blanchard, Tamara Hickey, Kristen Hung, Ellie Knaus, Teresa Ting, Jenna DiMartini, Morgan Lynch, Nedra McClyde, Ana Roshelle Diaz, Meredith Handerhan, Jane Stiles, Christina Redd, Emily Donahoe, Erin Anderson
2 The Woman in 8D 45 min | Sep 26, 2016

Dr. Bull and his Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC) team must formulate a new defense strategy when they discover the jury has a subconscious gender bias toward their client, a female pilot accused of negligence after one of her flights crashes

Director: Doug Aarniokoski
Writer: David Wilcox, Mark Goffman
3 Unambiguous 45 min | Oct 03, 2016

Bull and his team tackle jury bias against their client, a woman on trial for the murder of a star athlete she very publicly accused of assaulting her. Also, the case brings Benny face-to-face with his former flame, Amanda, a fellow attorney he hasn’t seen since their breakup

Director: Jan Eliasberg
Writer: Craig Shapiro, Liz Kruger
Guest stars: Sarah Steele, Tiffany Villarin
4 Callisto 45 min | Oct 10, 2016

When Bull and Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC) help a young woman fight a drug patent lawsuit, they’re forced to travel to Callisto, the small Texan town where Bull suffered the only trial loss of his career.

Director: Dennis Smith
Writer: Jesse Stern
5 Just Tell the Truth 45 min | Oct 24, 2016

When the parents of a murdered socialite attempt to hire Bull to help prosecute their daughter's working-class fiancé for the crime, Bull turns down a major payday when he chooses to help defend the fiancé instead. Also, Marissa, Cable and Danny try to convince Chunk to let them investigate the new guy he wants to date.

Director: Peter Werner
Writer: Cole Maliska
6 Bedside Manner 45 min | Nov 01, 2016

Bull must find a way to reverse the negative effect his egomaniacal client, a surgeon with a God complex being sued for malpractice, has on the jury. Also, Bull hires Liberty Davis, a previous client’s attorney, when he decides Benny may not be sympathetic enough to the jurors.

Director: Paul Edwards
Writer: Dan Dietz
7 Never Saw the Sign 45 min | Nov 22, 2016

As Bull assists a man facing vehicular manslaughter charges, he uncovers a connection between his client’s trial and a corrupt state assemblyman who would greatly benefit from a guilty verdict. Also, Danny and Cable team up to investigate why Marissa is suddenly acting and dressing differently.

Director: Peter Leto
Writer: Mark Goffman, Elizabeth Peterson
8 Too Perfect 45 min | Dec 06, 2016

Bull’s efforts to assist with his ex-wife Isabella Colón’s defense in a wrongful death lawsuit are hindered by unresolved issues from their marriage and her longstanding rift with her brother, Benny.

Director: Dan Lerner
Writer: Elizabeth Peterson, Blake Taylor
Guest stars: Yara Martinez
9 Light My Fire 45 min | Dec 13, 2016

Bull confronts his past when he returns to his childhood home to assist in the arson defense of a young man whose contentious ties to the town mirror Bull’s own.

Director: Dennis Smith
Writer: David Wilcox
Guest stars: Catherine Curtin, Thursday Farrar, Alison Cimmet
10 EJ 45 min | Jan 03, 2017

When Bull assists CEO Ginny Bretton, whose company is accused of killing an employee with its self-driving car, he discovers his client is keeping a major secret that could sabotage a trial win

Director: Brad Turner
Writer: David Hoselton, Sam McConnell
Guest stars: Justine Lupe
11 Teacher’s Pet 45 min | Jan 17, 2017

An attorney for one of Bull’s former clients, Liberty Davis, asks him to consult on a couple’s civil suit against a teacher who had a sexual relationship with their son. However, his trial strategy suffers a major setback when the teen switches to the teacher’s side.

Director: Holly Dale
Writer: Chris Erric Maddox, Indira Gibson Wilson
Guest stars: Latarsha Rose, Willa Fitzgerald, Cindy Cheung, Claudia DiFolco, Kacie Sheik
12 Stockholm Syndrome 45 min | Jan 17, 2017

The wife of a man who Danny helped imprison for manslaughter detonates a bomb at the TAC offices and takes the team hostage in order to force Bull to prove her husband’s innocence.

Director: Jet Wilkinson
Writer: Jesse Stern, Phil McGraw, Dr. Phillip C. McGraw
Guest stars: Christina Jackson, Elizabeth Paige, Katy Grenfell, Katarina Morhacova, Dianna Aguilar
13 The Fall 45 min | Feb 07, 2017

When Bull helps a professional eSports video game player accused of throwing a championship game sue his former team manager for defamation, his trial strategy is to prove his client is a compulsive winner who is psychologically incapable of losing on purpose.

Director: Doug Aarniokoski
Writer: David Hoselton, Thomas Wong
Guest stars: Morgan Webb, Kevin “Purge” Godec
14 It's Classified 45 min | Feb 14, 2017

When Bull has Benny defend a whistle-blowing army analyst, Lt. Tamsin Dale, who is being court martialed, the case causes trust issues between them after Benny won’t share redacted government secrets with the rest of the team. Also, Marissa forces the office to work without its usual technology to avoid being hacked during the case.

Director: Dennis Smith
Writer: Chamblee Smith, Ashley Gamble
Guest stars: Holly Curran
15 What's Your Number 45 min | Feb 21, 2017

When Bull assists the U.S. Attorney’s Office with a manslaughter trial against a real estate magnate, Andrew Withrow, he finds himself once again opposing Diana Lindsay, his romantic rival. As the case gets underway, Bull’s penchant for winning goes into overdrive when he realizes the defendant is a clinical sociopath determined to use Diana to antagonize him during the proceedings

Director: Edward Ornelas
Writer: Cole Maliska
Guest stars: Jill Flint, Toby Leonard Moore
16 Free Fall 45 min | Mar 07, 2017

When a state governor and the co-owner of a skydiving company die during a jump, Bull helps the co-owner’s brother, Max Hyland, and daughter fight a lawsuit filed by the governor’s widow by trying to find who sabotaged the parachute. Also, Bull and his frequent trial collaborator, Liberty Davis, find themselves on opposing sides in court for the first time.

Director: Jan Eliasberg
Writer: John A. Norris
Guest stars: Frank Whaley, Dena Tyler
17 Name Game 45 min | Mar 27, 2017

When Bull fronts the money to help thousands of people bring a class action suit against a corrupt bank, he stands to lose his business if he doesn’t win at trial. Also, Benny hurts the case when he’s distracted by his attraction to a client and his anxiety over a secret he’s keeping from Bull,

Director: Laura Belsey
Writer: Pamela Wechsler
18 Dressed to Kill 45 min | Apr 03, 2017

Bull and Chunk’s bond is tested when Bull helps the prime suspect in the murder of Chunk’s fashion mentor, Nella Wester, a model-turned-designer who was killed during her own runway show.

Director: Larry Teng
Writer: Ashley Gable
Guest stars: Paulina Porizkova, Simon Doonan, Jessica Perez
19 Bring It On 45 min | Apr 17, 2017

When Bull assists Jules Caffrey, a high-powered attorney on trial for his fiancée’s murder, he takes advantage of his client’s penchant for courtroom theatrics by letting him defend himself.

Director: Doug Aarniokoski
Writer: Simran Baidwan
Guest stars: Isaiah Washington
20 Make Me 45 min | May 01, 2017

Bull aims to prove temporary insanity at a murder trial for his client, Troy Dickerson, a young man he believes was brainwashed by a cult-like spiritual learning center to kill his father. Also, Danny and Chunk go undercover at the learning center to find the perpetrator responsible for their client’s reprogramming.

Director: Tricia Brock
Writer: Mary Leah Sutton
21 How To Dodge A Bullet 45 min | May 08, 2017

Bull makes a deal with top criminal attorney J.P. Nunnelly to defend Benny when he goes to trial for misconduct in a case related to his former career with the District Attorney’s office.

Director: Russell Fine
Writer: John A. Norris
Guest stars: Eliza Dushku
22 Dirty Little Secrets 45 min | May 15, 2017

Bull works with J.P. Nunnelly on the first of three cases to repay her for defending his brother, Benny, at trial. However, they clash over their client, a computer cloud company that is battling the F.B.I. to retain privacy over their client files that could help identify the source of a recent eco-terrorist attack.

Director: Dennis Smith
Writer: David Hoselton
Guest stars: Eliza Dushku
23 Benevolent Deception 45 min | May 22, 2017

Bull and the Trial Analysis, Corp. team travel to Miami with J.P. Nunnelly to work on a controversial drug trafficking case in which both the clients’ and the jurors’ lives are in danger.

Director: Doug Aarniokoski
Writer: Mark Goffman
Guest stars: Eliza Dushku


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