Doctor Who: Shada

BBC (1992)
Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Family, Science Fiction, Mystery, Action, Children
UK | English | Color | 2h 18min

The Doctor, Romana, and K-9 receive a message from an old friend - a retired Time Lord living as a college professor in Cambridge. He's misplaced an ancient Gallifreyan artifact that could unlock the dark secrets of Shada - lost prison planet of the Time Lords - and unless they find it before the crazed scientist Skagra, every sentient being in the universe is doomed.

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Tom Baker The Doctor / Narrator
Lalla Ward Romana
Christopher Neame Skagra
Denis Carey Professor Chronotis
Daniel Hill Chris Parsons
Victoria Burgoyne Clare Keightley
David Brierly K9
Gerald Campion Porter
Shirley Dixon Voice of Skagra's Ship
James Coombes Voice of Krargs

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Director Pennant Roberts
Writer Douglas Adams
Producer John Nathan-Turner, Graham Williams


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5051561004131 Blu-ray Disc Free
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9397812334586 Blu-ray Disc B Jan 10, 2018
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883929282241 DVD 1 Jan 08, 2013 Standard Edition
9397810247093 DVD 1
883929607747 DVD 1 Jan 09, 2018
5051561033889 DVD 2 The Legacy Collection
9398700032300 DVD 4 Jan 10, 2018
086162573033 VHS Aug 24, 1994
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