Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings

Huayi Brothers (2018)
Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Action, Foreign
China | Mandarin | Color | 2h 12min

Dee, the detective serving Chinese empress Wu Zetian, is called upon to investigate a series of strange events in Loyang, including the appearance of mysterious warriors wearing Chiyou ghost masks, foxes that speak human language and the pillar sculptures in the palace coming alive.

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Mark Chao Dee
Carina Lau Wu Zetian
Ethan Juan Master Yuan Ce
Shaofeng Feng Yuchi Zhenjin
Kenny Lin Shatuo Zhong
Sichun Ma Shui Yue

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Director Tsui Hark
Writer Jialu Zhang
Producer Tsui Hark, Kuo-fu Chen, Nansun Shi
Photography Sung Fai Choi
Musician Kenji Kawai


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
810348030214 Blu-ray A Nov 13, 2018 Blu-Ray + DVD
3475001057181 Blu-ray
810348030191 DVD 1 Nov 13, 2018
4020628757793 Blu-ray 3D