Chillers: Season 1

France 3 (1990)
Thriller, Suspense
USA | English | Color | 10h 27min

Based on Patricia Highsmith short stories. The show succeeds in displaying (at least to some extent) Highsmith's sinister atmosphere, delving into the darkest depths of human nature.

Some of the episodes are particularly well-done and creepy; with great musical setting; and perhaps the show's biggest asset is the cast of the best British actors.

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Anthony Perkins Himself - Host
Doug Rollins 2nd Reporter
Bill Nighy Tom Dickenson
Ian Holm Christopher Waggoner
Ian McShane Steven Castle
Ralph Brown Detective Inspector Rollason
James Fox Skipperton
Eileen Atkins Mrs. Waggoner
Edward Fox Michael Herbert
Peter Vaughan Winston Greeves
Ian Richardson Lee Mandeville
Michael Hordern Colonel Eddie Phelps
Christopher Fulford Dusenberry
Anna Massey Kate Greeves
Andrea Thompson
Daniel Olbrychski Roger
Murray Melvin Mr. Taylor
Benjamin Whitrow Mr. Emery
Jean-Pierre Cassel De Gastine
Tuesday Weld Jessica
Maryam d'Abo Maggie
Paul Rhys Adam Marshall
Nicol Williamson Dr. Stephen McCullough
Stephane Freiss Harry
Clovis Cornillac Le voyleur

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1 The Cat Brought It In 50 min | Jan 07, 1990

The cat brings in a couple of fingers from an unknown corpse. An investigation starts to find out what happened.

Director: Nessa Hyams
Writer: Douglas Livingstone
Guest stars: Amelia Shankley, Francesca Hall, Richard Goodfield, Concha Hidalgo
2 Sauce for the Goose 50 min | Apr 20, 1990

Lovers plan to murder the woman's husband.

3 Old Folks at Home 50 min | Apr 27, 1990

Journalists befriend an elderly couple who gradually disrupt their lives.

4 The Thrill Seeker 50 min | May 04, 1990

A proofreader makes up tales and steals trinkets from women, with disastrous results.

5 The Day of Reckoning 50 min | May 11, 1990

His wife, nephew and livestock want a greedy chicken farmer dead.

6 Puzzle 50 min | May 18, 1990

A womanising adman cannot decide among three flames.

7 Slowly, Slowly in the Wind 50 min | May 25, 1990

A greedy businessman hides the results of revenge in plain sight.

8 A Curious Suicide 50 min | Jun 01, 1990

A doctor (Nicol Williamson) is obsessed with a woman.

9 A Bird Poised to Fly 50 min | Jun 08, 1990

A young architect's obsession with unrequited love drives him over the edge.

10 The Stuff of Madness 50 min | Jun 15, 1990

A woman has her departed pets stuffed for garden ornaments; then her husband dies.

11 Under a Dark Angel's Eye 50 min | Jun 22, 1990

Finds jolt a man (Ian Richardson) selling his mother's house.

12 Something You Have to Live With 50 min | Jun 29, 1990

Robbers invade a couple's new home.


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