El Séptimo Día

Olive Films (2004)
Spain | Spanish | Color | 1h 43min

Isabel Jimenez is a teenager witnessing a horrible feud between her own family and the Fuentes family, a fued involving broken hearts, property disputes and a mysterious fire that destroyed the Fuentes house. Isabel's uncle is murdered by Jeronimo Fuentes, who later tries to stab her father. After Jeronimo dies in jail, Isabel must look outside of her family for the truth, learning from the village idiot that her father may have set fire to the Fuentes home.

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Juan Diego Antonio Fuentes
José Luis Gómez Emilio Fuentes
José Garcia José Jimenez
Victoria Abril Luciana Fuentes
Yohana Cobo Isabel Jimenez
Eulalia Ramon Carmen Jimenez
Ramon Fontserè Jerónimo Fuentes
Carlos Hipólito El Tonto
Oriol Vila Chino
Ana Wagener Ángela
Juan Sanz Amadeo
Elia Galera Clara
Carlos Kaniowsky Raúl
Antonio de la Torre Cabo
Joaquín Notario Sargento
Irene Escolar Antonia Jimenez
Alejandra Lozano Encarnación Jimenez
Lilla Annechino Luciana Fuentes
Lola Baldrich Herself
Mariví Bilbao Graciela
David Castillo Niño incendio
Cristina de Inza
Emilio Gavira Hombre pequeñito
Juli Mira Comprador
Mariano Peña Psiquiatra

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Director Carlos Saura
Writer Ray Loriga
Producer Andres Vicente Gomez, Pierre-Richard Muller, Marco Gómez


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887090142113 Blu-ray Disc 1 Nov 06, 2018
887090142014 DVD 1 Nov 06, 2018
732192697095 DVD 1
7321926970912 DVD 2 Sep 28, 2004
9789058492791 DVD 2
7898909818634 DVD 4
7506036005444 DVD