Elevator to the Gallows

Criterion Collection (1957)
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Film Noir, Foreign
France | French | Black/White | 1h 32min

The feature-film debut of famed director Louis Malle is an interesting, modern film noir with the classic theme of lovers plotting to kill the husband and make it look like suicide (reminiscent of The Postman Always Rings Twice). Jeanne Moreau gives an astonishing performance, perverse but naive as she leads her young lover down a path that can only lead to doom for both of them.

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Jeanne Moreau Florence Carala
Jean Wall Simon Carala
Yori Bertin Veronique
Maurice Ronet Julien Tavernier
Georges Poujouly Louis
Elga Andersen Madame Bencker
Sylviane Aisenstein Secretary
Micheline Bona Genevieve
Gisèle Grandpré
Jacqueline Staup Anna
Marcel Cuvelier
Gérard Darrieu Maurice
Charles Denner Inspector Cherier's assistant
Hubert Deschamps Attorny of State
Jacques Hilling Garage owner
Marcel Journet
François Joux
Iván Petrovich Horst Bencker
Felix Marten Subervie
Lino Ventura Inspector Cherier
Jean-Claude Brialy Chess player at motel
Pierre Devilder Petit rôle

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Director Louis Malle
Writer Louis Malle, Noël Calef
Producer Jean Thuillier
Photography Henri Decaë
Musician Miles Davis


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