Christopher Robin

Walt Disney Pictures (2018)
Animation, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
USA | English | Color | 2h

Christopher Robin, now an adult focused on his life, work and family, suddenly meets his old friend Winnie the Pooh, so must embrace again his forgotten childhood to help him find the path to the Hundred Acre Wood and find out the whereabouts of his lost friends, who have mysteriously disappeared, while he is torn between the love for his family and the annoying demands of his employer who is forcing him to take harsh decisions.


Hayley Atwell
Ewan McGregor Christopher Robin

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Director Marc Forster


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
786936859287 Blu-ray Disc 1, A, B, C Nov 06, 2018 Blu-ray + DVD + Digital
786936860801 Blu-ray Disc 1 Nov 13, 2018 Blu-Ray + DVD
786936859294 Blu-ray Disc
8717418538262 Blu-ray Disc
8717418538330 Blu-ray Disc
9398583179079 Blu-ray Disc
8717418540579 Blu-ray Disc
786936859300 DVD 1 Nov 06, 2018
9398523179039 DVD 4
8717418538248 DVD
786936860436 Ultra HD Blu-ray