Christmas Crash

Hallmark Entertainment (2008)
Drama, Thriller
USA | English | Color | 2h

A husband, wife and their two daughters take a Christmas break at a lodge in the woods. There's evident tension between the couple. He's pulled by attention to his corporation and negotiations about a merger. Even on their vacation he's on the phone. She's feeling abandoned. He takes her on a light plane flight to a cabin across the lake, but their plane suddenly loses altitude. They crash into the lake before they can notify anyone. The husband is more seriously hurt but with his wife's assistance they navigate cross-country towards a distant highway.. While they struggle to cross a ridge, the husband's business partner moves behind the scenes to sell the company to raiders, apparently assuming Frank is dead. Attacked by rogue wolves, the husband and wife are rescued in the nick of time. The FAA begins an investigation of the plane crash while the family begins to heal the emotional and physical wounds.

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Alexandra Paul Christine Johnson
Elyse Levesque Teresa Johnson
Melanie Papalia Amanda Johnson
Winston Rekert Nick Stanley
Ron Lea Frank Martin
Brendan Penny Matt
Forbes Angus Brendan Armstrong
Chris Shields Jim Adams
Wesley Salter Tavern Bartender
Kurt Max Runte State Trooper
Jeanettea Antonio State Trooper
Michael Robinson Rescue One Officer
Val Cole TV Reporter
Tosca Baggoo Doctor

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Director Terry Ingram
Writer Joseph Nasser, Jack Nasser, Luis Cruz


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
883476011981 DVD Dec 08, 2009