Christopher Robin

Walt Disney Pictures (2018)
Animation, Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
USA | English | Color | 2h

Christopher Robin, the boy who had countless adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood, has grown up and lost his way. Now it’s up to his spirited and loveable stuffed animals, Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and the rest of the gang, to rekindle their friendship and remind him of endless days of childlike wonder and make-believe, when doing nothing was the very best something.

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Ewan McGregor Christopher Robin
Hayley Atwell Evelyn Robin
Bronte Carmichael Madeline Robin
Mark Gatiss Giles Winslow
Oliver Ford Davies Old Man Winslow
Ronke Adekoluejo Katherine Dane
Adrian Scarborough Hal Gallsworthy
Roger Ashton-Griffiths Ralph Butterworth
Ken Nwosu Paul Hastings
John Dagleish Matthew Leadbetter
Amanda Lawrence Joan MacMillan
Orton O'Brien Young Christopher Robin
Katy Carmichael Christopher's Mother
Tristan Sturrock Christopher's Father
Jasmine-Simone Charles Little Girl
Paul Chahidi Cecil Hungerford
Matt Gavan Snooty Businessman
Gareth Mason Balloon Vendor
Summer Brooks Balloon Holder
Amrou Al-Kadhi Nemir Azizi (London Ticket Attendant)
Zain Falzon Boy in Stroller
Rainy Milo Boy's Mother
Michael Jenn London Train Conductor
Souad Faress Wealthy Woman
Alan Clark Sussex Train Attendant

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Director Marc Forster
Writer Mark Steven Johnson, Tom McCarthy, A.A. Milne, Greg Brooker, Allison Schroeder, Ernest Shepard, Alex Ross Perry
Producer Steve Gaub, Kristin Burr, Brigham Taylor, Jeremy Johns, Renée Wolfe
Photography Matthias Koenigswieser
Musician Jon Brion, Geoff Zanelli


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
786936859287 Blu-ray 1, A, B, C Nov 06, 2018 Blu-ray + DVD + Digital
786936860801 Blu-ray 1 Nov 13, 2018 Blu-Ray + DVD
8717418540579 Blu-ray B Dec 12, 2018
9398583179079 Blu-ray A, B, C 2018
8717418538262 Blu-ray
9398583179772 Blu-ray
8717418538330 Blu-ray
786936859294 Blu-ray
8717418539771 Blu-ray
9338683123787 Blu-ray
8717418539757 Blu-ray
8717418539788 Blu-ray
7503022611610 Blu-ray
4630035322226 Blu-ray
8717418539764 Blu-ray
8717418538101 Blu-ray
786936859300 DVD 1 Nov 06, 2018
9398523179039 DVD 4
8717418538248 DVD
8717418540555 DVD
9338683123770 DVD
8717418537685 DVD
8717418539733 DVD
8717418539726 DVD
786936860436 4K UHD