Disorganized Crime

Buena Vista (1989)
Comedy, Thriller, Action
USA | English | Color | 1h 41min

Lou Diamond Phillips and Fred Gwynne team up with a gang of professional criminals who have everything it takes to rob a bank. The only things they do have going for them are a cop and his partner, who are dumber than they are! By the time the gang hits the bank vault, it's a safe bet there's going to be organized insanity and disorganized crime!

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Dean Norris Deputy Joe
Ed O'Neill George Denver
Lou Diamond Phillips Ray Forgy
Daniel Roebuck Bill Lonigan
Corbin Bernsen Frank Salazar
William Russ Nick Bartkowski
Rubén Blades Carlos Barrios
Hoyt Axton Sheriff Henault
Fred Gwynne Max Green
David Hart Proprietor
Dena Dietrich Judge D. Greenwalt
Mitch Carter Deputy Larry
Noah Keen Farmer
Lou Diamond Phillips Ray Forgy
Cliff Buhler Farmer in Bank
Marie Butler Wanda Brem
Robert Feldmann Dispatcher
Tom Schellenberg Deputy Jim
Jeff Duus Stock Truck Driver

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Director Jim Kouf
M. James Kouf Jr.
Writer Jim Kouf
Producer John Badham, Jim Kouf, Lynn Bigelow
Photography Ronald Víctor García
Musician David Newman


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683904630384 Blu-ray Disc 1 Oct 11, 2011
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683904630797 Blu-ray Disc
786936188158 DVD 1 Sep 03, 2002
683904522528 DVD 1 May 10, 2011
738329228132 DVD 1 Jun 26, 2018
5017188810869 DVD 2 Jul 05, 2004
9398520951034 DVD 4
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