Emergency!: Season 2

Universal (1972)
Drama, Adventure, Action
USA | English | Color | 7h 47min

Emergency!is a reality-based show that takes a good look at what goes on in the daily lives of the fire department and hospital work, and everyday life-and-happenings. The show was based on the paramedic program that started in Los Angeles, California in 1969. Senator Alan Cranston actually praised the show for informing the public about the value of funding such programs!

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Kevin Tighe Paramedic Roy DeSoto
Bobby Troup Dr. Joe Early
Robert Fuller Dr. Kelly Brackett
Randolph Mantooth Paramedic John Gage
Julie London Dixie McCall / R.N.
Marco López Fireman Marco Lopez
Tim Donnelly Fireman Chet Kelly
Mike Stoker Fireman Mike Stoker
Michael Norell Captain Hank Stanley
Harold 'Hal' Frizzell Orderly
Scott Gourlay Ambulance Attendant
Vince Howard 1st Officer
Ron Pinkard Dr. Mike Morton
Lillian Lehman Carol Williams
Angelo De Meo Ambulance Attendant
Barbara M. Benson Nurse Gail
Deidre Hall Nurse Sally Lewis
Craig Chudy Police Officer #1
Boot Boot - Station Mascot
Bob Harks Inhalation Therapist
Don Pulford Police Officer at Powderhorn Ranch
Frank Maxwell Captain Carter
Thomas Rosales Jr. Orderly
Bruce Kirby Jr. Ken
J. Pat O'Malley Grandpaw Ryerson

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Director Lawrence Dobkin
Christian Nyby
Dennis Donnelly
Christian I. Nyby II
Georg Fenady
Sam Freedle
Writer Michael Donovan, Jim Page, Preston Wood, Dick Morgan, Harold Jack Bloom, Herbert Purdom, Daryl Henry, Robert A. Cinader, Kenneth Dorward
Producer William Stark, Robert A. Cinader
Photography William Margulies
Musician Nelson Riddle

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1 Decision a.k.a. Problem 60 min | Sep 15, 1972

Roy and John rescue a man whose engine has fallen on him during his car repair work. When their two-way radio is broken, Roy treats the man without proper medical supervision, causing the man's doctor to attack the paramedic program. Also: a bull gores a motorcyclist, a doctor on a consult at the hospital dies of a heart attack, Roy rescues a child from a house fire.

Director: Christian Nyby
Writer: Preston Wood
Guest stars: Jack Dodson
2 Kids 60 min | Sep 22, 1972

The station adopts a stray dog, which they name Boot. The firemen rescue a boy from a hole; he turns out to be an abused child. Roy and John rescue another boy whose head is stuck in a basement window. Dr. Early extracts a child's arm from a steering wheel. At a brush fire, Boot helps locate an injured hiker, then leaves with a hook and ladder truck.

Director: Georg Fenady
Guest stars: Christian Juttner
3 Show Biz 60 min | Sep 29, 1972

A photo shoot at the station gets John excited. A country doctor helps Roy and John when they can't reach Rampart on a call. The paramedics rescue a man drowning in a swimming pool and two stuntmen trapped on a waterfall at a movie studio.

Director: Sam C. Freedle
Writer: Daryl Henry
4 Virus 60 min | Oct 06, 1972

A sick lady with a monkey provides the key to a mysterious, highly contagious, and deadly virus that strikes both Dr. Brackett and John. Meanwhile, the firemen rescue a boy from a treehouse and a man from a scaffold.

Director: Lawrence Dobkin
Writer: Daryl Henry
Guest stars: Dennis Patrick
5 Peace Pipe 60 min | Oct 13, 1972

A drunk driver rams a parked car, trapping a child inside. Chet pesters John about his Native American heritage. A kid gets his finger stuck in a gumball machine. A woman's new girdle causes breathing difficulties. A worker's error leads to fuel being mixed with the water supply, causing explosive results. A sniper makes a scaffold rescue dangerous.

Director: Christian Nyby
Writer: Michael Donovan
6 Saddled 60 min | Oct 20, 1972

Dixie injures her toe. John decides he can make a lot of money by riding in rodeos. The squad goes to a hole-in-the-wall restaurant when a soda bottle explodes in a girl's face; later, they return for a gas explosion. After falling from a tree, a young boy lapses into a coma. The firemen rescue several children and a nun from a bus crash.

Director: George Fenady
Writer: Herb Purdum
Guest stars: Deidre Hall, Ronne Troup, Elizabeth Baur
7 Fuzz Lady 60 min | Nov 04, 1972

John falls for a lady deputy when called to treat a mugger. Items are stolen from Rampart. The firemen rescue an elderly man from a house fire. Boot returns to Station 51. A grandfather is injured by a model rocket. The paramedics rescue a boat thief trapped on a crane.

Director: Christian I. Nyby, II
Writer: Michael Donovan
Guest stars: Meg Wyllie, Sharon Gless
8 Trainee 60 min | Nov 11, 1972

A former Vietnam medic is now a paramedic trainee and constantly thinks he knows more than the doctors at Rampart. Roy, John, and the trainee interrupt a purse-snatching, rescue a man who fell down a cliff, help a woman overdosed on prescription drugs, and save a man with an insulin reaction.

Director: Dennis Donnelly
Writer: Jim Owens
Guest stars: Jackie Coogan
9 Women 60 min | Nov 25, 1972

A woman journalist covers the Squad's rescues. A man trapped is in a truck under live power lines. Doctors treat a boy poisoned by wild hemlock and a girl addicted to drugs. The paramedics rescue a man trapped in a sofabed, a man wihose arm is stuck in a garbage disposal, and a man trapped in a bombed building.

Director: Georg Fenady, George Fenady
Writer: Daryl Henry
Guest stars: Leslie Charleson, Dick Van Patten
10 Dinner Date 60 min | Dec 02, 1972

A woman almost hits a kid on a bike, who starts choking; she later has an epileptic fit. A man is shot by his father-in-law when he learns his daughter is married and pregnant. Roy tries to set John up with his wife's cousin. Three drug addicts are treated in the hospital: a woman with a gangrenous hand, a poison victim and a man showing signs of tetanus. In the field: an alcoholic, an obese man with a pacemaker, and a child whose arm is caught in a swimming pool drain.

Director: Dennis Donnelly
Writer: Dick Morgan
Guest stars: Deidre Hall, Melissa Gilbert
11 Musical Mania 60 min | Dec 09, 1972

After Chet cracks a joke about John playing the Squad horn, John takes up the bagpipes, trombone, and guitar. Paramedics help a gardener suffering from tetanus. The father of a boy suffering from lead poisoning is reluctant to have it treated. The firemen rescue the driver of an ice cream truck. A schoolgirl dies from an overdose. A glider pilot crash lands. A man working under his house is trapped.

Director: Christian I. Nyby, II
Writer: Kenneth Dorward
Guest stars: Katherine MacGregor, Kathleen Lloyd
12 Helpful 60 min | Dec 16, 1972

Roy has an argument with his wife and Johnny tries to help. The firemen rescue a man from precarious auto wreck. A brilliant doctor's erratic behavior causes concern at the hospital. Doctors diagnose a woman's heart condition. Paramedics rescue a dog from a roof and two children lost in a rapidly flooding storm drain.

Director: Lawrence Dobkin
Writer: Preston Wood
Guest stars: Melissa Gilbert, Abigail Shelton
13 Drivers 60 min | Jan 06, 1973

John gets bugged by other people's bad driving habits. A college quarterback experiences back pain. Roy and John's former paramedic instructor dies, while Roy and John themselves teach a CPR class. A boy gets stuck inside a tree. A structure fire at a hotel is complicated by a cardiac victim on the third floor.

Director: Samuel Freedle
Writer: Jim Owens
14 School Days 60 min | Jan 13, 1973

A new trainee appears to be lacking in confidence; a bookcase falls on an elderly gentleman searching for a book; a baseball player is injured; an ambulance is hit by a car; a boy's chemistry set explodes in his face; students play a practical joke on a sleeping man; a man is injured at a junkyard.

Director: Christian Nyby
Writer: Kenneth Dorward
Guest stars: Michael-James Wixted
15 The Professor 60 min | Feb 03, 1973

A man shows signs of schizophrenia for no apparent reason and the Secret Service won't give any clues. Roy has an admirer, yet John accuses him of having no charisma. The paramedics respond to a false alarm on a fireboat, and end up saving the victim of a plane crash; they also deliver a premature baby and rescue a man threatening to jump off a tall building.

Director: Christian I. Nyby, II
Writer: Michael Donovan
16 Syndrome 60 min | Feb 10, 1973

John tries to convince Roy he has tonsillitis. An old flame of Dixie's, who is now a famous actor, is admitted to Rampart. Two kids are trapped on top of a gas tank; a girl's college lacrosse game turns violent; Boot has surgery to remove a tick; Dr. Early deals with a hypochondriac. Chet is injured during a rescue and is roomed with Roy, who has had his tonsils removed.

Director: Dennis Donnelly
Writer: Michael Donovan
Guest stars: Robert Alda
17 Honest 60 min | Feb 17, 1973

A gas explosion results from a white lie, prompting Johnny to go on an honesty kick. At the hospital, doctors work to save a boy who is inexplicably choking to death. In the field, the paramedics rescue a teenage boy injured in a dive off a roof, and a baby and his blind grandfather trapped in a burning house.

Director: Christian I. Nyby, II
Writer: Daryl Henry
Guest stars: Cheryl Miller
18 Seance 60 min | Feb 24, 1973

A woman keeps calling the Squad because she's convinced the bad things that happen to her husband are the result of her recently deceased sister. A youth suffering side effects from tranquilizers is treated in the ER. The paramedics rescue a man pinned under a stack of heavy cartons and a driver trapped underwater in his car.

Director: George Fenady
Writer: Preston Wood
Guest stars: Laurie Bartram, Bruno Kirby
19 Boot 60 min | Mar 03, 1973

The firemen are puzzled by Boot's strange behavior. Meanwhile, paramedics rescue a woman whose sports car is pinned under a gas truck and investigate a series of unusual incidents in the home of a woman attempting to cook a meal for her boyfriend and his mother. An unconscious man is brought in to the hospital suffering from internal bleeding. Dr. Early deals with the victim of a curse. An explosion in a hospital lab endangers a number of workers and important records.

Director: Christian I. Nyby, II
Writer: Preston Wood
20 Rip-Off 60 min | Mar 10, 1973

Roy and John are accused of stealing money from a victim. A premature delivery and a blinded man result from a car crash. A perilous rescue involves a plane that might explode.

Director: Christian I. Nyby, II
Writer: Michael Donovan
21 Audit 60 min | Apr 06, 1973

John is audited by the IRS. A man hit on the head wants to be treated by a doctor, not the paramedics. A child is rescued from a locked car. A pregnant girl has difficulty breathing. A professional medical con man shows up at Rampart. A construction worker is trapped when part of the building his crew is working on collapses, and he wants Roy to remove his leg before the rest of the building falls.

Director: George Fenady
Writer: Preston Wood


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