Diff'rent Strokes: Season 6

NBC (1983)

USA / English / 585 mins
IMDb 6.7

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Writer Jeff Harris, Bernie Kukoff
Producer Martin Cohan, Blake Hunter, Howard Leeds
Photography J. Bruce Nielsen
Musician Alan Thicke, Al Burton, Gloria Loring


Diff'rent Strokes took place in New York and centered around the happenings in the Drummond household. Philip Drummond was a widower and had a daughter, Kimberly. He was also quite wealthy and lived in the penthouse of a luxurious apartment building. His wealth was due to the fact that he was the president of Trans Allied, Inc. However, the household was shaken up when Drummond's black housekeeper died and her deathbed wish was that he would take care of her two sons, Arnold and Willis Jackson. So, Drummond took both of them in and they became the sons Drummond never had. Others in the cast included Mrs. Garrett the new housekeeper who later left for her own series, The Facts of Life. She was replaced by Adelaide, who was seen occasionally and she was later replaced by Pearl. In the seventh season, Drummond wed an aerobics instructor, Maggie McKinney and she moved in with her son, Sam, from a previous marriage. First Telecast: November 3, 1978
Last Telecast: Au


Episode 1: Mr. T....and Mr. t

30 min Oct 01, 1983
Arnold's ecstasy over meeting his hero Mr. T goes from elation to emulation when the young girl he's trying to impress snubs him in favor of his idol. Former bouncer and bodyguard Mr. T, who came to national prominence as Sylvester Stallone's opponent in ""Rocky III"" and was the star of the hit television series ""The A-Team,"" makes a special guest appearance as ""The A-Team's"" B.A.
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Martin Cohan, Blake Hunter, Howard Leeds, David W. Duclon
Guest starring: Mr. T, Joel Brooks

Episode 2: The Goat

30 min Oct 15, 1983
Arnold's first day at junior high is emotionally devastating when he's shunned for not measuring up to the expectations that everyone had for Willis Jackson's brother, but Arnold devises a risky scheme that he feels certain will elevate his prestige.
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Robert Jayson, A. Dudley Johnson Jr.
Guest starring: Sarina C. Grant, Martin Ferrero, D. White

Episode 3: Rashomon II

30 min Oct 22, 1983
Drummond, Willis and Arnold bravely subdue a burglar who had been holding the family at gunpoint, but the arresting officer is befuddled when the three ""crime fighters"" relate differing versions of the apprehension.
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Howard Meyers
Guest starring: Terry Kiser

Episode 4: The Lie

30 min Oct 29, 1983
Willis' seemingly harmless disregard for the truth turns dangerous when a self-serving lie about knowing CPR jeopardizes Arnold's life.
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Clay Graham, John Donley
Guest starring: Macon McCalman

Episode 5: Drafted

30 min Nov 12, 1983
When 13-year-old Arnold is notified to register for the draft, Drummond's over reaction to the obvious error turns Arnold's dreams into nightmares.
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Dawn Aldredge
Guest starring: Alan Blumenfeld, Ken Olfson

Episode 6: The Van Drummonds

30 min Nov 19, 1983
A short visit to the United States by Phillip Drummond's Dutch cousin Anna and her son Hans becomes an eternity for Arnold and Willis, who are made scapegoats for cousin Hans' mischief.
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Paul Haggis
Guest starring: Conrad Bain, Dana Plato

Episode 7: The Moonlighter

30 min Nov 26, 1983
Arnold is disappointed to discover that his favorite teacher moonlights as a cocktail waitress, but he's stunned when he learns why she has to work the second job.
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Phil Margo, Jack Gross Jr., Rosemary Lee Potter
Guest starring: Jayne Kennedy, Harvey Solin, Geri Mamo, Zachary Charles

Episode 8: Coming of Age

30 min Dec 03, 1983
Kimberly's 18th birthday present from daddy -- a trust fund -- will make her a wealthy woman, but her free-spirited dreams of independence could be cut short when Drummond discovers just how she intends to spend her ""fortune.""
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Dawn Aldredge
Guest starring: Rhoda Gemignani, Pierrino Mascarino, Dana Kimmell

Episode 9: Assert Yourself

30 min Dec 10, 1983
Arnold turns a pal into an opponent when he resigns as Dudley's campaign manager and declares his own candiacy for class president.
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Martin Cohan, Blake Hunter, Howard Leeds
Guest starring: Albie Polinsky

Episode 10: Mrs. Z

30 min Dec 17, 1983
Drummond's provided with police protection of a most unusual kind after his charitable philanthrophy leads to a $1,000,000 extortion threat against him.
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Albert E. Lewin
Guest starring: Sheron Chambers, John Brandon, Edward Lynch, James Gallery

Episode 11: The Senior Class Queen

30 min Jan 07, 1984
When Kimberly starts a campaign to open the school's Lettermen's Club to female membership, an embarrassed Willis retaliates with chauvinistic aplomb by becoming the first male contestant in the Senior Class Beauty Pageant.
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Bernard Burnell Mack
Guest starring: George Pentecost, Reginald T. Dorsey, Scott Strader, Dawn Schroder, Sherry Yi

Episode 12: Where There's Smoke

30 min Jan 14, 1984
Arnold and Dudley succumb to peer pressure and ignore warnings against cigarette smoking, only to have the harsh realities brought to light by Dudley's father, a chronic smoker.
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Bruce Taylor
Guest starring: Steve Rumph, Patrick Brennan, D. White, Marc Bentley

Episode 13: Drummond's Lady

30 min Jan 21, 1984
Arnold unwittingly solves his father's dilemma -- trying to make romance and finance go hand-in-hand -- when Drummond finds himself falling for an attractive local television aerobics instructor that his company is attempting to turn into an international success. Veteran Broadway and television actress Dixie Carter is introduced in the role of fitness instructor Maggie McKinney.
Director: Martin Cohan, Blake Hunter, Howard Leeds, Gerren Keith
Writer: Mark Miller, Martin Cohan, Blake Hunter, Howard Leeds, Howard Meyers
Guest starring: Dixie Carter, Pamela Newman, Eric Lantis

Episode 14: The Hitchhikers (1) (a.k.a.) Hitchhiking (1)

30 min Jan 28, 1984
Kimberly and Arnold break a long-standing family rule and face death when, on their return from a shopping trip, they find themselves short of cash and decide to hitch a ride home rather than call home for assistance.
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Glenn Padnick, Sydney Julien
Guest starring: Woody Eney

Episode 15: The Hitchhikers (2) (a.k.a.) Hitchhiking (2)

30 min Feb 04, 1984
Hitchhiking leads to kidnapping for Arnold and Kimberly, but Arnold escapes and he is so disoriented he is unable to remember the location of the kidnapper's apartment so that the police can rescue Kimberly who's till being held captive.
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Glenn Padnick, Sydney Julien
Guest starring: Don Dolan, Florence Halop, Shashawnee Hall, Leonard Bremen, Woody Eney

Episode 16: Hooray for Hollywood (1)

30 min Feb 11, 1984
Upset over Maggie breaking off their relationship, Drummond chases her to Hollywood to win back her heart, but while he woos Maggie, Arnold and Dudley sneak away from a studio tour to find the star of Knight Rider and wind up in a life threatening situation.
Director: Leslie H. Martinson, Gerren Keith
Writer: Martin Cohan, Blake Hunter, Howard Leeds
Guest starring: John Mansfield, Frank Richards, Jim Hurts, David Anthony, Starwill Reed, Johnny Silver, Robin LaValley, Myles O'Brien, David Hasselhoff

Episode 17: Hooray for Hollywood (2)

30 min Feb 18, 1984
Arnold's joy over being saved from an explosion by ""Knight Rider's"" David Hasselhoff quickly turns to dismay when he learns his father is getting married and a little brother comes along with the package.
Director: Leslie H. Martinson, Martin Cohan, Blake Hunter, Howard Leeds, Gerren Keith
Writer: Martin Cohan, Blake Hunter, Howard Leeds, Bruce Taylor
Guest starring: Howard Stevens, John Mansfield, Frank Richards, Bobby Herbeck, Steve Brady, David Hasselhoff

Episode 18: The Wedding (1)

30 min Feb 25, 1984
Maggie's reaction to a proposed pre-nuptial agreement threatens to hamper Phillip's happiness -- but could eliminate Arnold's fear about ""inheriting"" a strict new mother and a pesky little brother.
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Mark Miller, Howard Meyers
Guest starring: Carol Bruce, Joe Ross

Episode 19: The Wedding (2)

30 min Feb 25, 1984
Their family and friends assembled, Phillip and Maggie meet at the altar, only to realize each has made a major mistake, in the concluding part of a special two-part story. Charlotte Rae, Dody Goodman, Janet Jackson and Nedra Volz, each of who had appeared in recurring roles on ""Diff'rent Strokes,"" return as their original characters for the Drummond nuptials.
Director: Gerren Keith, Ifa Baeza
Writer: Dawn Aldredge, Ifa Baeza, Judith Bustany
Guest starring: Patrick Cranshaw, Charlotte Rae, Pamela Newman

Episode 20: The Honeymoon's Over

30 min Mar 03, 1984
Arnold and Pearl fall into a depression when Maggie and Phillip return from their honeymoon with a temporary eviction notice for Pearl, and orders for Arnold to babysit for his ""tag-along"" little brother Sam instead of going to a party.
Director: Martin Cohan, Blake Hunter, Howard Leeds, Gerren Keith
Writer: Martin Cohan, Blake Hunter, Howard Leeds, Robert Jayson, A. Dudley Johnson Jr.
Guest starring: Andre Fox

Episode 21: The Bar Mitzvah Boy

30 min Mar 17, 1984
In a quest for religion started by Maggie and his father, Arnold thinks he has found it after attending an impressive bar mitzvah where his friend ""Becomes a man"" at age 13.
Director: Linda Day
Writer: Martin Cohan
Guest starring: John Hancock, Robbie Preston Williams, Leona Baxter, Margaret Jenkins, Jozella Reed, Cynthia Wakefield, Milton Berle

Episode 22: Kathy's Olympics

30 min Mar 24, 1984
The money for the National Wheelchair Games that Arnold's class has raised and entrusted to him is missing--leaving Arnold embarrassed and his family ""in the dumps.""
Director: Ellen Gittelsohn, Ellen Falcon
Writer: Bobby Herbeck
Guest starring: Melanie Watson

Episode 23: The Houseguest

30 min May 05, 1984
Willis and Charlene's budding young love begins to wilt when she moves in as a temporary houseguest at the Drummond's. Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson's younger sister, returns in her role as Willis' girl friend Charlene.
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Bruce Taylor
Guest starring: Renée Jones, Calvin Mason

Episode 24: The Boyfriend

30 min May 12, 1984
Blinded by love, Kimberly takes an enormous and deceptive risk when she talks her father into allowing her to move into an apartment, allegedly with her girl friend.
Director: Martin Cohan, Blake Hunter, Howard Leeds, Gerren Keith
Writer: Mark Miller, Martin Cohan, Blake Hunter, Howard Leeds, Howard Meyers, Ifa Baeza, Bruce Taylor
Guest starring: Bob Dubac, Dana Kimmell


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