Chamber Of Horrors

John Argyle Productions (1940)

Drama, Horror, Thriller, Mystery
UK / English / 79 mins
IMDb 5.8

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Leslie Banks Dr. Manetta
Richard Bird Inspector Sneed
John H. Roberts Luis Silva
David Horne Edward Havelock
Harry Hutchinson Bevan Cody
Ross Landon John Selford
Romilly Lunge Dick Martin
Aubrey Mallalieu Lord Selford
Gina Malo Glenda Blake
Robert Montgomery Craig the Butler
Cathleen Nesbitt Ann Cody
Lilli Palmer June Lansdowne
Phil Ray Tom Cawler
Philip Ray Cawler
J.H. Roberts Luis Silva

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Norman Lee
Writer Norman Lee, Edgar Wallace, John Argyle, Gilbert Gunn
Producer John Argyle


Upon his death, a wealthy industrialist leaves behind a huge treasure in his private tomb. The way to the treasure is through seven interlocking doors with seven distinct keys. The evil Dr. Manetta has six keys but Lilli Palmer, the rightful heir, holds the last.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
738329211387 A 2017-03-21
785604204329 1 2001-05-15
738329211370 1 2017-03-21
5027626409944 2 2014-00-00