Doctor Who: Season 10

BBC (2017)

Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Science Fiction, Action
UK / English / 540 mins
IMDb 8.8

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Peter Capaldi 12 (Twelfth Doctor)
Matt Smith 11 (Eleventh Doctor)
David Tennant 10 (Tenth Doctor)
John Simm The Master
Christopher Eccleston 9 (Ninth Doctor)
Jemma Redgrave Kate Stewart
Bernard Cribbins Wilfred Mott
Alex Kingston River Song
Matt Lucas Nardole
Neve McIntosh Madame Vastra
Michelle Gomez Missy
John Barrowman Jack Harkness
Camille Coduri Jackie Tyler
Noel Clarke Mickey Smith
Billie Piper Rose Tyler
Samuel Anderson Danny Pink
Jodie Whittaker Thirteenth Doctor
Catherine Tate Donna Noble
Freema Agyeman Martha Jones
Karen Gillan Amy Pond
Dan Starkey Strax
Arthur Darvill Rory Williams
Catrin Stewart Jenny Flint
Maisie Williams Ashildr
Ingrid Oliver Petronella Osgood
Jenna Coleman Clara Oswald
Pearl Mackie Bill Potts

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Bill Anderson
Charles Palmer
Daniel Nettheim
Lawrence Gough
Writer Frank Cottrell Boyce, Steven Moffat, Jamie Mathieson, Sarah Dollard, Mike Bartlett
Producer Peter Bennett, Nikki Wilson


The Doctor is an alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels through all of time and space in his TARDIS. He has a long list of friends and companions who have shared journeys with him. Instead of dying, the Doctor is able to “regenerate” into a new body, taking on a new personality with each regeneration. Twelve actors, plus John Hurt, have played The Doctor thus far.


Episode 1: The Pilot

45 min Apr 15, 2017
A chance encounter with a girl with a star in her eye leads to a terrifying chase across time and space. Bill’s mind is opened to a Universe that is bigger and more exciting than she could possibly have imagined - but who is the Doctor, and what is his secret mission with Nardole on Earth?
Director: Lawrence Gough
Writer: Steven Moffat
Guest starring: Matt Lucas, Stephanie Hyam, Robert Penny

Episode 2: Smile

45 min Apr 22, 2017
In the far future, at the edge of the galaxy, there is a gleaming, perfect city. This brand new human settlement is said to hold the secret of human happiness - but the only smiles the Doctor and Bill can find are on a pile of grinning skulls. Something is alive in the walls, and the emojibots are watching from the shadows, as the Doctor and Bill trying to unravel a terrifying mystery...
Director: Lawrence Gough
Writer: Frank Cottrell Boyce

Episode 3: Thin Ice

45 min Apr 29, 2017
The Doctor and Bill visit London during the last of the River Thames frost fairs in February 1814. They soon discover that there is something under the ice which is causing people to disappear.
Director: Bill Anderson
Writer: Sarah Dollard

Episode 4: Knock Knock

45 min May 06, 2017
Bill is moving in with some friends and they’ve found the perfect house – so what if it’s strangely cheap to rent, and the landlord is a little creepy? The wind blows, the floorboards creak, and the Doctor thinks something is very wrong. What lurks in the strange tower at the heart of the building – and why can’t they find any way to enter it?
Director: Bill Anderson
Writer: Mike Bartlett

Episode 5: Oxygen

45 min May 13, 2017
The Doctor, Bill and Nardole answer a distress call in deep space, and find themselves trapped on board space station Chasm Forge. All but four of the crew have been murdered – and the dead are still walking! In a future where oxygen is sold by the breath, and space suits are valued more highly than their occupants, the TARDIS crew battle for survival against the darkest evil of all…
Director: Charles Palmer
Writer: Jamie Mathieson

Episode 6: Extremis

45 min May 20, 2017
In the Haereticum – the Vatican’s secret library of blasphemy – there is an ancient book known only as The Veritas. Throughout history, anyone who has ever read it has immediately taken their own life. Now a new translation is online, and the danger is spreading. The Vatican appeals to the Doctor. Will he read The Veritas? But can even the Doctor survive the ultimate truth?
Director: Daniel Nettheim
Writer: Steven Moffat

Episode 7: The Pyramid at the End of the World

45 min May 27, 2017
An 'ancient' pyramid appears overnight. Every clock in the world begins counting down to the Earth's destruction. Three opposing armies lie ready to annihilate each other. An alien race stands ready to offer humanity a deal that could save them, but enslave them. It is a terrifying race against time to save the world. Will the Doctor be forced to accept their help?
Director: Daniel Nettheim
Writer: Steven Moffat, Peter Harness

Episode 8: The Lie of the Land

45 min Jun 03, 2017
Earth has been invaded and Bill is living alone, an isolated figure surviving in occupied Britain. The Doctor is imprisoned and appears to be on the side of the enemy, flooding the airwaves with fake news. Bill and Nardole must embark on a deadly mission to rescue the Doctor and lead the resistance against the new regime, whatever the cost.
Director: Wayne Yip
Writer: Toby Whithouse

Episode 9: Empress of Mars

45 min Jun 10, 2017
The Doctor, Bill and Nardole arrive on Mars and find themselves in an impossible conflict between Ice Warriors… and Victorian soldiers. As the Martian hive awakes around them, the Doctor faces a unique dilemma – this time the humans, not the Ice Warriors are the invaders. When Earth is invading Mars, whose side is he on?
Director: Wayne Yip
Writer: Mark Gatiss

Episode 10: The Eaters of Light

45 min Jun 17, 2017
A long time ago, the ninth legion of the Roman army vanished into the mists of Scotland. Bill has a theory about what happened, and the Doctor has a time machine. But when they arrive in ancient Aberdeenshire, what they find is a far greater threat than any army. In a cairn, on a hillside, is a doorway leading to the end of the world…
Director: Charles Palmer
Writer: Rona Munro

Episode 11: World Enough and Time

45 min Jun 24, 2017
Friendship drives the Doctor into the rashest decision of his life. Trapped on a giant spaceship, caught in the event horizon of a black hole, he witnesses the death of someone he is pledged to protect. Is there any way he can redeem his mistake? Are events already out of control? For once, time is the Time Lord’s enemy...
Director: Rachel Talalay
Writer: Steven Moffat
Guest starring: Michelle Gomez, John Simm

Episode 12: The Doctor Falls

45 min Jul 01, 2017
“Without hope, without witness, without reward.” The Mondasian Cybermen are on the rise. It’s time for the Doctor’s final battle…
Director: Rachel Talalay
Writer: Steven Moffat
Guest starring: Michelle Gomez, John Simm

Episode 13: 2017 Christmas Special

45 min Dec 25, 2017
Director: Rachel Talalay, Rachel Talala
Writer: Steven Moffat
Guest starring: David Bradley Jenna Coleman


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9398700001948 Free 2017-05-31 2 Disc Blu-Ray
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