Dallas: Season 13

Warner Home Video (1989)
Drama, Action, Soap
USA | English | Color | 20h 26min

Arguably the best television series ever produced, and certainly the best soap opera ever produced, Dallas had it all. Beautiful women, expensive cars, and men playing Monopoly with real buildings. It had the best trans-season cliffhanger in history that had the whole world asking "Who shot J.R.?" Dallas is an important part of American History, if not world history.

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Ian McShane Don Lockwood
George Kennedy Carter McKay
George Kennedy Cater McKay
Lois Chiles Holly Harwood
Priscilla Pointer Rebecca Barnes Wentworth
Larry Hagman John Ross
Larry Hagman J.R. Ewing
Lesley-Anne Down Stephanie Rogers
Mary Crosby Kristin Shepard
Patrick Duffy Bobby Ewing
Bert Remsen Dandy Dandridge
Barbara Carrera Angelica Nero
Anne Francis Arliss Cooper
Audrey Landers Afton Cooper
Howard Keel Clayton Farlow

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1 Phantom of the Oil Rig 60 min | Sep 21, 1989

Tension between Ewing Oil and Weststar rises in the aftermath of the European deal. April vows not to let the crank phone calls get to her. Tommy Mckay returns to Dallas and shows up in Bobby's office with an apology. Miss Ellie and Clayton contine to try to resolve the mystery of the key for Jock. Bobby accuses Cliff of neglecting Ewing Oil business.Cliff goes to Charleston, South Carolina to search for Van Buren. April's sister Michelle Stevens [Kimberly Foster] appears and meets Bobby. Tommy plots a bomb attack.

Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Howard Lakin
Guest stars: Cliff Bemis, Gerald Castillo, Owen Bush, Joan Welles, Chuck Sloane, John Gowans, Hal Riddle, Drew Pillsbury
2 The Leopard's Spots 60 min | Sep 21, 1989

In Charleston, South Carolina Afton and Van Buren put on an act in front of Cliff regarding who Pamela Rebecca's father is. Michelle tells Bobby that she won't chase after him as long as April is his woman. Miss Ellie and Clayton go to New England to trr to resolve the mystery of the key. Cally meets Alex Barton [Micheal Wilding],a gallery owner. J.R. and Marilee Stone discuss the buying out of her company. Carter Mckay wants everybody to believe that Tommy has really changed. J.R. meets Michelle Stevens.

Director: Michael Preece
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Guest stars: Andrew Prine, Cliff Bemis, Jack Rader, Ben Rawnsley, Tom Lahm, Brian Moore, John Tripp, Layla Bias Galloway, Rueben Grundy, Julie Tea, Paul Eiding, James Harper, Craig Richard Nelson
3 Cry Me a River of Oil 60 min | Sep 28, 1989

J.R. meets AL Halliday[Lance LeGault] who offers to sell him a tanker with an accident record. Cally learns about J.R.'s past romance with April and she confronts both of them about it. Michelle shows up for dinner with Cliff instead of April. Miss Ellie and Clayton ask Jordon Lee about early oil days in Texas and he tells them about a town called Pride where Jock Ewing had his first strike. Rolk Brundin falls victim of Tommy Mckay's deadly vengeance. April's past romance with J.R. puts a strain on her friendship with Cally aand she deecides to move out of Southfork and go back to her place.

Director: Dwight Adair
Writer: Lisa Siedman
Guest stars: Lance LeGault, Gunnar Hellstrom, Cliff Bemis, Tom McFadden, Jack Rader, Ben Rawnsley, William Forward
4 Ka-Booooom! 60 min | Oct 05, 1989

Cally feels she's not good enough for J.R. and she shares her concern with Miss Ellie. April wants to put an end to her partnership with J.R. Michelle overhears a converrsation between April and Bobby which concerns Cliff,and she tells Cliff about it. Cliff feels mistreated at Ewing Oil. Carter Mckay's friend Rose Daniels returns but she is scared away by Tommy who acts to ""protect"" his father. John Ross goes to England to visit his mother. Miss Ellie and Clayton tell Bobby that they like April. Cally senses that Alex Barton'''s interest goes beyound just her paintings. Carter Mckay gets a warning about Tommy's psycholoogical problems in his role as ""father protector"" Tommy plants a bomb in Bobby's briefcase and April and Bobby narrowly escape death.

Director: Michael Preece
Writer: Louella Lee Caraway
Guest stars: Lance LeGault, Gloria Henry, Sally Champlin, William Forward
5 Sunrise, Sunset 60 min | Oct 12, 1989

A storm in the Gulf spells trouble for J.R.s tanker. Cliff dates Michelle which provokes a cool reaction from April. Michelle resents April's attitude. April asks Cliff wheather he sleeps with her sister. Alex gets Cally a studio for her painting and he wants her to drop ""Ewing"" from her name. J.R. is forced to make a move on Marilee's company but he manages to avoid it at the last minute. Tommy Mckay gets accidentally killed in a confrontation with his father. Tracey shows up for the funeral but she finds Carter turned ccolkdhearted. Tracey blames April foe her brother's tragedy. April proposes to Bobby. Vanessa Beaumont's son James shows up at J.R.'S office.

Director: Dwight Adair
Writer: Howard Lakin
Guest stars: Lance LeGault, Cliff Bemis, Art Koustik, James Edward Thomas, Henry Kaiser, Evelyn Guerrero, Del Hinkley
6 Pride and Prejudice 60 min | Oct 19, 1989

J.R. and Beaumont have a pretty rough first conversation but then they begin to get along fine as James is introdduced into Dallas' social life., and makes quite an impression in the process. James dates Kendall, the receptionist at Ewing Oil, and ask her about the company. Bobby is concerned as Christopher goes out on his first date. Carter Mckay makes a business deal with April. Alex questions Cally about her European honeymoon and he tries to exploit Vanessa's presence in Austria to his advantage. Cally asks Alex about his personal life. April pressures Bobby on marriage. Miss Ellie and Clayton keep traveling in search of the object that would fit the mysterrious key. Vanessa surpries J.R. and Cally by showing up at Southfork to ""collect her son"".

Director: Michael Preece
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Guest stars: Tom McFadden, Teddy Wilson, David Wiley, Amanda Vlastas
7 Fathers and Other Strangers 60 min | Nov 03, 1989

Vanessa says that she came looking for James, and J.R. and Cally make her feel welcome. James dates Sly Lovegren but she plays hard to get. Bobby and April have another fight with Cliff and Michelle. J.R. and Vanessa reminisce about old times. Miss Ellie and Clayton meet Sarah Ewing and her Jewish family whom Jock saved during World War ll. Bobby takes James around the refineries. Tension between J.R. and Cliff rises and J.R. wants to buy Cliff out. Sarah Ewing gives Ellie a letter from Jock to his son, written 45 years ago. Mckay is told that his tanker is in serious trouble. At the Oil Barons, everybody at the table is completely stunned, most of all J.R.,as James makes his shocking revelation.

Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Lisa Seidman
Guest stars: Hank Rolike, Bea Silvern, Nora Masterson, Jan Merlin, Barbara Beckley, Gay Hagen, Gisela Kovach, Jeff Skier, Sylvia Brooks, Julian Gamble, James Newell
8 Black Tide 60 min | Nov 10, 1989

Vanessa reassures J.R. that James is really his son. James' appearence puts a strain on Cally and J.R.'s marriage. Cally accuses Vanessa of plotting to take J.R. away from her. A tanker collision involving Ewing Oil and Weststar puts the two companies on opposite sides again, as a black tide of oil is heading toward the Texas coast. Tension rises between J.R. and Bobby when Bobby finds out about the Ewing tanker. Cliff leaves Ewing Oil, takes Mckay's side, and forms a committee to investigate the tanker disaster. Michelle threaatens J.R. because in her view, he didn't keep his word after she got Cliff out of Ewing Oil.. Vanessa unsuccessfully tries to talk James into going to Europe with her. Vanessa leaves for Europe and James moves into Southfork.

Director: Michael Preece
Writer: Howard Lakin
Guest stars: Lance LeGault, Jack Rader, Fred Holliday, Glenn Hirsch, Tim Hutchinson, Dick McGarvin, Scott LaRose
9 Daddy Dearest 60 min | Nov 17, 1989

Lucy tells James what she thinks of J.R. John Ross returns from England to find an older brother. John Ross fears that Jamess' presence will change everything. Bobby tries to do everything in his power to keep Cliff off the committee investigating the tanker disaster. April throws Michelle out.Michelle moves in with Cliff. In the aftermath of the tanker disaster, Ewing Oil gets hate mail and Mckay files a law suit. James gets Cliff's old office at Ewing Oil. J.R. Tells James that his marriage vows to Cally are sacred to him. Bobby tells April it's time to think about marriage. Cally confides in Alex regarding the new family situation at Southfork. James meets Michelle and they hit it off immediately. Cliff plans to get the governor's seat. Just as J.R. is about to quit Ewing Oil because of the tanker crisis, he gets a terrific morale booster in a surprise letter from Jock.

Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Mitchell Wayne Katzman
Guest stars: Craig Littler, Fred Holliday, James Bartz, Roger LaRue, Dan Livingston, Patty Toy, Buck Young
10 Hell's Fury 60 min | Dec 01, 1989

Cater Mckay plans to hurt Ewing Oil using the tanker disaster. Cliff and Mckay collaborate against the Ewing. Bobby talks to the captain of the Ewing tanker. Christopher feels left out because James and John Ross socialize a lot. Kay Lloyd reappears in Bobby's office with an ominous warning from Washington. Cally thinks that J.R. has been sleeping with Michelle. Bobby and Christopher have a ""father and sons talk"" about John Ross' situation and the increasing conflicts between the two boys. Michelle plots to break up Cally and J.R.'s marriage. Michelle sleeps with James. Cally pays Alex a late-night visit with words of revenge against J.R. on her lips.

Director: Patrick Duffy
Writer: Lisa Siedman
Guest stars: Lee De Broux, J. Jay Saunders, Ellen Geer, Sherril Lynn Rettino, Matt McKenzie, John C. Colton
11 Cally on a Hot Tin Roof 60 min | Dec 08, 1989

Kay Lloyd's appearance creates tension between Bobby and April senses a chemistry between the two. Cally angrily conforts J.R. about him and Michelle. J.R tries to get to Diana Farrington[Leslie Bevis]of the investigate committee .Bobby is worried about the Justice Department putting Ewing Oil on their ""hit list"" again. J.R. blackmails Alex Barton and drives him out of Texas. James learns about Cally's faithfulness to him and wants to undo the damage he did, but he finds her unconscious and he feels guilty.

Director: Larry Hagman
Writer: Howard Lakin
Guest stars: J. Jay Saunders, Rick Johnson, Deprise Brescia, Tiffany Ann, Ed Quinlan, James Newell, Nora Masterson, Marla Maples, Stephen Flanigan
12 Sex, Lies and Videotape 60 min | Dec 15, 1989

J.R. confronts Lucy about why she gave sleeping pills to Cally. J.R. and Cally make up after the incidents with Alex and Michelle. Diana Farrington accuses Cliff of waging a personal vendetta against the Ewings but Cliff vows to mail the guilty party. Bobby is forced to sell a Ewing Oil field to pay for the cleanup effort. Carter Mckay finds Rose Daniels in Follett, Texas and brings her back to Dallas. KAY Floyd asks Bobby about whether he'll marry April. J.R. tells Cally that she'll never see Alex again. James discovers that J.R. cheats on Cally and tells him that he's a lousy husband, even through J.R. tries to explain to him that it's just ""for business"". Mckay uses Rose to videotape Cliff and her in bed, and then he blackmails Cliff with the tape. Lucy pressures Cally not to give up her artwork. Kay flies back to Washington. April is ecatactic when Bobby tells her it's time to get married.

Director: Cliff Fenneman
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Guest stars: Lee De Broux, Jeri Gaile, J. Jay Saunders, Robert Pierce, Donald Goldring, John Menick, Dan Gerrity, Barbara Perry
13 Tale of Two Cities 60 min | Jan 05, 1990

Cally puts on an art show at a gallery brought by Lucy. Bobby and J.R argue about Bobby's decision to rehire the tanker captain. James gets disillusioned about the way the oil business is done. Bobby and April plan their wedding. James gets Michelle an appartment. Michelle finds out about the videotape and tells Bobby who confronts Rose Mckay about it, James gets caught in the middle, trying to protect Cally and J.R., and when he tries to tell the truth to Michelle, she throws him out. A coast Guard officer's secret statement to Cliff sheds a new light on the Weststar-Ewing tanker collision.

Director: Leonard Katzman
Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis
Guest stars: Gloria Henry, John Mahon, Gregory Walcott, Spencer Garrett, Evelyn Guerrero, Audre Johnston, Carla Beachcomber, Gordon Greene, Paul Ivy
14 Judgment Day 60 min | Jan 12, 1990

Cliff has a battle of conscience at Digger's grave before the committee's final decision on the tanker collision. The captain of the Ewing tanker commits suicide. Michelle tells J.R that she wants to retire from the spy business, and she tells Cliff that she's been spying on him. Rose tells her husband Carter Mckay that he makes her feel lika a whore. Bobby rebuffs Mckay's offer to buy Ewing Oil. Bobby appeals to Cliff's conscience on the tanker collision. Mckay burns the videotape of Rose and Cliff in bed. J.R. tells Bobby that he takes full responsibility for Ewing Oil's seemingly inevitable fall. The committee reaches a final decision:The tanker collision was an accident.

Director: Patrick Duffy
Writer: Amy Tebo
Guest stars: Teddy Wilson, J. Jay Saunders, Fred Holliday
15 Unchain My Heart 60 min | Jan 19, 1990

Cliff gives a television interview following the committee's decision on the tanker collision. Bobby gives April an engagement ring but then they break up over three Ewing Oil fields which April bought behind Bobby's back and then unknowingly sold to Weststar. Cliff meets public relations expert Stephanie Rogers[Leslie-Anne Down]. J.R.,Cally and John Ross travel to Pride,Texas to help Miss Ellie put the town back on the oil map. Clayton remains sketical about the new Pride venture. James and Michelle make up. Bobby warms James against doing business out of Ewing Oil offices without his knowledge. Bobby thinks he saw Pamela.

Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Bryce Zabel, Jackie Zabel
Guest stars: Margaret Michaels, Matthew Faison, Charles Stratton, Jack Rader, Fred Holliday, Freddie Dawson, John Gowans, Ken Smolka, Brittain Frye, Edward Jackman, Timothy O'Hagan, Richard Gallery, Louis Rivera, Ken Katsumoto, Danone Simpson
16 I Dream of Jeannie 60 min | Feb 02, 1990

A mesmerized Bobby chases after the phantom woman that could be his beloved ex-wife Pam.

Director: Cliff Fenneman
Writer: Lisa Siedman
Guest stars: Denver Pyle, Margaret Michaels, John Shepard, Chris Weatherhead, Matthew Faison, Troy Evans, Bruce Gray, Leslie Neale, Ron Roy, Dennis Robertson, Deborah Rennard, Joe Faust
17 After Midnight 60 min | Feb 09, 1990

Bobby's obession with Pam look-alike Jeanne O'Brien[Margaret Michaels] continues, and he risks losing April over it. Michelle plans a business venture but Eugene Inagaki[Richard Narita]makes problems, so she asks Carter Mckay for a favor. April wants to leave Dallas and starts fresh somewhere else. James meets Duke Carlisle [Claude Earl Jones] and his impossing daughter Melinda[Shawn Modrell]. J.R. strikes oil in Pride with the help of Blackie Callaham[Denver Pyle]. Jeanne has a seductive hold on a confused Bobby.

Director: Ken Kercheval
Writer: Howard Lakin
Guest stars: Denver Pyle, Margaret Michaels, Claude Earl Jones, Shawn Modrell, Leslie Neale, Patti Been, Ed Berke, John McKinney, Stephen Landis
18 The Crucible 60 min | Feb 16, 1990

The Ewings are concerned about why Bobby is not seeing April anymore. Mckay finds a way to force Inagaki to cooperate. April and Michelle are having second thoughts about the singles' club. Lucy and Cally have a conforntation with April and Michelle at the bar. J.R. knocks James out of the deal with Duke Carlisile. J.R. is rebuffed by Stephanie Rogers when he tries to talk into doing business with Ewing Oil. Tension rises bewteen J.R. and Cally as she gets tired of waiting home for him. Bobby tells Cliff about his obession with the Pam look-alike. Miss Ellie and Clayton witness a mysterious death during the reading of the will of Atticus Ward[John Larch]. Bobby leaves Jeanne and he finally ""says good-bye"" to Pam.

Director: Larry Hagman
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Guest stars: Margaret Michaels, Claude Earl Jones, Charles Cooper, Eddie Firestone, Shawn Modrell, Bill Saito, Kirk Scott, Nancy Priddy
19 Dear Hearts and Gentle People 60 min | Feb 23, 1990

J.R. and Cally's marriage is in trouble as they keep fighting and he moves to a hotel. Mckay accomplishes his mission with Inagaki and he makes Michelle happy but April leaves Dallas to visit her mother Amy[K.Callan] in Ohio. Events continue to unfold in the wake of the mysterious death during the reading of Atticus Ward's will, as ""Rabbit"" Hutch[Eddie Firestone]gets arrested and then gets bailed out by Ellie and Clayton who later finds him dead. Cliff gets appointed chair of the Oil Regulatory Commission and J.R. realizes that he understimated Stephanie Rogers. Bobby goes to Ohio and tries to make things right again bewteen him and April. Serena Ward reappears and makes J.R. good again.

Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Louella Lee Caraway
Guest stars: K Callan, Eddie Firestone, Read Morgan, Biff Yeager, Edwin Fuller, Andrew Amador, Danone Simpson
20 Paradise Lost 60 min | Mar 09, 1990

J.R. devises an ingenious plan to rid Cally from his life.

Director: Patrick Duffy
Writer: Lisa Seidman
Guest stars: K Callan, Don Galloway, Lisa Sloan, Eugene Robert Glazer, Joseph G. Medalis, Taafee O'Connell, Tom Finnegan, Mick Regan, Dean Briggs, Kurt Andon, Daniel Wilson, Jerry Potter, Barney McFadden, Len Wayland
21 Will Power 60 min | Mar 16, 1990

J.R. is forced to resort to desperate measures when Cally vows to make their marriage work.

Director: Larry Hagman
Writer: Kenneth Horton
Guest stars: K Callan, Don Galloway, Claudette Nevins, Taaffe O'Connell, Patrick Cronin, Tessa Richarde, Diana James, Kirk Scott, Paige Pengra, Nancy Priddy, Mary D'Arcy, Eric Poppick, Frank Papia
22 The Smiling Cobra 60 min | Mar 29, 1990

Cally and James pull closer together in an effort to fend off J.R.'s evil ways.

Director: Cliff Fenneman
Writer: Howard Lakin
Guest stars: Don Galloway, Jerry Potter, Tony Rizzoli, Len Wayland, Dick McGarvin, Kirk Scott, John Cassese
23 Jessica Redux 60 min | Apr 05, 1990

Evil J.R. is at work as he looks to destroy his wife;tear down Cliff Barness' career; manipulate his son's future; and protect his mother Ellie.

Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Guest stars: Charles Kahlenberg, Michael Francis Clarke, Armand Asselin, Pierre Manasse, Alexis Smith
24 Family Plot 60 min | Apr 12, 1990

Cally and James are driven to vow revenge against the man they both vehemently hate--J.R. Ewing.

Director: Patrick Duffy
Writer: Lisa Siedman
Guest stars: Don Galloway, Michael Francis Clarke, Alexis Smith, Danone Simpson
25 The Southfork Wedding Jinx 60 min | Apr 26, 1990

Another high- spirited and unpredictable South fork wedding plays hosts to April and Bobby.

Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Howard Lakin
Guest stars: K Callan, Jay Gerber, Stephen Mendel, Al Pugliese, Anne Gee Byrd, Alf Powers, Gene Knight, Cameron
26 Three, Three, Three (1) 60 min | May 03, 1990

J.R. after having secretly committed himself to an insane asylum in an effort to coerce Jessica into signing over to him her shares of Weststar stock, discovers the path to her is littered with bizarre and dangerous patients.

Director: Leonard Katzman
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Guest stars: Mitch Pileggi, Harold Gould, Liam Sullivan, Hugh Maguire, Chuck Hicks, Duane Davis, Larry Gurney Jr.
27 Three, Three, Three (2) 60 min | May 10, 1990

J.R. feels its to get out of the asylum, but James has other plans. James destroys the release papers and J.R. is trapped at the institution.

Director: Leonard Katzman
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Guest stars: Harold Gould, Stephen Mendel, Liam Sullivan, Ken Foree, Duane Davis, Katsy Chappell, J.T. O'Connor, Larry Gurney Jr., Hugh Maguire


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