Deadly Force

A&E Video (1983)
Drama, Documentary, Thriller, Crime, Action
USA | English | Color | 1h 35min

Stoney Cooper, a former Los Angeles police officer, is at a low point in his life. Kicked off the force because of his anti-authority attitude, he now ekes out a living as a freelancer in New York. All this changes when the daughter of an old friend is killed by serial killer terrorizing L.A. Although almost nobody in his old home town is happy to see him back, Cooper pledges to bring the killer to justice before any more innocent people die.

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Wings Hauser Stoney Cooper
Joyce Ingalls Eddie Cooper
Paul Shenar Joshua Adams
Al Ruscio Sam Goodwin
Arlen Dean Snyder Ashley Maynard
Lincoln Kilpatrick Otto Hoxley
Bud Ekins Harvey Benton
J. Victor Lopez Diego
Hector Elias Lopez
Ramon Franco Jesus
Gina Gallego Maria
Big Yank Jefferson
Estelle Getty Gussie
Victoria Vanderkloot Beverly
Richard Beauchamp Tony the Bomber
Paul Benjamin Lester
Bill Berry Jack
Eddie Braun Eduardo
Flo Di Re Stenographer
BJ Davis Marty
Ned Eisenberg Rat Game Owner
Bill Hart Barrio Victim
Ray Lykins Guard #1
Ben Mittleman Harry (Rafferty)
Estelle Moore Ashley's Dame


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
826663187359 Blu-ray 1 Jan 29, 2019
733961732641 DVD 1 May 19, 2009
027616731333 VHS