Due South: Season 3

Alliance Atlantis (1997)

Comedy, Adventure, Crime, Action
USA / English / 60 mins
IMDb 8.2
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Paul Gross Constable Benton Fraser
Paul Gross Benton Fraser
Callum Keith Rennie Det. Stanley Raymond Kowalski
David Marciano Ray Vecchio
Beau Starr Harding Welsh
Callum Keith Rennie Stanley Kowalski
Leslie Nielsen Buck Frobisher
Tom Melissis
Beau Starr
Gordon Pinsent
Ramona Milano Francesca Vecchio
Ramona Milano
Tony Craig
Tony Craig Jack Huey
Dean McDermott Constable Turnbull
Gordon Pinsent Robert Fraser
Tom Melissis Thomas E. Dewey
Camilla Scott Margaret Thatcher
Callum Keith Rennie Det. Stanley Raymond Kowalski
David Marciano Det. Ray Vecchio


George Bloomfield
Jim Kaufman
Steve Dimarco
Francis Damberger
Writer Paul Gross, R.B. Carney
Producer George Bloomfield, Paul Gross


Benton Fraser comes to Chicago in an attempt to find out who killed his father. After solving the murder, he decides to stick around and work for the local Canadian consulate. He has made friends with a local detective, Ray Vecchio, whose sister, Francesca, has a major crush on him. Although Vecchio is often confused by Benton's strange way of doing things and Benton is often confused by how things are done south of the border, the two get along famously.


Episode 1: Burning Down The House

60 min 1997-09-14
Fraser returns from vacation to a blazing apartment and a new partner, Stanley Ray Kowalski. After trashing half of Canada in pursuit of a felonious litterer, Fraser is contacted by Ray, who says he can't pick the Mountie up when he arrives back in Chicago. When Fraser gets home, he finds his apartment building gone: all that remains is a pile of blackened rubble, the result of a 'performance arsonist.' Worse yet, when he arrives at the precinct, he finds a stranger masquerading as Ray Vecchio and, curiously, no one seems to realize this except Fraser. Fraser decides to go along with this ruse, all the while utilizing a variety of detection techniques (fingerprints, dental imprints, etc.) as he tries to unravel who the mysterious person is who now answers to the name Ray Vecchio. Along the way, Ray's house is torched (Fraser rescues both Frannie and her perpetually unemployed brother-in-law, Tony, but the goldfish befalls a foul fate when Diefenbaker eats him). Fraser finds more eviden
Director: George Bloomfield
Writer: Paul Gross

Episode 2: Eclipse

60 min 1997-09-21
Kowalski stakes out a crypt to face his nemesis; Internal Affairs investigates Vecchio.
Director: Richard J. Lewis
Writer: John Krizanc

Episode 3: I Coulda Been A Defendant

60 min 1997-09-28
Fraser and Kowalski try to reward a reluctant hero but blow his protected-witness cover.
Director: Jimmy Kaufman
Writer: Jeff F. King

Episode 4: Strange Bedfellows

60 min 1997-10-05
The team guards a council candidate courting Kowalski's ex-wife, Stella.
Director: George Bloomfield
Writer: R.B. Carney

Episode 5: Seeing Is Believing

60 min 1997-10-12
Thatcher, Kowalski, and Welsh all see a murder at a local mall, and the daughter of a wealthy man is implicated in the killing. It takes a lot of fancy footwork on Fraser's part to prove the identity of the real killer.
Director: Steve Dimarco
Writer: Michael Teversham

Episode 6: Bounty Hunter

60 min 1997-10-19
A pretty bounty hunter with a big gun and three kids charms Fraser into helping her.
Director: Steve Dimarco
Writer: George F. Walker

Episode 7: Mountie & Soul

60 min 1997-10-26
A neighborhood could turn into a battlefield after a gang member dies in a boxing match.
Director: Steve Dimarco
Writer: R.B. Carney

Episode 8: Spy VS. Spy

60 min 1997-11-02
Fraser's elderly chess partner claims he is a deep-cover secret agent waiting to be activated.
Director: Paul Lynch
Writer: David Cole

Episode 9: Asylum

60 min 1997-11-16
Kowalski is framed for the murder of a crime boss. Fraser protects him by letting him stay at the consulate which is official Canadian territory. While Ray and Turnbull are stuck at the consulate, Fraser tries to find the real killer.
Writer: Paul Quarrington

Episode 10: Perfect Strangers

60 min 1997-11-30
Fraser must find a flight attendant's killer before her father does.
Director: Francis Damberger
Writer: David Cole

Episode 11: Dead Guy Running

60 min 1998-01-04
Ray finds a corpse hidden in the interrogation room wall.

Episode 12: Mountie on the Bounty (1)

60 min 1998-03-15
The case of a murdered sailor, $100 million in gold bullion and a ghost ship in the Great Lakes Triangle tests feuding Fraser and Kowalski.
Director: George Bloomfield, John Krizanc
Writer: Paul Gross, R.B. Carney

Episode 13: Mountie on the Bounty (2)

60 min 1998-03-22
The case of a murdered sailor, $100 million in gold bullion and a ghost ship in the Great Lakes Triangle tests feuding Fraser and Kowalski.
Director: George Bloomfield, John Krizanc
Writer: Paul Gross, R.B. Carney


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