Universal Studios (2006)
Drama, Adventure, Western, Action
USA | English | Color | 1h 39min

Quebec Bill Bohomme is a hardy schemer and dreamer, who, desperate to raise money to preserve his endangered herd through the rapidly approaching winter, resorts to whiskey-smuggling, a traditional family occupation. Quebec Bill takes his son, Wild Bill, on the journey. Also Henry Coville, an inscrutable whiskey smuggler, and Rat Kinneson, Quebec Bill's perpetually disconsolate ex-con hired man. Together, they cross the border into vast reaches of Canadian wilderness for an unforgettable four days "full of terror, full of wonder."

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Kris Kristofferson Quebec Bill Bonhomme
Charlie McDermott Wild Bill Bonhomme
Gary Farmer Herny Coville
William Sanderson Rat Kinneson
Geneviève Bujold Cordelia
Lothaire Bluteau Carcajou
Heather Rae Evangeline Bonhomme
Bill Raymond Compton
Luis Guzman Brother St. Hilaire
John Griesemer Brother St. Paul
Christy Scott Cashman Yellow Rose
Rusty De Wees Frog Lamundy
Steve Small Origene LaChance
Josh Pellerin Andre LaChance
Munson Hicks Sheriff

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Director Jay Craven
Writer Jay Craven, Howard Frank Mosher
Producer Jay Craven, Mark Donadio, Miriam Marcus, Stacey Babb, Hathalee Higgs, Lauren Moye
Photography Wolfgang Held
Musician Jeff Claus, Judy Hyman


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
889290879196 Blu-ray Disc
817999010565 Blu-ray Disc
025195011518 DVD 1 Jul 03, 2007 Triple Feature
096009483340 DVD 1 Mar 20, 2018
096009454043 DVD 1 Jul 04, 2017
7046689003652 DVD 2 Apr 15, 2009
9316797435200 DVD 4 May 14, 2008
7890552087184 DVD
7046683005157 DVD
096009491543 DVD