Deadbeat At Dawn

Synapse (1988)
Drama, Adventure, Horror, Thriller, Crime, Action
USA | English | Color | 1h 20min

Goose leaves the gang life behind after pleas from his girlfriend. But it isn't long before he's pulled back into the world of violence.

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Jim Van Bebber Goose
Paul Harper Danny
Megan Murphy Christy
Marc Pitman Bone Crusher
Ric Walker Keith
Maureen Gentner
Tom Burns
Steve King
Dave Parker Drive-thru attendant
Bill Stover
Steven Bognar
John Bradley
Mark Gillespie
Maureen Alisse
Michelle Briggs
Marcello Games
Valerie Hatt
Leslie Orr
Amy Yates
Carl Day Freddist

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Director Jim Van Bebber
Writer Jim Van Bebber
Producer David Gregory, Jim Van Bebber, Mike King


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
760137184386 Blu-ray Disc 1 Oct 23, 2018
5027035019536 Blu-ray Disc
654930300497 DVD 1 Jan 18, 2000 Special Edition
030306815596 DVD 1 Sep 02, 2008
8712806026505 DVD 2
8712806026567 DVD