Curly Top

20th Century Fox (1935)

Family, Musical, Romance
USA / English / 75 mins
IMDb 6.9

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Shirley Temple Elizabeth Blair
John Boles Edward Morgan
Rochelle Hudson Mary Blair
Jane Darwell Mrs. Denham
Rafaela Ottiano Mrs. Higgins
Esther Dale Aunt Genevieve Graham
Etienne Girardot Mr. Wyckoff
Arthur Treacher Butler
Maurice Murphy Jimmie Rogers
Stanley Andrews Orphanage Trustee
Lynn Bari Beach Girl
Leonard Carey Morgan's Secretary
Herbert Evans Morgan's Chauffeur
Bess Flowers Extra at Orphan Benefit
Billy Gilbert The Cook
Edward LeSaint Orphanage Trustee

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Irving Cummings
Writer Patterson McNutt, Arthur J. Beckhard
Producer Winfield R. Sheehan
Photography John F. Seitz
Musician Hugo Friedhofer, R.H. Bassett, Arthur Lange


Wealthy Edward Morgan becomes charmed with a curly-haired orphan and her pretty older sister Mary and arranges to adopt both under the alias of "Mr. Jones." As he spends more time with them, he soon finds himself falling in love with Mary.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
024543167839 1 2005-08-30
024543368502 1 1935-00-00
024543393320 1 2017-06-06
8712626037699 2 2008-04-23
9321337076539 4 2007-00-00 Studio Classics
9321337044286 4
024543368533 2006-05-23