Existential Films (2007)

Comedy, Drama, Romance
USA / English / 80 mins
IMDb 5.6

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David Cross Space Station Man
Caleigh White Space Station Woman
Campbell Scott Richard McMurray
Alex Kingston Diane Freed
Izabella Miko Kristen
Lizzy Caplan Jacqueline
Devin Barry Brad
Holly Reiser Revised Space Station Woman
Alexandra Safford Unseen Woman

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Gary Walkow
Writer Gary Walkow, Alain Silver
Producer Gary Walkow, Ron Judkins, Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, Alain Silver, Paolo Durazzo, Irl Barg, Janet Walkow
Photography Andrew Huebscher
Musician Ernest Troost


It sounds like a budding writer's dream: a bestselling first novel, a luxurious house in Malibu, and a trophy wife... But it all unravels when writer's block and a failed marriage send Richard McMurray (Campbell Scott, The Exorcism of Emily Rose) out into the streets.


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883929595952 1 2017-08-01
014381494228 1 2008-12-16