Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist

Warner Bros. (2005)
Drama, Horror, Thriller
USA | English | Color | 1h 57min

Haunted by terrible acts the Nazis forced him to participate in, the disenchanted Father Lankester Merrin focuses his energies on helping with an archaeological dig in the northern part of Kenya. There, the crew uncovers a church that predates Christian missions into the area, but the discovery also causes strange events to start occurring -- including physical changes to a young, disabled boy, whom Merrin grows to suspect has been possessed by a demon.

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Gabriel Mann Father Francis
Stellan Skarsgård Father Lankester Merrin
Ralph Brown Sergeant Major
Julian Wadham Major Granville
Clara Bellar Rachel Lesno
Antonie Kamerling Kessel
Andrew French Chuma
Billy Crawford Cheche
Israel Aduramo Jomo
Eddie Osei Emekwi
Ilario Bisi-Pedro Sebituana
Burt Caesar Dr. Lamu
Niall Refoy Corporal (Thief)
Lorenzo Camporese Private (Thief)
Marcello Santoni Dutch Farmer

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Director Paul Schrader
Writer William Wisher Jr., William Peter Blatty, Caleb Carr
Producer James G. Robinson, Wayne Morris, Guy McElwaine
Photography Vittorio Storaro
Musician Trevor Rabin, Angelo Badalamenti, Dog Fashion Disco


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
012569736061 DVD 1, 3 Oct 25, 2005
012569736078 DVD 1 Oct 25, 2005
9781419817434 DVD 1 Oct 25, 2005
043396509627 DVD 1 Jun 06, 2017
7321900692625 DVD 2 Oct 18, 2005
8715664033173 DVD 2 Mar 18, 2006
8715664046968 DVD 2 2005
8715664024560 DVD 2
7321921692628 DVD
8715664024577 DVD
7321923692626 DVD
44070891473322 DVD
7321926692623 DVD
8715664037324 DVD