Chuck: Season 2

Warner Home Video (2008)
Comedy, Drama, Action
USA | English | Color | 9h 45min

Chuck Bartowski, ace computer geek at Buy More, is not in his right mind. That's a good thing. Ever since he unwittingly downloaded stolen government secrets into his brain, action, excitement and a cool secret- agent girlfriend have entered his life. It's a bad thing, too. Because now Chuck is in danger 24/7.

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Zachary Levi Chuck Bartowski
Yvonne Strahovski Sarah Walker
Joshua Gomez Morgan Grimes
Sarah Lancaster Ellie Bartowski
Adam Baldwin John Casey
Vik Sahay Lester Patel
Scott Krinsky Jeff Barnes
Bonita Friedericy General Diane Beckman
Ryan McPartlin Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb
Mark Christopher Lawrence Big Mike
Julia Ling Anna Wu

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Director Robert Duncan McNeill
Writer Ben Kunde, Chris Fedak
Producer McG , Josh Schwartz
Photography Buzz Feitshans IV
Musician Tim Jones

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1 Chuck Versus the First Date 60 min | Sep 28, 2008

Chuck must prevent a menacing operative from obtaining a device that would ultimately lead to a new intersect. Meanwhile Chuck asks Sarah out on a real first date as Casey deals with a difficult assignment.

Director: Jason Ensler
Writer: Josh Schwartz, Chris Fedak
Guest stars: Michael Clarke Duncan
2 Chuck Versus the Seduction 60 min | Oct 05, 2008

Chuck needs to go undercover to seduce a woman named Sasha Banachek, so an old school spy named Roan Montgomery is assigned as his mentor. Meanwhile, Captain Awesome finds himself in need of some relationship advice, and and turns to Morgan, and Lester faces his first problems as assistant manager.

Director: Allan Kroeker
Writer: Matthew Miller
Guest stars: John Larroquette, Melinda Clarke
3 Chuck Versus the Break-Up 60 min | Oct 12, 2008

Bryce Larkin returns to town with news about Fulcrum. They have hired a wealthy software magnate named Von Hayes to decrypt information on a stolen chip containing a refresh to the Intersect with highly classified information. Bryce and Sarah have to pose as a married couple at Von Hayes' dining party to steal back the chip, while Chuck has to pose as a waiter. Meanwhile, Morgan has an encounter with the Mighty Jocks at the Buy More.

Director: Robert Duncan McNeill
Writer: Scott Rosenbaum
Guest stars: Matthew Bomer
4 Chuck Versus the Cougars 60 min | Oct 19, 2008

Chuck goes undercover at Sarah's 10-year High School reunion, where they meet the girl that tortured Sarah back in the old days.

Director: Patrick Norris
Writer: Allison Adler
Guest stars: Nicole Richie, Ben Savage
5 Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer 60 min | Oct 27, 2008

Efficiency expert Emmett Milbarge pays the Buy More a visit to inspect the branch, while a global terrorist looks for Jeff. Chuck needs to socialize with Jeff to find out about his connection to the terrorist. Finally, it all comes down to video games and the prevention of World War III.

Director: Norman Buckley
Writer: Phil Klemmer
Guest stars: Tony Hale, Bonita Friedericy, Clyde Kusatsu, Faran Tahir
6 Chuck Versus the Ex 60 min | Nov 10, 2008

At a BioScience conference, Chuck runs into Jill, his ex-girlfriend who broke up with him and later dated Bryce Larkin. He flashes on her boss, Guy Lafleur, who is suspected to be working on biochemical weapons. Chuck is ordered to reconnect with Jill in order to gain more information on Lafleur. Meanwhile, Emmett wants the staff to take CPR lessons including a test.

Director: Jay Chandrasekhar
Writer: Zev Borow
Guest stars: Tony Hale, Bonita Friedericy, William Abadie, Jordana Brewster
7 Chuck Versus the Fat Lady 60 min | Nov 17, 2008

The team needs to acquire a Fulcrum agent list by solving several riddles left behind by Guy Lafleur. Meanwhile, Emmett tries to find out why Chuck is absent so often and goes after his colleagues to get the information.

Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt
Writer: Matthew Lau
Guest stars: Tony Hale, Bonita Friedericy, Mark Pellegrino, Jordana Brewster
8 Chuck Versus the Gravitron 60 min | Nov 24, 2008

After finding out that Jill is a Fulcrum agent, Chuck is ordered to use her to infiltrate Fulcrum. Meanwhile, Ellie is preparing the apartment for Thanksgiving and the arrival of Captain Awesome's parents. Morgan, Jeff and Lester are assigned to guard the store over Thanksgiving.

Director: Allison Liddi
Writer: Chris Fedak
Guest stars: Tony Hale, Jordana Brewster, Patrick Kilpatrick
9 Chuck Versus the Sensei 60 min | Dec 01, 2008

The team is assigned to survey the Global Launch Agency, when intel shows that someone might penetrate their security. During the surveillance someone intrudes the lab who turns out to be Casey's former sensei Ty Bennett. Meanwhile, Captain Awesome's perfect parents decide to pay Devon and Ellie a surprise visit to help them plan the wedding, and Emmett Milbarge introduces an "Employee of the Month" contest to the Buy More, but the employees start their own contest instead.

Director: Jonas Pate
Writer: Anne Cofell
Guest stars: Bruce Boxleitner, Morgan Fairchild, Carl Lumbly, Tony Hale
10 Chuck Versus the DeLorean 60 min | Dec 08, 2008

Sarah's father, a con artist, comes to meet her, revealing that he conned a Saudi Arabian sheik, Rajiv Amad, out of nearly a million dollars. The sheik turns out to be connected to terrorist fundings, so the General wants Sarah and Chuck to gain intel from Sarah's father, but things get complicated when Amad shows up. Anna wants to take her relationship with Morgan a step further and asks him to move in an apartment with her. Devon lends him some money to buy one, but instead, he buys a car.

Director: Ken Whittingham
Writer: Matthew Miller
Guest stars: Gary Cole, Bonita Friedericy, Anthony Azizi
11 Chuck Versus Santa Claus 60 min | Dec 15, 2008

Christmas Eve does not go as planned when an amateur criminal on the run from the police crashes into the Buy More and takes Chuck, Ellie, Awesome and the rest of the Buy More gang hostage. In order to protect Chuck’s cover and the safety of the other hostages, Sarah and Casey secretly go in to the store to remove Chuck, but the mission quickly falls apart when Chuck refuses to leave his friends and family behind.

Director: Robert Duncan McNeill
Writer: Scott Rosenbaum
Guest stars: Bonita Friedericy, Tony Hale, Reginald VelJohnson, Michael Rooker
12 Chuck Versus the Third Dimension 60 min | Feb 02, 2009

Chuck foils a plan to kill Tyler Martin, an international rock star. Chuck's night out with Tyler leads to trouble. Morgan holds a contest among his fellow employees.

Director: Robert Duncan McNeill
Writer: Josh Schwartz, Chris Fedak
Guest stars: Dominic Monaghan, Jerome Bettis
13 Chuck Versus the Suburbs 60 min | Feb 16, 2009

Chuck and Sarah must pose as a happily married couple living in the suburbs, where they meet some interesting characters. Meanwhile, after his wife files for divorce, Big Mike goes on a rampage at work.

Director: Jay Chandrasekhar
Writer: Phil Klemmer
Guest stars: Jenny McCarthy, Andy Richter, Brian Thomspon
14 Chuck Versus the Best Friend 60 min | Feb 23, 2009

Chuck uses his burgeoning spy skills to help keep an eye on Anna for a heart sick Morgan. But their discovery leads to a chance that Anna's new boyfriend may be part of a dangerous gang. Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester nag Ellie into hiring their band, Jeffster!, to play at her wedding.

Director: Peter Lauer
Writer: Allison Adler
Guest stars: Jennifer Jalene, Jack Yang, James Kiriyama-Lem, Andrew C. Lim, Wesley John, Andy Pessoa, Alexis Raich, Mel Fair
15 Chuck Versus the Beefcake 60 min | Mar 02, 2009

Chuck gets jealous when Sarah has to seduce a Fulcrum agent. Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester start looking for the "Buy More Babe" as a way of finding a new employee.

Director: Patrick Norris
Writer: Matthew Miller, Matthew Miller, Scott Rosenbaum, Matthew Miller (1)
Guest stars: Jonathan Cake, Katrina Law, Brooklyn Decker, Jessica Gomes
16 Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon 60 min | Mar 09, 2009

Chuck, Sarah and Casey learn about a man called “Perseus” who is behind Fulcrum’s plans to build their own Intersect. While Sarah and Casey are sent to find Perseus, Chuck and Agent Cole Barker are forced to stay in a safety bunker. When the mission takes a dangerous turn, their orders to stay out of harm’s way go out the window. Meanwhile, Morgan tries to convince Anna that moving in with him would be a bad idea

Director: Allan Kroeker
Writer: Zev Borow, Matthew Lau
Guest stars: Jonathan Cake
17 Chuck Versus the Predator 60 min | Mar 23, 2009

Chuck is contacted by the one person that can erase the Intersect from his mind. He starts having trust issues and doesn't know who to lean for help. Meanwhile, Buy More is having problems with the Buy More from Beverly Hills.

Director: Jeremiah Chechik
Writer: Chris Fedak
Guest stars: Tony Hale
18 Chuck Versus the Broken Heart 60 min | Mar 29, 2009

A female agent is sent to evaluate Sarah's performance, when Chuck's feelings for her are revealed. Meanwhile, Morgan, Jeff and Lester are trying to get invited to Captain Awesome's bachelor party.

Director: Kevin Bray
Writer: Allison Adler
Guest stars: Tricia Helfer
19 Chuck Versus the Dream Job 60 min | Apr 05, 2009

Chuck's life seems to be coming together, his long-absent father has returned and he landed his dream job. Unfortunately for Chuck, neither turns out to be quite what he expected.

Director: Robert Duncan McNeill
Writer: Phil Klemmer, Corey Nickerson
Guest stars: Scott Bakula, Chevy Chase
20 Chuck Versus the First Kill 60 min | Apr 12, 2009

After Chuck's father Steve is kidnapped by Fulcrum, Chuck learns the only chance he has to find him is by putting his trust and life into the hands of the person he trusts the least—his ex-girlfriend Jill Roberts. Meanwhile, the Buy More team tries to sabotage Emmett’s corporate evaluation.

Director: Norman Buckley
Writer: Scott Rosenbaum
Guest stars: Bonita Friedericy, Tony Hale, Peter Onorati, Lori Alan, David Burke, Christopher Cousins, Ken Davitian, Jordana Brewster
21 Chuck Versus the Colonel 60 min | Apr 19, 2009

While Chuck and Sarah go on to rescue Steve they realize they have a chemistry together. Meanwhile Morgan becomes a pariah at the Buy More after mistakenly getting Emmett promoted.

Director: Peter Lauer
Writer: Matt Miller (II)
Guest stars: Chevy Chase, Arnold Vosloo, Scott Bakula
22 Chuck Versus the Ring (1) 60 min | Apr 26, 2009

Ellie's big day finally arrives and Chuck must save her life and her wedding from being ruined by Ted Roark and FULCRUM.

Director: Robert Duncan McNeill
Writer: Allison Adler, Chris Fedak
Guest stars: Chevy Chase, Tug Coker, Scott Bakula, Morgan Fairchild


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