El último traje

Strand (2017)
Drama, Foreign
Argentina | Spanish | Color | 1h 28min

Cranky, crafty and always immaculately dressed, aged master tailor Abraham Bursztein finds himself facing his winter years in a retirement home after discovering his children have sold his home out from under him. Not one to go quietly, Abraham unexpectedly travels to Poland in order to deliver a suit to a childhood friend who saved his life during the Nazi occupation.

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Miguel Ángel Solá Abraham Bursztein
Ángela Molina María
Martin Piroyansky Leo
Natalia Verbeke Claudia
Julia Beerhold Ingrid
Olga Boladz Gosia
Jan Mayzel Piotrek
Maarten Dannenberg Jochen
Roksana Nievadis Mujer Polaca
Markus Oberhauser German officer
Cristóbal Pinto Migración

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Director Pablo Solarz
Writer Pablo Solarz
Producer Gerardo Herrero, Antonio Saura, Juan Vera, Juan Lovece, Vanessa Ragone, Antonin Dedet, Mariela Besuievsky, Juan Pablo Galli, Julia Di Veroli, Flor Colombatti
Photography Juan Carlos Gómez
Musician Federico Jusid


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712267381722 DVD 1 Jan 15, 2019
19132901419 DVD