Desert Island Films (1980)

Horror, Thriller, Crime
USA / English / 87 mins
IMDb 3.8

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Sallee Young Linda Rodgers
Harry Reems Matt Rodgers
Deborah Alter Annie
Kathryn Clayton Carol
Bryan Charles Dr. Dillman
Edward Talbot Matthews Mark
Mark Justin Joker
Robert Brooks Mendel Rapist / Joker
Douglas Price Joker
Stephen Blood Detective
Bosco Palazzolo Manuel
J. Kelly Police Officer
John Green Police Officer
Bill Martin Rapist
Jay Belinkoff Rapist
Mark Del Castille Rapist

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Arthur Jeffreys
Alex Rebar
Writer Alex Rebar
Producer Mike Smith, Alex Rebar, Arthur Jeffreys



A woman is gang-raped in a horse's stable, and even though the rapists are caught and imprisoned, she is harassed many moons later by ghastly visions of her tormentors, while her husband philanders and every little thing frightens her out of her wits.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
826663174588 1 2017-04-11
639767538213 1 2012-08-14