Dinner: Season 1


Drama, Thriller
IMDb 7.6


Eguchi Yosuke Ezaki Motomu
Kurashina Kana Tatsumi Saori
Matsushige Yutaka Imai Kosuke


Everyone has secrets or dreams they can't tell anyone else. Nevertheless, we work and live everyday like any other day. Ezaki Motomu is no exception, a chef whose skills prove as top class, but whose personality is sometimes problematic to those around him. As the culinary master the most important equation to him is "Ingredient x Cooking method = Taste". No less, no more. He believes that things like relationship, love, and tradition are without substance and therefore completely unnecessary. However, it was not long before Ezaki was one day appointed to be a chief chef at a famous Italian restaurant.


Episode 1: The worst chef comes to the best restaurant

1 min Jan 13, 2013

Episode 2: The chef that has lost his place

1 min Jan 20, 2013

Episode 3: The gourmet queen pays a visit! The unpleasant order

1 min Jan 27, 2013

Episode 4: Please let it reach you! The feelings that went into the making of the pasta

1 min Feb 03, 2013

Episode 5: The flying octopus and the small miracle

1 min Feb 10, 2013

Episode 6: First, the appetizer

1 min Feb 17, 2013

Episode 7: The "Last Supper" for the dishwasher

1 min Feb 24, 2013

Episode 8: The worst nemesis who called it disgusting!

1 min Mar 03, 2013

Episode 9: Oh, God! The head chef isn't here

1 min Mar 10, 2013

Episode 10: We're losing the restaurant!? The decision

1 min Mar 17, 2013

Episode 11: The final flavor

1 min Mar 24, 2013


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
031398268208 1 2017-08-08