Doctor who Who: The Collection - Season 19

BBC (1982)
Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Adventure, Family, Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Mystery
UK | English | Color | 10h 40min

This collection contains:
- Doctor Who: Castrovalva (1982)
- Doctor Who: Four to Doomsday (1982)
- Doctor Who: Kinda (1986)
- Doctor Who: The Visitation (1982)
- Doctor Who: Black Orchid (1982)
- Doctor Who: Earthshock (1982)
- Doctor Who: Time-Flight (1982)


Peter Davison The Fifth Doctor
Janet Fielding Tegan Jovanka
Sarah Sutton Nyssa
Matthew Waterhouse Adric

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Director Peter Grimwade
Writer Christopher Bailey
Producer John Nathan-Turner
Musician Ron Grainer, Peter Howell


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
9398700002020 Blu-ray Disc Free Jan 23, 2019 8 Disc Set