Death Game

VCI (1977)

Drama, Horror, Thriller
USA / English / 91 mins
IMDb 5.2

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Beth Brickell Karen Manning
Colleen Camp Donna
Seymour Cassel George Manning
Sondra Locke Agatha Jackson
Michael Kalmansohn Deliveryboy
Ruth Warshawsky Mrs. Grossman
Death Game
Peter Traynor

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Peter S. Traynor
Peter S. Traynor
Writer Anthony Overman, Michael Ronald Ross
Producer Mel Bergman, Larry Spiegel, Peter S. Traynor, William Duffy, John L. Moorehead


A businessman whose family is away on his birthday picks up two young girls. He takes them to his house, where they seduce him. Afterwards, however, they tie him up, torture him, trash his house, and then kill a delivery boy.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
089859760624 1 2004-10-19