Drama, Science Fiction, Mystery
South Korea | Korean | Color | 1h 50min

After Aliens arrive, the story takes place in two time streams: 2017 and 2037. In twenty years, and by 2037, the world has been divided into a “Smart Earth” where artificial intelligence has created a utopian environment in which no diseases or crimes exist, and an “Ordinary Earth” where people still suffer from rampant plague and lawlessness.

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Kim Kang-Woo Kim Joon-hyuk
Yeo Jin-Goo Kim Woo-jin
An Woo-Yeon Kim Beom-Gyoon
Kong Seung-Yeon Han Jung-Yeon
Lee Gi-Kwang Ho-soo
Oh Eui-Sik Lee Dong-Soo
Gong Seung-Yeon Jung-yeon
Jung In-sun Park Min-Young
Han Sang-jin Park Dong-Gun
Min Sung-Wook Lee Hyun-Seok
Yoo-Young Secretary Shin
Song Young-Kyu Han Yong-Woo
Kwon Hyuk-soo
Kim Joong-Ki Kim Kyu-Cheol
Nam Myung-Ryul Yoon Hak-Joo
Seo Hyun-Chul Hong Jin-Hong
Nam Myung-ryeol Yoon Hak-Joo
Shin Joo-Hwan Senior Lee
Yoo Young Secretary Shin

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1 Episode 1 70 min | May 21, 2017

Twin brothers Woo Jin and Bum Gyun encounter an alien as children, turning Bum Gyun dangerously paranoid as an adult in 2017. In 2037, Detective Kim and Chief Hong look for a way into a "crime-free" Smart Earth.

2 Episode 2 70 min | May 22, 2017

Woo Jin doesn't know what to believe when a disturbingly familiar student joins his class. The trust between Detective Kim and the Smart Earth employees is destroyed from the get-go.

3 Episode 3 70 min | May 28, 2017

With Bum Gyun still missing, Woo Jin teams up with Jung Yeon to look further into the suicides. Joon Hyuk proposes going to Normal Earth to access Park Jin Gyu's memories.

4 Episode 4 70 min | May 29, 2017

Woo Jin and Jung Yeon have a run-in with who they believe to be the culprit. Joon Hyuk and his team make a game-changing discovery about Bluebird.

5 Episode 5 70 min | Jun 04, 2017

Woo Jin becomes convinced of Jung Yeon’s otherworldliness, but she's reluctant to believe it. Detective Kim learns the true identity of Bluebird.

6 Episode 6 70 min | Jun 05, 2017

With new clues to investigate, Woo Jin expedites his search for Bum Gyun. In the future, Jung Yeon informs Detective Kim of someone who may know Woo Jin's whereabouts.

7 Episode 7 60 min | Jun 11, 2017

Woo Jin and Jung Yeon are disturbed to find out their fathers are not who they thought they were. Detective Kim must accept that Woo Jin's present may be different than what he'd imagined.

8 Episode 8 60 min | Jun 12, 2017

Woo Jin is cornered into helping Professor Han look for lost research. Detective Kim prepares for a possible meeting with the mysterious chairman of Human B.

9 Episode 9 60 min | Jun 18, 2017

When Woo Jin finds Bum Gyun, Professor Han starts to make his getaway. Detective Kim and Jung Yeon become two of Smart Earth's most wanted.

10 Episode 10 60 min | Jun 19, 2017

Professor Park realizes that the power lies in his hands now. Detective Kim receives new information about Woo Jin, but Human B is hot on his trail.

11 Episode 11 60 min | Jun 25, 2017

Woo Jin learns the truth about his father's research data, and Detective Kim learns the truth about what really happened to Woo Jin.

12 Episode 12 60 min | Jun 26, 2017

In the final episode, Woo Jin, Detective Kim, Jung Yeon, and their crew look for incriminating evidence against Park Dong Geun to take him down once and for all.