Crucible Of Horror

Trinity Home Entertainment (1970)
Drama, Horror, Thriller
UK | English | Color | 1h 31min

A mother and daughter hatch a scheme to murder their family's domineering and sadistic patriarch.

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Michael Gough Walter Eastwood
Yvonne Mitchell Edith Eastwood
Sharon Gurney Jane Eastwood
Simon Gough Rupert Eastwood
David Butler Gregson
Olaf Pooley Reid
Nicholas Jones Benjy Smith
Mary Hignett Servant
Howard Goorney Petrol Pump Attendant
Sam Sam the Dog

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Director Viktors Ritelis
Writer Olaf Pooley
Producer Gabrielle Beaumont, Christopher C. Dewey, Dennis Friedland
Photography John Mackey
Musician John Hotchkis


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
826663186321 Blu-ray Disc 1 Apr 10, 2018
692865177333 DVD 1 Oct 04, 2005
885444776571 DVD