Cyborg 2

TriMark (1993)
Science Fiction, Thriller, Action
USA | English | Color | 1h 39min

It's high-tech corporate warfare in the year 2074, when cyborgs (robots in human form) have replaced humans at all levels. A malicious American cyborg manufacturing company plots to take over their chief competitor by liquidating their entire chain of command. The coporation's scheme is lethal; inject one of their own cyborgs, beautiful Cash Resse (Angelina Jolie), with a powerful new liquid explosive that detonates her and everyone in sight.

But the wise and benevolet tech-master Mercy (Jack Palance) tips Cash off to her fate and she runs to escape with the help of human hero Colton Hinks (Elias Koteas). Together, in the dark corners of the city, they face psychotic and ruthless hunters, as they search for a way out and back to humanity.

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Sven-Ole Thorsen Doorman
Angelina Jolie Casella Reese
Elias Koteas Colson Ricks
Jack Palance Mercy
Billy Drago Danny Bench
Tracey Walter Wild Card
Allen Garfield Martin Dunn
Ric Young Bobby Lin
John Durbin Tech #1 - Observation Room
Rick Hill Team Leader
Robert Dryer Pinwheel Exec #2
Renee Griffin Dreena
Galen Yuen Server
David Schroeder Exec #5
Karen Sheperd Chen
Linus Huffman Captain Choy Fook
Irving Bonios Exec #4
William Colon Exec #3

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Director Michael Schroeder
Writer Michael Schroeder, Mark Geldman
Producer Barry Barnholtz, Raju Patel
Photography Jamie Thompson
Musician Peter Allen


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
3770002599952 Blu-ray Disc
031398705536 DVD 1 Oct 01, 1999
031398710554 DVD 1 Oct 03, 2006
031398560333 DVD 1
031398203148 DVD 1 Oct 03, 2006
8713053012310 DVD 2
4040316605762 DVD 2 May 14, 2007
3512391105327 DVD 2 Jan 09, 2002
3384401726842 DVD 2
9398710504798 DVD Free
057373164143 DVD Free
057373155042 DVD May 18, 2004
5425014290912 DVD
8032807010724 DVD
9398710618198 DVD
9780792835738 DVD
999956654934 DVD
8596978557339 DVD
065935115625 VHS