Diagnosis Murder

Diagnosis Murder: Season 5

CBS (1997)
Drama, Crime, Mystery
USA | English | Color | 9h 50min

"Diagnosis Murder" follows the adventures of Dr. Mark Sloan (Dick Van Dyke), an amiable and avuncular doctor who is also a genius at solving murders. Dr. Sloan is aided in his homicide investigations by his son, LAPD Lt. Steve Sloan (Barry Van Dyke), pathologist/medical examiner Dr. Amanda Bentley (Victoria Rowell), and ER resident Dr. Jesse Travis (Charlie Schlatter).

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1 Murder Blues 60 min | Sep 17, 1997

Steve becomes embroiled in political intrigue after the murder of a city councilman's wife appears to be part of a larger political strategy. Steve investigates two mayoral candidates, the councilman and the chief of police, as well as a rogue detective and his partner, all with strong motives.

Director: Christian I. Nyby II
Writer: Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin
Guest stars: James Darren, Fred Dryer, Angie Dickinson, Martin Milner, Kent McCord, Darwyn Carson, Patrick M.J. Finerty
2 Open and Shut 60 min | Sep 24, 1997

Mark investigates when her older lover, a new state Supreme Court Justice, murders a teenage girl.

Director: Christopher Hibler
Writer: Jacquelyn Blain
Guest stars: Carol Huston, Terry Lester, James Read, Tucker Smallwood, Robert Stack, Jimmie F. Skaggs
3 Malibu Fire 60 min | Oct 01, 1997

A Malibu Hills fire is the backdrop for rising tensions between the residents; a disgraced stockbroker, a naturalist, a worried father, and a land developer. A worried Dr. Sloan deals with his own parental fears when Steve helps fight the fire.

Director: Gerry Conway, Christian I. Nyby II
Writer: Gerry Conway, Wayne Berwick
Guest stars: Brian Patrick Clarke, Robert Fuller, Randolph Mantooth, Marisol Nichols, Gabriel Bologna, Richard Gross, Jennifer Tighe
4 Deadly Games 60 min | Oct 08, 1997

Community General is already under increased security, with a high-profile criminal hospitalized, when an important businesswoman is brought in. Mark suspects her security guard has deadly intentions.

Director: Christopher Hibler
Writer: Jeff Peters
Guest stars: Victoria Tennant, Michael Beck, Patricia Charbonneau, Jack Kehler, Rick Fitts, Edward Edwards, Sarah Zinsser, Neana Hall, Andrew Palmer
5 Slam-Dunk Dead 60 min | Oct 15, 1997

Jesse's new part-time job as trainer of the pro basketball Mustangs turns deadly when he's accused of murdering a star player.

Director: Vincent McEveety, Larry Brody
Writer: Larry Brody, Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin
Guest stars: Ken Howard, Courtney Gains, Mathew St. Patrick, Dan Gilvezan, Mark Taylor, Lorenzo Newton, Pooh Richardson, Ed O'Bannon, Charles O'Bannon, Malik Sealy, Brent Barry, Lori Fetrick, Bobby M. Johnson, Nate Reese
6 Looks Can Kill 60 min | Oct 22, 1997

Dr. Sloan investigates a plastic surgeon when an actress's death apparently results from an infection contracted during surgery.

Director: Christopher Hibler
Writer: Craig Tepper
Guest stars: Shelley Hack, Signy Coleman, Neil Roberts, Jill Whelan, Anthony Michael Hall, Larry Pennell, Wanda Acuna, Caroline Ambrose, Christopher Burgard, Marc Brett, Elise Muller, Christy Perry
7 Fatal Impact (1) 60 min | Oct 30, 1997

Mark and Amanda are assigned to the task force investigating an airplane crash. An adversarial FBI agent and Russian mobsters make their assignment more difficult.

Director: Christian I. Nyby II
Writer: J. Larry Carroll, David Bennett Carren
Guest stars: Cliff DeYoung, Steven Anderson, Dey Young, Endre Hules, Renee Raudman, Jose Rey, Yumi Iwama, Darwyn Carson, Stephanie Kissner
8 Fatal Impact (2) 60 min | Oct 30, 1997

Steve and Ron lead the chase for the stolen nuclear material.

Director: Christian I. Nyby II
Writer: Jacquelyn Blain
Guest stars: Cliff DeYoung, Steven Anderson, Madison Mason, Dey Young, Valerie Armstrong
9 Must Kill TV 60 min | Nov 06, 1997

The Sloans run into plenty of industry politics when they investigate the death of television network executive, Rachel Woodrall. Seamy revelations about Woodrall's college sorority lead to the killer.

Director: Christopher Hibler
Writer: Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin
Guest stars: Jaleel White, John Aniston, Erik Estrada, Peter Graves, Jane Seymour, Fred Willard, Stephen J. Cannell, Reginald VelJohnson, Doug E. Doug, Tom Gallop, Michele Greene, Molly Hagan, Brenda Varda, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Sam Rubin, Timothy McNeil, Jennifer Fairbanks, Andre Khab
10 Discards 60 min | Nov 13, 1997

Jesse finally reunites with his father. After they narrowly elude an assassin, Jesse begins to realize his father isn't the accountant he's always claimed to be, but rather a spy. The Travis's attempt to discover who's sending the killers.

Director: Christian I. Nyby II
Writer: J. Larry Carroll, David Bennett Carren
Guest stars: Barbara Bain, Robert Culp, Patrick Macnee, Phil Morris, Robert Vaughn, Ted Mattison
11 A Mime is a Terrible Thing to Waste 60 min | Nov 20, 1997

A dead mime leads to an investigation of a crooked auto dealer. Randy Wolfe, a woman who's apparently an expert at everything, leads the investigation while continually annoying Steve.

Director: Christopher Hibler
Writer: Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin
Guest stars: Rachel York, Tim DeKay, Alex Hyde-White, Kim Lankford, Ken Kercheval, David Ackert, Dimitri Diatchenko, Marshall Manesh
12 Down and Dirty Dead 60 min | Dec 11, 1997

A motorcycle stunt driver has a fatal accident while filming an action video. Steve investigates.

Director: Ron Satlof
Writer: Barry Van Dyke
Guest stars: Carey Van Dyke, Shane Van Dyke, Julio Dolce Vita, Yelba Osorio, Josh Roman, Dendrie Taylor, Rene L. Moreno, Brian Manley
13 Retribution (1) 60 min | Jan 08, 1998

When Steve is shot and falls into a coma, Mark does all in his power to find the assailant, even threatening a suspect with bodily harm. Mark finds himself the prime suspect when Steve's alleged attacker, Gordon Ganza, is murdered and all clues point directly towards Dr. Sloan.

Director: Christian I. Nyby II
Writer: Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin
Guest stars: Fred Dryer, Dennis Lipscomb, Neal McDonough, Susan Gibney, Jack Carter, June Claman, Connie Blankenship, Allison Dunbar, Bruno Alexander, John Mansfield, Bob Thompson, Ludo Vika, Susan Nyby, Robert Blue, Mike Stewart
14 Retribution (2) 60 min | Jan 15, 1998

This episode takes place four months after Mark was convicted of murder. Steve is slowly recovering from his wounds and Mark is still rotting in prison. While Mark endures the taunts of fellow death row inmate Malcolm Trainor, Steve and Tanis Archer launch a rogue investigation to find Ganza's real killers.

Director: Christian I. Nyby II
Writer: Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin
Guest stars: Fred Dryer, Dennis Lipscomb, Neal McDonough, Susan Gibney, James Stephens, Bruno Alexander, John Mansfield, Robert Blue, Michael Bailey Smith, Robb Skyler, Morgana Rae
15 Drill for Death 60 min | Jan 22, 1998

A hospital emergeny preparedness drill turns deadly when an unpopular and ambitious nurse is found dead amid the chaos with an eccentric artist the only witness.

Director: Ron Satlof
Writer: Robin Madden
Guest stars: Sally Kellerman, Elliott Gould, Loretta Swit, Jamie Farr, William Christopher, Christopher Norris, Kevin McNally, Tami-Adrian George, Vaughn Roberts
16 Rain of Terror 60 min | Jan 29, 1998

A spat between a girl and her boyfriend leads to an apparent murder, leaving the girl and her mother with a dead body, just as dinner guests Mark and Amanda arrive. Panic sets in, when the body disappears, the power goes out, the roads are impassable, and the attacks begin.

Director: Christian I. Nyby II
Writer: Craig Tepper
Guest stars: Adrienne Barbeau, Ele Keats, Andy Shreeman, John O'Hurley, Phina Oruche, Race Nelson, Mike Storms
17 Baby Boom 60 min | Feb 05, 1998

A madman charges into a Lamaze class with a bomb, claiming that a fertility doctor was cheating him. Everything is complicated further when said doctor turns up dead.

Director: Vincent McEveety
Writer: Jacquelyn Blain
Guest stars: Sam McMurray, Lisa Cerasoli, Mary McDonough, John Cygan, Eileen Seeley, Barbara K. Whinnery, Jill Carroll, Maia Winters, Thomas Crawford, Christina Marx
18 Talked to Death 60 min | Feb 26, 1998

Ratings seeking stunts by TV talk show hosts Darren & Mary has tragic results.

Director: Christian I. Nyby II
Writer: Joyce Burditt
Guest stars: Phyllis Diller, Mary Frann, Kathie Lee Gifford, Ian Ogilvy, Regis Philbin, Todd Susman, Army Archerd, Greg Lauren, Louisa Abernathy, Venessa Blair, Susan Isaacs
19 An Education in Murder 60 min | Mar 05, 1998

When a rash of deaths at a high school revolve around one 'helpful' young girl, Dr. Sloan risks his own life to uncover the murderer.

Director: Frank Thackery, D. O'Brien, Jacquelyn Blain, Paul Rendle
Writer: Jacquelyn Blain
Guest stars: Will Estes, Jamie Bruneau, Constance Zimmer, Heather Marie Marsden, Matthew John Graeser, Torie Lee Lynch, Paige Moss, Danielle Harris
20 Murder at the Finish Line 60 min | Mar 26, 1998

Dr. Sloan investigates to find out who's behind the death of a driver in a speedway crash.

Director: Christopher Hibler
Writer: J. Larry Carroll, David Bennett Carren
Guest stars: R.D. Call, James Morrison, Marina Sirtis, Billy Gallo, Brian Gaskill, Scott Layne, Christian Aubert, Tommy Kendall
21 First Do No Harm 60 min | Apr 15, 1998

When a young girl is rushed into the hospital in need of immediate treatment, but dies due to a HMO's negligence, Dr. Travis and Community General are sued for negligence. Dr. Sloan must choose between his ethical convictions and the hospital.

Director: Vincent McEveety
Writer: Ernest Kinoy
Guest stars: Alan Oppenheimer, Jason Schombing, Richard Fancy, Nancy Youngblut, Neil Dickson, Davenia McFadden, Paul Picerni, Bianca Rossini, Debra Sharkey, Kimberly Moss, Gavin Glennon, Damara Reilly, Kevin McNally
22 Promises to Keep 60 min | Apr 22, 1998

The Matthews family is reunited after years apart. Here, Ryan and Tess Matthews come to LA to help Kate when she's in trouble with a con man.

Director: Christian I. Nyby II
Writer: J. Larry Carroll, David Bennett Carren
Guest stars: Gary Graham, Elsie Shirley, Troy Evans, Pam Tillis, Michael Storm, Joseph Whipp, Christopher John Fields, Marla Frees, Lee Newman
23 Food Fight 60 min | Apr 29, 1998

Dr. Travis gets involved in the treacherous and deadly trade of catering when he oversees the annual charity banquet.

Director: Ron Satlof
Writer: Jacquelyn Blain
Guest stars: Leslie Easterbrook, David L. Lander, Conrad Janis, Erin Moran, Pat Morita, Donny Most, Donny Most, Kevin McNally
24 Obsession (1) 60 min | May 06, 1998

Dr. Sloan insists that a man he helped condemn to death for a series of bombings is guilty, even after a post-execution explosion.

Director: Christian I. Nyby II
Writer: Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin
Guest stars: Arye Gross, Connie Blankenship, Orson Bean, Dennis Boutsikaris, Stephanie Niznik, Patrice Chanel, Steve Valentine, Stephanie Kissner
25 Obsession (2) 60 min | May 13, 1998

Three months after the execution of Lewis Sweeney, explosions are still rocking the LA area every four days. The unpopular Dr. Sloan continues his efforts to nail Carter Sweeney for the bombings.

Director: Christian I. Nyby II
Writer: Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin
Guest stars: Arye Gross, Connie Blankenship, Dennis Boutsikaris, Stephanie Niznik, Jasper Armstrong Marsalis, Les Vance


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