Dallas: Season 6

Warner Home Video (1982)
Drama, Soap
UK | English | Color | 22h 3min

Arguably the best television series ever produced, and certainly the best soap opera ever produced, Dallas had it all. Beautiful women, expensive cars, and men playing Monopoly with real buildings. It had the best trans-season cliffhanger in history that had the whole world asking "Who shot J.R.?" Dallas is an important part of American History, if not world history.

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Barbara Bel Geddes Miss Ellie Ewing
Larry Hagman J.R. Ewing
Patrick Duffy Bobby Ewing
Steve Kanaly Ray Krebbs
Ken Kercheval Cliff Barnes
Charlene Tilton Lucy Ewing Cooper
Victoria Principal Pamela Barnes Ewing
Linda Gray Sue Ellen Ewing
Susan Howard Donna Culver Krebbs
Audrey Landers Afton Cooper
Howard Keel Clayton Farlow
Lois Chiles Holly Harwood
Timothy Patrick Murphy Mickey Trotter
Roseanna Christiansen Teresa
Priscilla Pointer Rebecca Barnes Wentworth
Deborah Rennard Sly
Don Starr Jordan Lee
Deborah Tranelli Phyllis Wapner
Morgan Woodward Punk Anderson
Fern Fitzgerald Marilee Stone
Danone Camden Kendall Chapman
John Beck Mark Graison
Alice Hirson Mavis Anderson
Ben Piazza Walt Driscoll
Paul Sorensen Andy Bradley

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Director Larry Hagman
Larry Elikann
Bill Duke
Michael Preece
Robert C. Thompson
Nick Havinga
Ernest Pintoff
Nicholas Sgarro
Leonard Katzman
David Paulsen
Patrick Duffy
Gunnar Hellström
Writer Leonard Katzman, David Paulsen, David Jacobs, Robert Sherman, Linda Elstad, Will Lorin, Howard Lakin, Arthur Bernard Lewis, Frank Furino
Producer Leonard Katzman, Philip Capice, Cliff Fenneman, Arthur Bernard Lewis
Photography Jack Swain, Edward R. Plante
Musician Bruce Broughton, Lance Rubin, Jerrold Immel, Richard Lewis Warren

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1 Changing of the Guard 60 min | Sep 30, 1982

Miss Ellie,Bobby,AND LUCY VOTE to have J.R. removed as president of Ewing Oil. J.R. learns Chistopher is not his baby. Rebecca,Afton,and Pam visit Cliff who is in a coma in the hospital. Ewing Oil gets new offices. Bobby meets oilwoman Holly Harwood[Louis Chiles]. Lucy learns she is pregnant with Roger's baby. J.R. accepts Holly's offer to run Harwood Oil.

Director: Michael Preece
Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis
Guest stars: Paul Carr, William H. Bassett, Sheila Frazier, Jim Weston, Maria Malendez, Gay Smith, John Walker, Charles Escamilla
2 Where There's a Will 60 min | Oct 07, 1982

J.R. is tries to see Jock's will by using Serena and blackmailing Harve Smithfield's son-in-law. Cliff recovers in the hospital and gets a visit from Sue Ellen. Ray gets a letter from Aunt Lilly about Amos Krebbs' ill health. Lucy tells Pam about her pregggnancy. Cliff leaves the hospital. Sue Ellen is having second thoughts about marrying J.R. and visits Clayton at the Southern Cross Ranch. Marilee offers Cliff a job.

Director: Leonard Katzman
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Guest stars: Robin Strand, Jim Weston, Aarika Wells, Paul Carr, Charles Napier, Maria Malendez, Kimberly Ross, Michele Rusheene, Joseph Miller
3 Billion Dollar Question 60 min | Oct 14, 1982

Lucy has an abortion. Cliff cautiously accepts Marilee's job offer. The Ewings get an innviation for another Oil Barons Ball. J.R. pressures Miss Ellie to open Jock's will and tries to use an IRS agent to put pressures on Bobby. Miss Ellie decides to socialze again. Holly Harwood rebuff's J.R's sexual advances. Ray gets news of Amos Krebbs' death. J.R. visits Sue Ellen at Clayton's ranch. Clayton learns Dusty is coming back.

Director: Michael Preece
Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis
Guest stars: Esther McCarroll, Robert Chapman, Charles Escamilla, Jeanne Anderson, Karen Radcliff, John Walker, Frank Marth, Dennis Lipscomb
4 The Big Ball 60 min | Oct 21, 1982

Dusty questions Sue Ellen about her and J.R. Ray and Donna go to Amos Krebbs' funeral. J.R. continues to secretly run Harwood Oil. Dusty introduces his new wife LINDA to a shockes Sue Ellen. Ray meets his rebellious cousin Mickey Trotter. Sue Ellen leaves Southern Cross. Pressured by J.R.,Punk Anderson announces the Jock Ewing Scholarship at the Oil Barne Ball. Miss Ellie decides to have Jock declared legally dead.

Director: Leonard Katzman
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Guest stars: Wm. H. Burkett, Jordan Daniels, Jeanne Evans, Jack Portman, Melody Anderson
5 Jock's Will 60 min | Oct 29, 1982

Pamela urges Lucy to go back to work. Ray and Donna continue in Kansas. Ray learns Mickey is hiding a criminal conviction from his mother. J.R. and Sue Ellen set the wedding date. Ray brings Mickey to Southfork. Bobby testify in court about the search for Jock in South America. The court declares Jock legally dead. The reading of Jock's will sets the stage for a year long battle bewteen Bobby and J.R. for control of Ewing Oil.

Director: Michael Preece
Writer: David Paulsen
Guest stars: Peter Hobbs, George Cooper, Gary E. Daniel, Glenn Davis, Edward Holmes, Stann Allison, Jerry Biggs
6 Aftermath 60 min | Nov 05, 1982

The aftermath of the reading of Jock's will, and the beginning of the battle for control of Ewing Oil between JR and Bobby.

Director: Leonard Katzman
Writer: David Paulsen
Guest stars: Paul Napier, Donald Bishop, Harry Harris, L.D. Vickers, J. Patrick McNamara, C.M. Patrick Dennis, Charles Rowland, Carol Sanchez
7 Hit and Run 60 min | Nov 12, 1982

Cliff starts work as the president of the new Barnes-Wentworth oil company. Miss Ellie meets an admirer. J.R. makes his move on Walt Driscoll by setting up his wife. The cartel decides not to work with Ewing Oil. Bobby makes a deal on the Canadian fields.

Director: Michael Preece
Writer: Howard Lakin
Guest stars: John Larroquette, Nicholas Hammond, Fay Hauser, Jim Weston, Donald Bishop, Donald Craig, Robert Clarke, J. Patrick McNamara, Martha Smith, Paul Carr, John Bliss, David Moeller, Pam Lauffer, Glenn Davis, Robert Herron, Gary E. Daniel, John Walker
8 The Ewing Touch 60 min | Nov 19, 1982

J.R. blackmails Walt Driscoll and gets his variance. Miss Ellie tries to make peace with Rebecca. Christopher's adoption becomes final and the family celebrates. Cliff gets mad at Pamela for helping Bobby secure the Canadian deal. J.R. pumps oil at full capacity despite a surplus. Ray finds Mickey in a bar instead of working and tries to teach him a lesson of responsibility. Miss Ellie brings Frank Crutcher to dinner at Southfork. J.R.tries to sabotage Bobby's operations.

Director: Leonard Katzman
Writer: Howard Lakin
Guest stars: Albert Salmi, Nicholas Hammond, Richard Lockmiller, Hal Bokar, Morgan Jones, Al Berry, Thomas Babson, John Larroquette, Fay Hauser, J. Patrick McNamara, Gary E. Daniel, Glenn Davis, Harold Suggs, Shanette Echols, Hal Fletcher, T.J. Kennedy, Joseph Rainer, John Carter
9 Fringe Benefits 60 min | Nov 26, 1982

Bobby's Canadian deal is delayed due to weather problems. J.R. ans Sue Ellen get ready for their wedding. Pam and Sue Ellen become closer despite the rivalry between their husband's. J.R. questions Miss Ellie about Frank Crutcher. J.R. tries to see Sue Ellen to get a refinery deal but the scheme backfires and it's Cliff who gets the deal in the end,with Aflton's help. The cartel sides with Cliff. Pam tells Bobby that Jock's will is running the family and asks him to give up the battle.

Director: Michael Preece
Writer: Will Lorin
Guest stars: Albert Salmi, Michael Prince, Ann Burke, Rodger Boyce, Dan Patterson, Carol Sanchez
10 The Wedding 60 min | Dec 03, 1982

It's December 3,and J.R. and Sue Ellen remarry. Cartel members stay away. Mickey and Lucy meet. Ray warns Mickey to stay away from Lucy. Jordon Lee pressures Bobby to stop J.R.'s uncontrolled pumping. J.R. makes an unsupecting Holly sell some of her assets to his dummy corporation named Petro State. Punk Anderson, as administration of Jock's estate,warns J.R. to play by the rules of he'll stop him. MISS Ellie tells Clayton he reminds her of Jock. Bobby accuses J.R. of using Jock's will to destroy Ewing Oil. Aflton fears Cliff is still in love with Sue Ellen. Donna agrees to serve on the Texas Energy Commission and gets Miss Ellie's blessing to do so, even if it means she will be the one to stop J.R.

Director: Leonard Katzman
Writer: Will Lorin
Guest stars: Parley Baer, David Glover, Doug McGrath, Rita Crafts, Charles Escamilla, Glen Wilson, Alice Ferris, Lynn Howerton, Julie Wray, Pel Norris, Pam Bowen
11 Post Nuptial 60 min | Dec 10, 1982

Cliff makes a scene at the wedding and then fights with J.R. in the pool. Rebecca encourages the cartel to put the screws to J.R. Holly reveals to Bobby that J.R. owns 25 percent to her company. Another man tries to take advantage of Lucy. Donna fears her membership on the Texas Energy Commission will cause more problems in the family. Bobby suspects J.R. is selling oil to an embbargoed country and confronts J.R. about it.

Director: Michael Preece
Writer: David Paulsen
Guest stars: Nicholas Hammond, Tom Tarpey, Gregg Howard, Robert W. Hilton, Parley Baer, Jon Cypher, Gerry Gibson, Ivan Bonar
12 Barbecue Three 60 min | Dec 17, 1982

Sue Ellen and Pam vow to remain friends despite the Ewing battle. Bobby investigates J.R's excess crude mystery. The Texas Energy Commission meets for the first time. Mickey asks Lucy out but is rebuffed. J.R. opens a chain of cut-price gas stations. Miss Ellie is distressed at how the brothers' battle is affecting the family and the company. The cartel gang up on J.R. at the barbecue.

Director: Leonard Katzman
Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis
Guest stars: Bobbi Furguson, Kirk Scott, Robert Swick, Ray Walker, James Karen, Julio Medina, Glo Jenkins, Ken Farmer, Sheila Bird, Jeanne Z. Evans, Payton E. Park, Debra Lynn Rogers, Lawrence Montalgne, David Sanderson
13 Mama Dearest 60 min | Dec 31, 1982

Miss Ellie's decision to cotest Jock's will cause further divisions in the Family. J.R. warns Miss Ellie he will fight her in court. Bobby reluctantly sides with J.R. Pamela sides with Miss Ellie. Harv Smithfield refuses to represents Miss Ellie because of his legal and moral loyalty to Jock. Bobby accuses Pam of fighting him on Miss Ellie's side. An angry J.R.'s confronts Clayton who visits with Miss Ellie at Southfork. J.R.'S CUT-rate gas stations get more media attention. Miss Ellie's new lawyer suggests it might be necessary to question Jock's mental competency at time the will was made. Cliff moves into a new place. Aflton questions Cliff about marriage.

Director: Patrick Duffy
Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis
Guest stars: Donald Moffat, Joan Staley, Robert Pinkerton, Bobbi Furguson, Daryl Lynn wood, Paul Carr, James Karen, Julio Medina
14 The Ewing Blues 60 min | Jan 07, 1983

Miss Ellie is torn between her concern for the family and her love for Jock. The cartel refuses to allow Bobby to uncap the Wellington field wells so he decides to force a sale. J.R. puts pressure on Holly to beak her contracts. Miss Ellie and Pam meets Mark Graison about legal help. J.R. and Sue Ellen go on the TV talk show. Cliff continues to take Afton for granted. Ellie continues her plan to break the will.

Director: David Paulsen
Writer: David Paulsen
Guest stars: Donald Moffat, Al Checco, Robert Pinkerton, Bobbie Ferguson, Pamela Bowman, Lane Davies, Scott Palmer, John McKenzie, Lori McGinley, Randie Jean Davis, Cheri Maugans
15 The Reckoning 60 min | Jan 14, 1983

J.R. and Bobby unite against Miss Ellie in her effort to overrule Jock's will. Pam's siding with Miss Ellie causes more tensions with Bobby. If Miss Ellie wins in court, the old will of 15 years ago shall become effective. Sue Ellen discovers Mark Grasion's obvious interest in Pamela and tells J.R. who tries to use Mark to break Pam and Bobby up. Ray and J.R. have another confrontation. J.R. and Bobby try to convince Punk Anderson to be on their side in the court battle over the will. Mark becomes very interested in Pam. Sue Ellen questions Pam about her marriage and Mark. Miss Ellie testifies in court that Jock was mentally incompetent when he wrote the codicil to the will but in the end she loses the court case.

Director: Bill Duke
Writer: Will Lorin
Guest stars: Donald Moffat, Charles Walker, Milt Jamin, Deborah Rennard, James Karen, Julio Medina, Fred Carney
16 A Ewing is a Ewing 60 min | Jan 28, 1983

Cliff plots to tempt J.R. with a political office. Mark Graison continues to try to impress Pam. J.R. gets a visit from a Air Force general concerning Harwood Oil's cancelled contracts with the military. J.R. asks Sue Ellen to ask Clayton to refine his oil but the plans backfires because Clayton gets mad at Sue Ellen and J.R. Bobby sees George Hicks of the Texas Energy Commission and J.R. talking and suspects Hicks has been bought by J.R. Miss Ellie goes to Galveston to get away from it all and runs into Clayton. J.R. tries to romance Holly but she pulls a gun on him and threatens to kill him if he ever touches her again. Miss Ellie has a good time with Clayton in Galveston. Bobby plots to play dirty with George Hicks.

Director: Larry Hagman
Writer: Frank Furino
Guest stars: Paul Mantee, Charles Napier, Anthony Miller, Robert Burleigh, John Dennis, Ion Berger, Gloria Hayes, April Clough, Cynthia Janos, Kristi Ferrell, Denis J. Zacker, Kurtis Woodruff, Ken Phillips
17 Crash of '83 60 min | Feb 04, 1983

J.R. gets suspicious of Clayton Farlow's[Howard Keel] intentions toward Miss Ellie. Hicks is questioned by Bobby about him and J.R. and denies having ever met J.R. Ray is worried about Mickey's influence on Lucy. J.R. gets a call from Walt Driscoll who is in the Cayman Islands. Bobby blackmails Hicks to make him change his vote on J.R. 's variance. Pam is disgusted when Bobby tell her about blackmailing Hicks. Afton recives news of a crash of the Wentworth jet.

Director: Bill Duke
Writer: Howard Lakin
Guest stars: Albert Salmi, April Clough, Deborah Rennard, Charles Napier
18 Requiem 60 min | Feb 11, 1983

After the plane crash Rebecca dies,with Pam at her bedside. Clayton accuses J.R. of being responsible for Rebecca's death. The Texas Energy Commission rescinds J.R.'s variance and J.R. gets mad at George Hicks who tell him he was blackmailed by Bobby. Cliff takes the blame for Rebecca's death and seeks consolation from Afton. Katherine arrives from New York and accuses Donna of being responsible for J.R.'s losing his variance. J.R. pushes his Caribbean deal. Mark Grasion attends Rebecca's funeral but J.R. stays away. Pam tells Bobby she can't

Director: Larry Hagman
Writer: Linda B. Elstad
Guest stars: Robert Denison, Bill Conklin, Jane D'Auvray, Jack Eiseman, Buddy Farmer, Richard Kuss, John Ingle
19 Legacy 60 min | Feb 18, 1983

Pam leaves Bobby and Southfork, to J.R.'s delight ,and moves into a hotel. The cartel celebrates J.R.'s losing his variance. J.R. tells Mark Grasion[John Beck] that Pam and Bobby split up. J.R. vows to keep selling cut-rate gas,despite the loss of the variance. Mark Grasion visits Pamela at the hotel. Rebecca's will is read and Pam,Katherine,Cliff, and even Afton get their shares. Lucy and Mickey becomes friends. Cliff and Katherine reconcile. J.R. and Walt Driscoll continue collaborating on the Caribbean deal. Clayton tells Sue Ellen that he used to be in love with her but now he's seeing Miss Ellie. J.R. offers Bobby a ""compromise solution"" to the battle for Ewing Oil but Bobby rejects the offer. J.R. succeeds in making Bobby look in front of the family like he wants an all-out war.

Director: Patrick Duffy
Writer: Robert Sherman
Guest stars: Michael Currie, Bill Zuckert, J.P. Bumstead, Adam Taylor, Martha Haynes, Chuck Hicks, Tom Rosqui, Barbara Truetelaar, Susan Sacker, Deborah Tranelli
20 Brothers and Sisters 60 min | Feb 25, 1983

J.R. could go to jail for shipping oil tom Cuba. Clayton sells Southern Cross and gets closer to Ellie. Holly wants J.R. out of Harwood Oil. J.R. gets letters of support from TV viewers. Kathernie[Morgan Brittany] arranges for Bobby to see Pam and Mark Grasion[John Beck] together in a restaurant. J.R. is forced to pay $1000.000 to Walt Driscoll's contract man. Mark Grasion purses Pam. J.R. is very happy to see Katherine pursuing Bobby,Donna,Ray, and Dave Culver[Tom Fuccello] wonder whether J.R. could run for a seat in the US Congress if he does the battle with Bobby. Miss Ellie helps Clayton find a Dallas home. Bobby tells Pam again that he's determined to win Ewing Oil. J.R. tells Walt Driscoll he's ready to sell 1 millon barrels to the Cuba

Director: Larry Hagman
Writer: Will Lorin
Guest stars: Ben Hartigan, Don Diamond, Marilyn Staley
21 Caribbean Connection 60 min | Mar 04, 1983

Donna][Susan Howard] accuses Mickey[Timothy Patrick Murphy] of being interested in Lucy for her money. Katherine[Morgan Brittany tries to persuade Mark Grasion[John Beck] to stay close to Pamela. Clayton[Howard Keel] continues to look for a house in Dallas. Bobby and Ray uncover J.R's illegal Caribbean deal. If the State Department finds out about the deal with Cuba, this could be the end of Ewing Oil. Mark continues to see Pam. Cliff finally recovers from his depression over Rebecca's death and buys a company from Mark. J.R. considers going into polities but Sue Ellen fears her past alcohol problems and affairs with Dusty mat complicate things.

Director: Patrick Duffy
Writer: Will Lorin
Guest stars: Doug Robinson, Patricia Richards, Danny Tolkan, Dulcie Jordan, Joey Sheck, Kelly Edwards
22 The Sting 60 min | Mar 11, 1983

Bobby aand Ray bust J.R's Caribbean deal and Driscoll gets arrested. Clayton Farlow meets Mark Grasion. Ellie and Clayton wonder whether Pam is getting serious about Mark. J.R. continues his affair with Serena, even after being remarried to Sue Ellen. Pam tells Bobby she doesn't feel guilty about seeing Mark. J.R. learns he will have to go to Cuba to claim his $40 million. Walt Driscoll is left to rot in jail and vows revenge on J.R. Mickey kisses Lucy for the first time. Katherine offers to help J.R. fight Cliff. Mickey brings Lucy to a motel room. J.R. confronts Bobby and Ray about the sting. Ray bails Driscoll out of jail with J.R.'s money. Bobby has a fight with Mark over Pam. Cliff has big plans for Barnes/Wentworth. Holly learns that both her oil and her money is in Cuba and she vows revenge on J.R.

Director: Larry Elikann
Writer: David Paulsen
Guest stars: Henry Darrow, Phil Hoover, Kiva Lawrence, Sam DeFazio, Eric Fleeks, John D. Gowans, Russ Marin
23 Hell Hath No Fury 60 min | Mar 18, 1983

J.R. gets ready for his trip to Cuba. After suffering a $17 million loss, Holly Harwood tells Bobby that she's determined to get the Ewing brothers out of her life.Lucy enjoys modelling again and continues to see Mickey. Clayton Farlow keeps on seeing Ellie. Bobby runs into more weather problems on his canadian deal. J.R. encourages Katherine to move in on Bobby. Holly declares truce with J.R. and tries to seduce him. Bobby and Pam spend a night together but when he wants her to go back to Southfork,she tells him that the night was""just a moment"",and so they break up again. J.R. tries to force Walt Driscoll[Ben Piazza] to tell him the name of his contract man in the Carbbeans. J.R. and She Ellen appear on television again where he sets the stagefor his Cuban trip. Ray offers Bobby his finnancial support in the battle with J.R.Mark Grasion continues to see Pam. Bobby tells Donna and Ray that it's to late to save his marriage. Katherine urges Mark to take Pam to France. Holly tells Sue E

Director: Ernest Pintoff
Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis
Guest stars: Fay Hauser, John Scott, Linda Phillips, Ron Ellington Shy, Christopher Templeton, Wendy Becker, Gilles Kohler, John Anderson, Tom McFadden, William Bryant
24 Cuba Libre 60 min | Mar 25, 1983

J.R. goes to Puerto Rica and learns he'll have to go to Cuba to claim his $40 million. Mark Grasion and Pamela vacation in France. Aunt Lil[Kate Reid] misses Mickey and decides to come over from Kansas for a visit but Mickey is not thrilled. Sue Ellen is in denial over J.R. 's rellationship with Holly. She questions Bobby about J.R. andd Holly. Bobby and Cliff clash over the Canadian deal and Pam's marriage to Bobby. Punk Anderson questions Clayton Farlow about his intentions toward Ellie. Donna also asks Ellie about her feelings for Clayton. Sue Ellen confronts Holly. Aunt Lil is worried that Mickey and Lucy could be getting serious about each other. At the Riviera, Pam tells Mark she needs time alone. Katherine offers Bobby her help with the Canadiandeal but Cliff interferes. Sue Ellen and Clayton reconfirm their friendship. Aunt Lil tells Mickey that he and Lucy have nothing in commmon. J.R. gets arrested upon arrival in Cuba.

Director: Robert C. Thompson
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Guest stars: Henry Darrow, Santos Morales, Rita Rogers Ceragon, Robert Pinkerton, Danone Simpson, Susan Saldivar, Erwin Fuller, John Anderson, Hansford Rowe, Britt Leach, Thomas Thomas, Terrence Beasor, Vicki Horne, Frederic Menslage
25 Tangled Web 60 min | Mar 31, 1983

J.R. goes to Puerto Rica and learns he'll have to go to Cuba to claim his $40 million. Mark Grasion and Pamela vacation in France. Aunt Lil[Kate Reid] misses Mickey and decides to come over from Kansas for a visit but Mickey is not thrilled. Sue Ellen is in denial over J.R. 's rellationship with Holly. She questions Bobby about J.R. andd Holly. Bobby and Cliff clash over the Canadian deal and Pam's marriage to Bobby. Punk Anderson questions Clayton Farlow about his intentions toward Ellie. Donna also asks Ellie about her feelings for Clayton. Sue Ellen confronts Holly. Aunt Lil is worried that Mickey and Lucy could be getting serious about each other. At the Riviera, Pam tells Mark she needs time alone. Katherine offers Bobby her help with the Canadiandeal but Cliff interferes. Sue Ellen and Clayton reconfirm their friendship. Aunt Lil tells Mickey that he and Lucy have nothing in commmon. J.R. gets arrested upon arrival in Cuba.

Director: Nicholas Sgarro
Writer: David Paulsen
Guest stars: William Bryant, Santos Morales, Jacqueline Ray, Marnie Mosiman, Cindy Landis, Nate Esformes, Tom McFadden, Dennis Holahan
26 Things Ain't Goin' Too Good at Southfork 60 min | Apr 14, 1983

Sue Ellen starts drinking again and Clayton finds her in his bed. Pamela comes back from France and questions Bobby about him and Katherine. Walt Driscoll disappears. Ellie finds Clayton with Sue Ellen. Katherine tells Pam there's nothing going on between her and Bobby. Cliff tells J.R. he will not let Bobby have the drill bit. Clayton tries to persuade Sue Ellen to talk to J.R. about the incident with Holly. A drunk Sue Ellen tells Ellie that Clayton is the only man thta she ever loved. Cliff asks Pam to side with him on the drill bit. Sue Ellen angrily confronts J.R. about Holly. Mickey and Sue Ellen are involed in a car accident.

Director: Gunnar Hellström
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Guest stars: Patrick Dollaghan, Delores Cantu, James Emery
27 Penultimate 60 min | Apr 28, 1983

After the car crash, Mickey and Sue Ellen are taken to the hospital but Sue Ellen is realsed shortly. Mickey is in a coma and may have suffered neurological injury. Lucy blames Sue Ellen and her drinking for Mickey's condition. Pam tells Bobby that she still loves him even though she has feelings for Mark. Clayton accuses J.R. of driving Sue Ellen back to the bottle. Bobby blames Holly for Sue Ellen's condition. Mark keeps pressuring Pamela for a committment. Sheriff Washburn tells J.R. that Sue Ellen has three times the legal limit of alcohol in her blood at the time of the crash. Pam tells Christopher that she loves Bobby but that she can't live with him. J.R. makes Holly an offer to get out of Harwood Oil for $20 million. Sue Ellen regrets having remarried J.R. At the Cattlement's Club,Bobby asks Holly to pay the $20 million to J.R. in installments so as not to put him too much ahead in the contest. Cliff encourages Pam to leave Bobby and be with Mark Grasion. J.R. tells Sue Ellen t

Director: Nick Havinga
Writer: Howard Lakin
Guest stars: Conrad Bachmann, John Doolittle, Robert Pinkerton, Michael Cornelison, Myrna White, Julia Calderón, Joe Maross, Karen Fredrik, Steven Kelley, Ed Berke
28 Ewing Inferno 60 min | May 05, 1983

Ray pressures Sheriff Washburn to find the hit-and-run driver. Holly wants to pay J.R. his $20 million in installments but J.R. objects,rightly detecting Bobby's hand. J.R. gets a slap in the face from Pam during an argument over her French trip. Mark convinces Pam to vote with Katherine and give the drill to Bobby. Mickey's condition continutes to be very serious and Aunt Lil even goes as far as to say that perhaps it would have been better if he had died on the spot. J.R. tells Bobby that they should consider stopping the fight for control of Ewing Oil. Pam wants a divorce. Clayton convinces Ellie to take a break from family problems and go away with him. Sue Ellen tells J.R. to stay away from John Ross. Katherine tries to console Bobby after he gets the news about the divorce. Ray learns that Walt Driscoll was driving the car that hit Mickey and Sue Ellen. Ray and J.R. engage in a terrible fight, causing a major fire at Southfork, Sue Ellen,J.R.JOHN Ross and Ray are trapped as the f

Director: Leonard Katzman
Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis
Guest stars: John Devlin, John Zaremba


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