CSI: Cyber: Season 2

CBS Television (2015)
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Action
USA | English | Color | 12h 33min

Special agent Avery Ryan works to solve crimes as a CyberPsychologist for the FBI.

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Kelly Preston Greer Latimore
Ted Danson D.B. Russell
Peter MacNicol Simon Sifter
Patricia Arquette Avery Ryan
Sean Blakemore Director Marcus Silver
Marcus Giamatti Artie Sneed
Michael Irby David Ortega
Brent Sexton Andrew Michaels
James Van Der Beek Elijah Mundo
Angela Trimbur Francine Krumitz
Hayley Kiyoko Raven Ramirez
Shad Moss Brody Nelson
Mckenna Grace Michelle Mundo
Charley Koontz Daniel Krumitz
Charley Koontz Daniel Krumitz
Alexi Gilimore Devon Atwood

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Director Eriq La Salle
Writer Anthony E. Zuiker, Ann Donahue, Carol Mendelsohn, Michael Brandon Guercio, Denise Hahn, Mary Aiken, Kate Sargeant Curtis
Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Anthony E. Zuiker, Ann Donahue, Carol Mendelsohn, Jonathan Littman, Pam Veasey, Matt Whitney, Mary Aiken, Bradley Powell, Mike Azzolino
Photography Scott Kevan, Stephen St. John
Musician Ben Decter

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1 Why-Fi 45 min | Oct 03, 2015

D.B. Russell, a civilian specialist, transfers from Las Vegas to become the director of the newly created division of Next Generation Cyber Forensics. He joins Avery and her team as they track down the most dangerous cyber criminals, beginning with the hacking of a home security system that turns into a homicide investigation. Also, Avery considers moving to a new position within the hierarchy of the FBI, Krumitz is a witness in his sister’s trial, Elijah deals with a delicate family situation and more is revealed about both Nelson’s and Raven’s backgrounds.

2 Heart Me 45 min | Oct 10, 2015

When Raven's friend, Tracey (Lyndon Smith), is fired, evicted and her bank accounts emptied as a result of being hacked by a man she met on a dating app, Raven helps to locate the culprit. However, Raven asks for her team's help when the hacker is found dead and Tracy wakes up in a motel room with the murder weapon and no memory of what happened.

3 Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes 45 min | Oct 17, 2015

When a police officer’s body camera is hacked and the incendiary video goes viral, the Cyber team is sent to find the truth and the hacker before the small town erupts in unrest.

4 Red Crone 45 min | Oct 24, 2015

The Cyber team investigates a child abduction case based on the “Red Crone,” an online myth where an abductor lures children through an app on their phones. Also, Elijah’s aggressive behavior at work causes Avery to bench him, and romance is in the air for D.B.

5 hack E.R. 45 min | Nov 01, 2015

When a hacker takes control of all networked medical devices at a hospital in Dallas and threatens to kill one patient every hour if his demands are not met, the Cyber team must find the source and figure out how they accessed an airtight security system.

6 Gone in 6 Seconds 60 min | Nov 08, 2015

A man is killed by a driverless car while drag racing. The investigation leads to a hacker who is cyber-hacking vehicles and using them as remote-controlled cars to cause deadly crashes.

7 Corrupted Memory 45 min | Nov 15, 2015

A woman is murdered while she video chats with her parents. Avery's skill is tested when she interviews the only witness, an agoraphobic neighbor who is suffering from PTSD following the incident.

8 Python 45 min | Nov 22, 2015

When Avery's friend, an Interpol agent, is murdered by the #1 criminal on the FBI Cyber's Most Wanted List, Avery risks her life to capture the killer, the Deep Web's most notorious and dangerous drug dealer.

9 iWitness 45 min | Dec 20, 2015

The cyber team investigates the murder of a hacker who was hired to erase an assault victim’s comments from a confessional website.

Director: Paul Holahan
Writer: Carly Soteras
10 Shades of Grey 45 min | Dec 13, 2015

An innocent bystander is killed when dozens of ATMs spew money into the street. The team investigates the bank heist and learns it was orchestrated by a real-life Robin Hood.

Director: Louis Milito
Writer: Brandon Guercio, Kate Sargeant Curtis
Guest stars: Patricia Arquette
11 404: Flight Not Found 45 min | Jan 10, 2016

When the Cyber team investigates what appears to be a hack into air traffic control’s communication system, a greater threat emerges when a flight vanishes into thin air, drawing the team into the world’s first case of cyber-hijacking.

Director: Skipp Sudduth
Writer: Thomas Hoppe
Guest stars: Emmitt Smith
12 Going Viral 45 min | Jan 31, 2016

When residents of New York City cannot reach the police when calling 911, the Cyber team realizes this is an airborne computer virus that is infecting cell phones and must find the hacker responsible. Also, D.B. meets a woman after responding to a mistaken text sent by her.

Director: Maja Vrvilo
Writer: Pam Veasey, Denise Hahn
Guest stars: Kelly Preston
13 The Walking Dead 45 min | Feb 14, 2016

Avery and the Cyber team attempt to work with black hat hacker Stella Kaine (Kelly Osbourne), to track down the hacker who took identity theft to a new level and digitally “killed” Avery’s ex-husband,

14 Fit-and-Run 45 min | Feb 14, 2016

Avery and the Cyber team attempt to work with black hat hacker Stella Kaine (Kelly Osbourne), to track down the hacker who took identity theft to a new level and digitally “killed” Avery’s ex-husband,

Director: Jeff Thomas
Writer: Andrew Karlsruher, Scotty McKnight
15 Python's Revenge 45 min | Feb 21, 2016

Cyber’s most notorious criminal, Python, returns to kidnap Avery’s surrogate daughter, making the team decipher a series of elaborate code-like puzzles in an attempt to save her life.

Director: Vikki Williams
Writer: Devon Greggory
16 5 Deadly Sins 45 min | Mar 06, 2016

The Cyber team tracks a vigilante who is killing the biggest offenders of objectionable posts on social media websites.

Director: Rob Bailey
Writer: Matt Whitney
Guest stars: Jamie-Lynn Sigler
17 Flash Squad 45 min | Mar 09, 2016

The Cyber team investigates when users of a traffic app are rerouted to remote locations and robbed by masked women. Also, Russell reconnects with Greer Latimore after the team completes business in Los Angeles.

Director: Howard Deutch
Writer: Scotty McKnight
Guest stars: Kelly Preston
18 Legacy 45 min | Mar 13, 2016

The fate of the U.S. government is at stake as Avery and the Cyber team search for the hacker responsible for the largest breach of highly classified data in history after millions of federal employee files are stolen. Also, Avery and her ex-husband have a heart-to-heart and D. B. considers a future with Greer,

Director: Eriq LaSalle
Writer: Pam Veasey


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