Castle Rock

Castle Rock

Bad Robot (2018)
Drama, Horror, Thriller, Mystery
USA | English | Color | 9h 10min

Based on the stories of Stephen King, the series will intertwine characters and themes from the fictional town of Castlerock.

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Melanie Lynskey Molly Strand
Sissy Spacek Ruth Deaver
Andre Holland Henry Deaver
Bill Skarsgård The Kid
Jane Levy Jackie Torrance
Caleel Harris Young Henry Deaver
Scott Glenn Alan Pangborn
Adam Rothenberg Reverend Matthew Deaver
Noel Fisher Dennis Zalewski
Ann Cusack Warden Porter
Jeffrey Pierce Young Alan Pangborn
Terry O'Quinn Dale Lacy
Rory Culkin Willie
Aaron Staton Pastor
Chris Coy Boyd
Chosen Jacobs Wendell Deaver
Cassady McClincy Young Molly Strand
Charlie Tahan Dean Merrill
Mark Harelik Gordon
Nada Despotovich Bartender
Josh Cooke Reeves
Zabryna Guevara Doctor Vargas
CJ Jones Odin Branch
Paul Bellefeuille Shawshank Guard
Alexander W. Pollock Pierre

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Director Daniel Attias
Kevin Hooks
Greg Yaitanes
Nicole Kassell
Andrew Bernstein
Julie-Anne Robinson
Michael Uppendahl
Ana Lily Amirpour
Writer Stephen King, Sam Shaw, Scott Brown, Mark Lafferty, Heather Thomason, Dustin Thomason, Marc Bernardin, Gina Welch, Lila Byock, Vinnie Wilhelm
Producer Stephen King, J.J. Abrams, Sam Shaw, Liz Glotzer, Tom Spezialy, Tamara Isaac, Scott Brown, Mark Lafferty, Robin Sweet, Michael Uppendahl, Dustin Thomason, Gina Welch, Lila Byock, Ben Stephenson, Colin Walsh
Photography Jeffrey Greeley, Richard Rutkowski
Musician Thomas Newman, Chris Westlake

Episodes View details

1 Severance 60 min | Jul 24, 2018

Henry Deaver, a death-row attorney, confronts his dark past when an anonymous call lures him back to his hometown of Castle Rock, Maine.

Director: Michael Uppendahl
Writer: Sam Shaw, Dustin Thomason
2 Habeas Corpus 60 min | Jul 24, 2018

Henry gets a new client at Shawshank Prison.

Director: Daniel Attias
Writer: Sam Shaw, Dustin Thomason
3 Local Color 60 min | Jul 24, 2018

Molly Strand has a secret.

Director: Michael Uppendahl
Writer: Gina Welch
4 The Box 60 min | Jul 31, 2018

Henry prepares for his day in court; a coffin arrives in Castle Rock.

Director: Michael Uppendahl
Writer: Scott Brown
5 Harvest 60 min | Aug 07, 2018

A stranger comes to town; Castle Rock honors Sheriff Pangborn.

Director: Andrew Bernstein
Writer: Lila Byock
6 Filter 60 min | Aug 14, 2018

Henry’s son visits from Boston; a funeral stirs up unsettling memories.

Director: Kevin Hooks
Writer: Marc Bernardin, Vinnie Wilhem
7 The Queen 60 min | Aug 21, 2018

Memories haunt Ruth Deaver.

Director: Greg Yaitanes
Writer: Sam Shaw
8 Past Perfect 60 min | Aug 28, 2018

Newcomers set up shop in Castle Rock, Henry follows a clue.

Director: Ana Lily Amirpour
Writer: Mark Lafferty
9 Henry Deaver 60 min | Sep 04, 2018

A world beyond these walls.

Director: Julie Anne Robinson
Writer: Scott Brown, Vinnie Wilhelm
10 Romans 60 min | Sep 11, 2018

Season Finale.

Director: Nicole Kassell
Writer: Mark Lafferty


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9398700035844 Blu-ray Disc
883929651610 DVD 1
883929651658 Ultra HD Blu-ray 1, Free Jan 08, 2019 4K Ultra HD + Blu-Ray + Digital HD
9398700020703 Ultra HD Blu-ray
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