Dallas: Season 12

Warner Home Video (1988)
Drama, Soap
USA | English | Color | 22h 58min

Arguably the best television series ever produced, and certainly the best soap opera ever produced, Dallas had it all. Beautiful women, expensive cars, and men playing Monopoly with real buildings. It had the best trans-season cliffhanger in history that had the whole world asking "Who shot J.R.?" Dallas is an important part of American History, if not world history.

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Barbara Bel Geddes Miss Ellie Ewing Farlow
Sheree J. Wilson April Stevens
George Kennedy Carter McKay
Larry Hagman J.R. Ewing
Patrick Duffy Bobby Ewing
Howard Keel Clayton Farlow
Ken Kercheval Cliff Barnes
Linda Gray Sue Ellen Ewing
Charlene Tilton Lucy Ewing Cooper
Omri Katz John Ross Ewing
Cathy Podewell Cally Harper Ewing
Joshua Harris Christopher Ewing
Sherril Lynn Rettino Jackie Dugan
Beth Toussaint Tracey Lawton
Ian McShane Don Lockwood
Deborah Rennard Sly
Deborah Tranelli Phyllis Wapner
Roseanna Christiansen Teresa
Jonathan Goldsmith Bruce Harvey
William Smithers Jeremy Wendell
J. Eddie Peck Tommy McKay
Kehly Sloane Kelly
Andrew Stevens Casey Denault
Sherman Howard Japhet Harper
Warren J. Kemmerling Sheriff Hanks

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Director Larry Hagman
Michael Preece
Russ Mayberry
Irving J. Moore
Patrick Duffy
Linda Gray
Cliff Fenneman
Steve Kanaly
Writer Jonathan Hales, Leonard Katzman, David Jacobs, Mitchell Wayne Katzman, Simon Masters, Howard Lakin, Arthur Bernard Lewis, Louella Lee Caraway
Producer Larry Hagman, Leonard Katzman, Cliff Fenneman, Mitchell Wayne Katzman, Howard Lakin, Arthur Bernard Lewis
Photography Rick F. Gunter
Musician Lance Rubin, Jerrold Immel, Richard Lewis Warren, Angela Morley, John Carl Parker

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1 Carousel 60 min | Oct 28, 1988

Sue Ellen thinks she killed J.R. At the hospital, J.R. tries to make himself look like he's dying. Cliff and April make a trip to look for Pam. Bobby refuse to help Sue Ellen find John Ross. Jeremy Wendell and Bobby exchange warnings and threats. Sue Ellen and J.R. drop their criminal charges against one another.Lucy hands John Ross right to Sue Ellen's arms as an angry J.R. watches from the hospital window.Sue Ellen hires a divorce attroney. Cliff is left bitterly disappointed after his meeting with Pam[Margaret Michaels]. Bobby agrees to take J.R. back into Ewing Oil on certain conditions. Clayton meets Carter Mckay [George Kennedy] who wants to buy Ray's house. Cliff lies to Bobby about having seen Pam.

Director: Michael Preece
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Guest stars: Dakin Matthews, William H. Bassett, Margaret Michaels, Josef Rainer, Alan Ackles, Garrett Schenck, Frank Swann, Jeff Amano, Edmond Shaff, Danny Hulsey, Dave Lowry
2 No Greater Love 60 min | Nov 04, 1988

Clayton wants to sell his refineries to Bobby. John Ross question his mother about why she shot J.R. J.R. fires Harry McSween. J.R. moves back to Southfork to gain an advantage in his fight for permamment custody over John Ross. Tammy Miller reappears in Bobby's life. Sue Ellen buys a new house and moves in with John Ross. Miss Ellie anc Clayton socialize with Carter Mckay.Cliff decides to get out of the oil business. John Ross gets toughed up by kids at school because of his mother shooting J.R. Mitch comes to Southfork and asks Lucy to come back home.April tells Bobby that Cliff lied about seeing Pam. A drunk Bobby appears at Tammy's place. Mitch's job puts strain on his marriage to Lucy. Sue Ellen decides to let John Ross live at Southfork but she vows to eventually even the score with J.R.

Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Simon Masters
Guest stars: William Cort, Elly Lindsay, John Hussy, Maria Arita
3 The Call of the Wild 60 min | Nov 11, 1988

J.R., Bobby,Christopher,and John Ross go on a hunting trip to Haleyville on the Arkansas/Lousisana border. J.R. and BObby reminisce about old times but Lucy resents that they ignore her father Gary. Sue Ellen wantsa to see Cliff to get back at J.R. Casey strikes oil and shares his joy with April. In Haleyville J.R. meets a waitress name Cally Harper[Cathy Podewel].Cliff wants to sell Barness/ Wentworth to Jordan Lee. Cliff and April have a fight. J.R. promise Cally a new life. Casey tells Sly Lovegren that shell's always be just a secetary. Lucy tells Casey that she's not ready for a new relationship. Cally questions J.R. about his marriage. J.R. wants to take Cally to Southfork. J.R. is scared when Cally's brothers find him in bed with her.

Director: Michael Preece
Writer: Jonathan Hales
Guest stars: Cathy Podewell, Cliff Potts, Peyton Park, Errol McLendon
4 Out of the Frying Pan 60 min | Nov 18, 1988

Cally's brothers want revenge on J.R. but the sheriff intervenes ans saves his life. Cliff sells Barness/ Wentworth to Jeremy Wendell. Claytonpressures Bobby to purchase his refineries. Casey Denault is execited about his success. Sue Ellen tells John Ross about the divorce. Back in Haleyville, J.R is in jail awaiting trial for rape. J.R. promises Cally to marry her if she gets him out of jail. Miss Ellie disapproves of Cliff's deal with Wendell.Bobby wants to start fresh with April but she rebuffs him. Casey proposes to Lucy. Miss Ellie wanta Bobby to take Cliff into Ewing Oil.Cally lets J.R. out of jail but the sheriff catches up with them. J.R. is found guilty and is sent to prison for 10 years.

Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Mitchell Wayne Katzman
Guest stars: Cathy Podewell, Cliff Potts, Warren J. Kemmerling, William H. Bassett, Peyton Park, James Harrell, Lucky Mosley, Ken Paige, Joseph Chapman, Charles Carroll, Steve Novak
5 Road Work 60 min | Dec 02, 1988

Bobby tries to talk Cliff into going back into the oil business by becoming a partner in Ewing Oil. Clayton finds out that Mckay has dammed up a river. Jeremy Wendell courts Sue Ellie. In prison,J.R. does hard labor and tries to bribe officals. Lucy continues to date Casey Danault. Clayton has his first confrontation with Carter Mckay and his ranch hands.Bobby meets a pool hustler named Tracey Lwaton[Beth Toussaint]. Cliff agress to join Ewing Oil. J.R. thinks he's got a break from prison but he falls into a trap.

Director: Michael Preece
Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis
Guest stars: Brooks Gardner, Ken Jenkins, Blue Deckert, Lyle Kanouse, Julius Tennon, Robert Manning, Kehly Gray, Peyton Park, Lacy Wayne, Larry Melton, Michael Crabtree, Howard French, Rudy Young, Chris Saylors, Mimi Cochran, Wes Gilpin, Darla Shelton
6 War and Love and the Whole Damned Thing 60 min | Dec 09, 1988

Cally's brothers get J.R. out of prison and then want to kill him but Cally saves his life. Ray comes from Europe to visit Southfork. Clayton tries to find a legal way to make Mckay relase the water flow but Miss Ellie decides to blow up the dam.Wendell tells Sue Ellen that he knows about J.R.'s conditional acceptance into Ewing Oil. Wendell wants to team up with Sue Ellen against J.R. Lucy tells Casey she's not ready to get intimate. J.R. works the farm in Haleyville. Cally tells her brothers that shell's turn them in to police for murder if they kill J.R. Mckay comes to Southfork with the sheriff but Miss Ellie denies having blown up the dam. Tension escalates between Mckay and Southfork as Mckay hires a force of mercenaries. Cliff offically becomes a parnter i Ewing Oil. Bobby dates Tracey Lawton but she's afraid of a commitment. Cally saves J.R.'s life again and they get married. The Ewing wonder about Mckay's intentions. Sue Ellen gets divorced from J.R.

Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Guest stars: Cathy Podewell, Ken Swofford, Cliff Potts, Charles Beechum, Don McCoy, Fred West, Danny Hulsey, Bo Jimeson, Crawford McConnell, Warren J. Kemmerling, William H. Bassett, James Harbour
7 Showdown at the Ewing Corral 60 min | Dec 16, 1988

In Haleyville, J.R. promise his new wife Cally to take her to Southfork if she get in touch with the Ewings. The oil community shows disbelief at the news that J.R. is out of oil deals and Cliff Barnes is part of Ewing Oil. J.R. runs away fro Haleyville. Bobby gets romantically involved with Tracey Lawton. Miss Ellie angrily confronts Mckay about the rangs war. After returning to Dallas, J.R. is shocked to find Cliff at Ewing Oil. Mckay plots to have Ewing ranch hands abandon Sothfork. Miss Ellie vows to stay at Southfork despite the esalating range war with Mckay.

Director: Michael Preece
Writer: Mitchell Wayne Katzman
Guest stars: Cliff Potts, Ken Swofford, Bill Wiley, Grover Coulson, Brad Harris, Pat Minter, Sean Hennigan, Steve Novak, Dave Lowry, Norman Colvin
8 Deception 60 min | Jan 06, 1989

Sue Ellen has a fight with Miss Ellie whae she comes to Sothfork to pick up John Ross and learns that he's been taken off the ranch for safety reasons.Wendell pressures Sue Ellen to take revenga on J.R. J.R. gets hired guns to protect Sothfork. J.R. asks Harv Smithfield about the rights of an escape fugitive form out of state if he gets caught. Sue Ellen question Cliff about why he won't have a family. Tracey tells Bobby about her tragic past. Bobby learns Mckay is Tracey's father. Lucy becomes a major shareholder in Denault Inc. J.R. hires a private eye to learn about Mckay. Wendell is after the oil on Southfork's section 40 and uses Mckay to achieve his goal.

Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis
Guest stars: Don Ammerman, Woody Watson, Sean McGraw, Richard Dillard, Dave Appleton, Carol Sanchez, Sean McGuirk
9 Counter Attack 60 min | Jan 13, 1989

J.R. has nightmares about in Haleyville and he seeks psychological help. April tests Casey to see if he's got money. Cliff meets Tammy Miller and takes her to lunch. Christopher gets hurt in the range war with Mckay,and Bobby lashes out at J.R. for bringing the boys back to the raanch. Mckay questions his daughter Tracey about her and Bobby. Sue Ellen fears she lost John Ross to J.R. Wendell and Sue Ellen has a major fight. Mckay says good-bye to his companion Rose[Jeri Gaile]. Bobby goes on a secret count

Director: Michael Preece
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Guest stars: Ken Swofford, Robert King, Eli Cummins, Woody Watson, Sean McGraw, Brad Harris, Michael Costello
10 The Sting 60 min | Jan 20, 1989

After Miss Ellie's decision to sell Section 40 to Mckay. Wendell decides to sell most of his Weststar stock to make the purchase.Mckay pressures Wendell to have his son Tommy released from prison. Ray leaves Southfork and goes back to Europe. Bobby tells Tracey that problems with her dad are separate from their relationship. The sheriff from Haleyville shows up at Ewing Oil and warns J.R. Sue Ellen tells Wedell off when he proposes to her. April and Lucy uncover Casey's con game. Mckay gets a phone call from Tommy. J.R. wants to be oil partners with April. Tammy questions Cliff about Jamie.Mckay makes up with Tracey as they anticipate Tommy's return. Kimberly Cryder tells Mckay that she's got controlling interest in Weststar. Cally shows up at Southfork and announces she's J.R.'s wife.

Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Mitchel Wayne Katzman
Guest stars: Warren J. Kemmerling, Midge Hill, Jerry Cotton, Lourdes Regala, Michael Skipper, Nik Hagler
11 The Two Mrs. Ewings 60 min | Jan 27, 1989

Miss Ellie takes cally around the house. John Ross questions his father about who Cally is. Cally tells J.R. she'll either be his wife or she won't let him touch her. J.R. thinks Bobby is getting too close to Mckay and Tracey. J.R. wants an annulment of his marriage to Cally but Harv Smithfield gives him no hope. Cliff dates Tammy Miller. Marilee Stone is surprised that Clff is part of Ewing Oil. Lucy gives Cally a ""new image"" but it turns out a diaster. John Ross resents Cally. J.R. plots to use April to thwart Bobby and Cliff's deal in Louisiana. Bruce Harvey reappears and wants Sue Ellen to make more movies. Sue Ellen flies to the West Coast and gets ready to buy a film studio. In Miami, Mckay and Tracey visit Tommy at the hospital. Lucy is down because Mitch is divorcing her and she's got no date for the Oil Barons'Ball, Sue Ellen meets Tracey Lawton and they talk about Bobby. J.R. disapproves of Bobby dating Tracey. Sue Ellen meets Cally and punches J.R. in the face. J.R. is outr

Director: Michael Preece
Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis
Guest stars: Eric Poppick, Charles Dougherty, J.T. O'Connor, Sally Bartunek, Lori Harris, Paul Newson, Doug McGrath, Marc Siegler, Lee Gideon
12 The Switch 60 min | Feb 03, 1989

April complaints to J.R. that he didn't tell her about Cally. Cliff tries to turn his dates with Tammy into a relationship. Cally vows to stay at Sothfork and make her marriage to J.R. work. Mckay tells Bobby he's good for Tracey. Cally asks J.R.whether he slept with April. Christopher makes friends with Cally. Sue Ellen gives a little ""advice"" on how to handle J.R. Mckay wants Tracey to work for Weststar. J.R. hires a cop to find out about Mckay. Cally tells J.R. he'll have to marry her again at Southfork. Tammy breaks up with Cliff. Tension rises between Cally and John Ross. Bobby tells Christopher that Pam will never come back. J.R. learns that Nicholas Pearce's father is looking into his son's death.

Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Guest stars: Bill Bolander, Dave Lowry, Jim Ponds, Carol Sanchez
13 He-e-ere's Papa! 60 min | Feb 10, 1989

Cally insitist on a second honeymoon at Southfork. J.R. questions Sue Ellen about Nicjolas Pearee's mob connections. Cliff tells Bobby that he brike up with Tammy Miller. Bobby wants Christopher to be friends with Tracey. Sue Ellen buys a movie studio. Joseph Lombard's[Joseph Lombardi's] men snatch J.R. on the streets and Lombardi's interrogates him. J.R. tries to blame Sue Ellen for his death. jOHN Ross continutes to resent Cally. Sue Ellen tells John Ross thaat sge will never return to J.R. Tracey and Cally socialize. Cliff goes to Washington on business. Tracey starts her job at Weststar. Mckay wants to be friends with Sue Ellen. Bobby questions April about her and J.R. Sue Ellen saves J.R.'S life by telling Joseph Lombardi's that his son's death was an accident.

Director: Patrick Duffy
Writer: Louella Lee Caraway
Guest stars: Joseph Campanella, Donald Craig, Anthony Peck, Chazz Palminteri, Katherine Heard
14 Comings and Goings 60 min | Feb 17, 1989

Sue Ellen tell J.R. she changed her mind about revenge.""Sue Ellen meets Don Lockwood[Ian McShane]and gradually reveals the plot of her movie. Sue Ellen wants tp use Lucy's help in her movie. J.R. toredoes Bobby and Cliff's business deal. A drunk Cliff appear at April's place. Cally and John Ross don't get along. Lucy tells Don LOCKWOOD her memories of how J.R. harassed her mother Valene. Tommy Mckay[J.Eddie Peck] returns and moves in with his father and Tracey. John Ross has an accident in the pool and is saved by Cally. Cally gets impatient with John Ross' attitude. Sue Ellen plans to make J.R. the laughing stock of Dallas with her movieabout their marriages.

Director: Larry Hagman
Writer: Mitchell Wayne Katzman
Guest stars: Newell Alexander, Sherril Lynn Rettino
15 Country Girl 60 min | Feb 24, 1989

Miss Ellie and Clayton returns from Europe and are greeted at the airport by J.R., Bobby, and Lucy. Sue Ellen shows Don LOCKWOOD her diaries and she reminisssces about her sister Kristin. April warns Cliff against continutes to work at Ewing Oil. Cally complains to Miss Ellie about being mistreated by J.R. Miss Ellie takes Cally to a meeting of the Daughters of the Alamo. April tells J.R. that she doesn't want to double-cross Cliff abd Bobby. Cally is happy because she reaches a ""truce"" with John Ross. Tommy McKay is interested in Cally but he gets a "" cold shower"" when he learns that she's married. John Ross tells J.R. that Cally saved his life. Tommy courts April. Miss Ellie pressures J.R. to either re-marry Cally or divorce her. Bobby senses something strange about Tommy Mckay. Don Lockwood fears he knows too much about Sue Ellen to stay objective in his job. Cally tells J.R. she's pregnant. J.R. decides to marry Cally at Southfork.

Director: Patrick Duffy
Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis
Guest stars: Newell Alexander, Aaron Lustig, Stephen Bradley, Jay Horton, Robin Lynn, Miranda Garrison, D.A. Pawley, Sue Casey, Abigail Shelton, Grace Simmons, Mark Goldstein
16 Wedding Bell Blues 60 min | Feb 24, 1989

It's wedding day for J.R. and Cally as a tornado announced in the Southfork area. Sue Ellen takes Don Lockwood on a ""field trip"" to Southfork. Carter Mckay wants Tommy to work at Weststar. Bobby is glad that J.R. kept his promise to Cally. Cliff opens a piece of mail for J.R. and a fight erupts between J.R.,Cliff and Bobby. J.R. meets Don Lockwood. J.R. warns Sue Ellen to stay away from Cally. Lucy warns Tracey against being involed with Bobby. Tommy makes a pass at April and then goes into a rage when she turns him down. CLIFF asks Don Lockwood about him and Sue Ellen. Cally tells J.R. that she and Sue Ellen plotted to trick him into the marriage.

Director: Larry Hagman
Writer: Howard Lakin
Guest stars: John Ingle, Christopher Babson, Mark A. Michaels
17 The Way We Were 60 min | Mar 03, 1989

Cally wants to make sure that J.R. is not mad at her for tricking him into marriage. Bobby confronts J.R. about his faliure to consult one another about business deals. J.R. tells Cally that he may use her ""deviousness"" in his future plans. Sue Ellen gets impatient with Don Lockwoodfor constantly turning her down. Sue Ellen is pressures by Bruce Harvey to start casting sessions for her movie. Cally wants Bobby and J.R. to get alone but she encounters Bobby's resistance. Tommy Mckay has has cocaine smuggled in from South America and manages to fool both Carter and Tracey. Cliff questions April about her and Tommy. Tracey wants Carter and Tommy to get along. Don Lockwood tells Sue Ellen a little about his life. J.R. manages to make Bobby look in front of the family like he doesn't want agreement with him. Tommy tells J.R. that his dad is responsible for his mother's death. Sue Ellen reminisces about Holly Harwood and the car in which Mickey Trotter got injured. Sue Ellen and Don Lockwood

Director: Patrick Duffy
Writer: Louella Lee Caraway
Guest stars: Robert O'Reilly, Richard Erdman, Dickson Hughes, Nancy Boykin
18 The Serpent's Tooth 60 min | Mar 10, 1989

Sue Ellen and Don Lockwood contine their romane. Cally wants to learn about the oil business from J.R. Tommy Mckay gets squeezed for more cash for his drug deals and he sells infornation on Carter's oil deals to J.R. Tracey's family problems put a strain on her relationship with Bobby. Don Lockwood pays a visit in J.R.'s office. Chistopher feels left out because Cally spends time with John Ross. Jordon Lee retires from the business. Bobby and Cliff take April out on her birthday. Don Lockwood and Sue Ellen have a major fight and he almost quits. April questions Bobby about his relationship with Tracey. J.R. plots to use the information he got form Tommy to get back into Ewing Oil all the way.

Director: Larry Hagman
Writer: Howard Lakin, Arthur Bernard Lewis
Guest stars: Bo Brudin, Robert O'Reilly, Christopher Carroll, Dick Winslow
19 Three Hundred 60 min | Mar 17, 1989

J.R. asks Sly Lovengren to secretly provied him some Ewing Oil information. Tommy Mckay tries to get the missing $100,000 form his father and then form April. April decides to give Tommy a second chance and he takes her out on a date which ends up violently for her. Sue Ellen takes a look at the recreation of Southfork made for the movie.Sue Ellen takes wonders if she's ready to ""relive her life"" while making the movie. J.R. and Bobby get struck in an elevator and reminisce about old times. J.R. manages to push a few emotional buttons in Bobby who decides to take him back as a full partner in Ewing Oil.

Writer: Leonard Katzman
20 April Showers 60 min | Mar 30, 1989

Cliff is furious to learn that J.R. is back in Ewing Oil all the way but he changes his mind when Bobby tells him about the European plan. Tracey and Bobby break up after April complains to Tracey about Tommy's behavior. J.R. tells Ratagan[John Hoge] to find out about Gustav Helstrom[Christopher Neame]. Sue Ellen demands honestly form Don Lockwood. Cally decides to learn to ""talk proper""Tommy Mckay is on the run from South America drug dealers. Tommy sells more information to J.R. Tommy beats April up and then is beaten up by Bobby. April tells Bobby she cares fro him. J.R. recuits Cally to help him meet Gustav. Carter Mckay threaters Bobby when he learns about what he did to his son.

Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Howard Lakin
Guest stars: Bonnie Burroughs, Julie Hayek, Luis Contreras, James Ortega, Brittan Taylor, Lee Ryan
21 And Away We Go! 60 min | Apr 06, 1989

Tommy Mckay recovers from the beaten he got form Bobby. Jordan Lee sells his company to Carter Mckay. Sue Ellen takes a look at actors who will play J.R. in her movie. Tommy leaves town. Bobby visit April at the hospital. Bobby meets Gustv Helstrom. Cally is very understands about J.R.'s work style. Carter Mckay blames Bobby for what happenings to his son. Lucy helps Sue Ellen in the casting sessions. J.R. blackmails Gustv to get information on the European deal. Afton Copper[Audrey Landers] reappears in Dallas and Cliff looks her up. Tracey Lawton leaves Dallas to look for Tommy and she says good-buy to Bobby. Cliff decides to stay in Dallas because of Afton but J.R., Bobby,and Cally leaves for Europe.

Director: Steve Kanaly
Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis
Guest stars: Donn Starr, Bonnie Burroughs, Conroy Gideon, Sandra Kronemeyer, Chuck Hicks, Crystal Carson, Jim Hackett, Wayne Woodson
22 Yellow Brick Road 60 min | Apr 13, 1989

Bobby joins J.R. and Cally on their honeymoon as they travel to Sazburg,Austria. J.R. and Bobby plan Ewing Oil strategy to beat Carter Mckay. J.R., Bobby, and Cally ""accidentally""meet Chick and Bunny Harvard[David Healy,Kathryn Leigh Scott] who turn out to be working for Mckay. Bobby is surprised by April Steven who comes to Salburg to talk to him.CARTER Mckay tells the Ewing brothers he wants to make peace. Back in Dallas, Clayton suffers memory loss after an injury. Afton likes ""the new Cliff."" Cliff meets Afton's daughter Pamela Rebecca Cooper[Jenna Pangburn]. Sue Ellen learns that casting and the script for her movies are finished and shooting is about to begin. In Austria, J.R. and Bobby meet Rolf Brundin[Gunnar Hellstrom] who tells them he wants to buy Ewing Oil.

Director: Cliff Fenneman
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Guest stars: David Healy, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Gunnar Hellstrom, Ken Swofford, Bonnie Burroughs, Leon B. Stevens, Lillian Lehman, Jenna Pangburn
23 The Sound of Money 60 min | Apr 27, 1989

Bobby and J.R. refuse to sell Ewing Oil to Brundin and they suspect that Carter Mckay is behind the scheme. Brundi and they Mckay plan new strategy after the Ewings' refusal. Bobby and J.R. wonder if Chick and Bunny Harvard could be spies for Mckay. J.R. is too physically exhausted to keep up with Cally. Back in Dallas, Clayton's memory problems continue and he wants to go to the Southern Cross ranch. Cliff tries to give Afton an engagement ring. Sue Ellen is concerned about how Miss Ellie will react when she learns about J.R. affair with Kristin. Don Lockwood tells Sue Ellen that she reminds him of his late wife. Afton tells Cliff to stay away from Pamela Rebecca. In Vienna, J.R. unexpectedly runs into Vanessa Beaumont[Gayle Hunnicutt].

Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis
Guest stars: Kathryn Leigh Scott, David Healy, Gunnar Hellstrom, Lillian Lehman, Alan McRae, Crystal Carson, Jenna Pangburn
24 The Great Texas Waltz 60 min | May 04, 1989

In Vienna, J.R. spends time with Vanessa Beaumont, the only woman to break hie heart, but he refuses to make love to her. Carter Mckay asks April Stevens to talk Bobby out of the Brundi deal. April goes to bed with Bobby. Back in Dallas, Cliff hires dective Dave Wallace[Ron Canada] to find out whether Pamela Rebecca is his daughter. Sue Ellen spends time with John Ross and Don Lockwood but John Ross is incredibly rude to Don. Sue Ellen tells Don she needs him in her life. Miss Ellie finds Clayton at the grave of his first wife Amy. In Vienna, J.R. Bobby strike a deal with Bardin but they get a strange warnng from Vanessa who tells them that they must go to Moscow.

Director: Linda Gray
Writer: Howard Lakin
Guest stars: Kathryn Leigh Scott, David Healy, Gunnar Hellstrom, William Long Jr., Crystal Carson
25 Mission to Moscow 60 min | May 11, 1989

In Vienna, Cally questions J.R. about Vanessa and she warns him that she'll never share him with another woman. J.R. and Bobby go to Moscow where thet are told thar Brundi and his cartel are frontmen for OPEC.Back in Dallas, Lucy, Christopher, Sue Ellen,and Miss Ellie try to help Clayton cope with his memory problem. Clff admires Afton's singing and he wants to make a commitment to her. Sue Ellen finds it painfull to relive her life while making her movie. Cliff things that he is Pamela Rebecca's father. Cliff learns that Afton left Dallas. Don Lockwood gets an offer for a movie overseas. In Vienna, Cally meets vanessa who says good-bye to J.R. Bobby,J.R, Cally, and April leave Europe for Dallas.

Director: Michael Preece
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Guest stars: Lillian Lehman, Alan McRae, Richard Minchenberg, Eve Brent, Crystal Carson, Manny Suarez
26 Reel Life 60 min | May 18, 1989

After their return to Dallas, Apriland Bobby try to keep their Euopean romance going. Cliff goes to Baton Rough, Louisiana and gets duped by Afton's former husband Harrison Van Buren,111[Andrew Prime]. Sue Ellen agrees to move to England with Don Lockwood but John Ross stays in Dallas. Weststar employees give Carter Mckay a big welcome upon his return from Vienna. April gets scary, crank calls and Bobby decides to take her to Southfork. Bobby suspects that Tommy Mckay is making trouble again and he confronts Carter about it. Sue Ellen tells Cally that she'll have to fight for her identify in her marriages. Miss Ellie gets a birthday card addressed to Jock with a mysterious key inside. Sue Ellen gives J.R. a taste of what her ultimate revenge on him could be like-- a movie that will make J.R. ""the laughing stock of Texas.""

Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Howard Lakin, Arthur Bernard Lewis
Guest stars: Andrew Prine, Alan McRae, Nora Masterson, Ben Marino, Thomas Nelson Webb, Sue Bugden, Crystal Carson, Colleen Coffey, James Newell


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