Dance Academy: The Movie

Australia | English | Color | 1h 41min

For Tara Webster (Xenia Goodwin) dancing was everything to her, until she had a suffered a spinal fracture in her final company audition. Despite making a full recovery she now passes her time working as a waitress at the Sydney Opera House. Although she fears she'll never dance again, the company's creative director Madeline Moncur (Miranda Otto) attempts to convince her to re-audtion. Now Tara is on quest to regain her strengths and talents taking us from Australia to America to see whether or not she has it in for dancing in the real world, reuniting with plenty of familiar faces along the way.

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Xenia Goodwin Tara Webster
Mackenzie Fearnley Student George
Ines English Student Emerald
Adam Sollis Student Max
Leonie Whyman Student Tilly
Nicholas Brown Tutor Stuart
Christian Byers Student Dex
Dena Kaplan Abigail Armstrong
Andrew Ryan Johnno The Boss
Miranda Otto Madeline Moncur
Gerlinde Erling Opera House Elderly Patron
Mitchell Butel NBC Ballet Master
Jordan Rodrigues Christian Reed
Jamila Escobar Maisie
Thomas Lacey Ben Tickle
Matt Day Barrister Jeff Menzies
Tara Morice Lucinda Raine
Archibald McKenzie NBC Pianist
Jessi Ellen Seymour Carmen
Maddie Peat Eloise
Alicia Banit Kat Karamakov
Branden Christine Betty The 2nd AD
Jaya Soewito-Martin Jayden
Nic Westaway Xavier
Demitri Fields VFX Supervisor

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Director Jeffrey Walker
Writer Samantha Strauss
Producer Nicole Keeb, Louise Smith, Ryan McCormick, Bernadette O'Mahony, Joanna Werner, Lorelle Adamson, Arne Lohmann, Bryony McLachlan, Vicki O'Neill
Photography Martin McGrath
Musician David Hirschfelder


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9317731133848 Blu-ray
767685157312 DVD 1 Apr 03, 2018
9317731133831 DVD