Electric Apricot

National Lampoon Films (2006)

USA / English / 91 mins
IMDb 7.1

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Dian Bachar Stacey Holmes
Arj Barker The Cube
Lawrence Brooke Narrator
Steve Claypool Lapland Miclovich
Oz Fritz Oz George
Adam Gates Steve Trouzdale
Mike Gordon Himself
Seth Green Jonah
Fred Heim Officer McFlounce
Sirena Irwin The Photographer
Brian Kehoe Steve Gordon
Brian Kite Dr. Brian Lefkowitz
Jonathan Korty Herschel Tambor Brilstein

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Les Claypool
Writer Les Claypool
Producer Jason McHugh, David Lefkowitz, Matthew J. Powers


Electric Apricot is a spoof of jam bands centered around the band, Electric Apricot, in the style of "This Is Spinal Tap"


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829567049020 1 2008-05-13
790357170203 1 2017-07-11