Tai Seng (1993)
Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction, Action, Martial Arts, Foreign
Hong Kong | Cantonese | Color | 1h 33min

Set some time after the The Heroic Trio (1993) the city has been devastated by nuclear attack. An evil deformed villain controls the city's scarce water supply, exerting influence over both a popular leader and a militarist colonel. The trio of Chat the Thief catcher, Ching and Wonder Woman (along with her young daughter) have to avert a military takeover and find clean headwaters to save the city.

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Michelle Yeoh Ching
Anita Mui Tung Lau / Wonder Woman
Maggie Cheung Thief Catcher Chat
Damian Lau Comissioner Lau
Paul Chu Colonel
Takeshi Kaneshiro Chong Hon
San Kwan The President
Ching Wan Lau Tak
Anthony Wong Chau-Sang Kau
Eddy Ko The President's Deputy
Anthony Wong

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Director Johnny To
Siu-Tung Ching
Ching Siu-Tung
Writer Sandy Shaw, Susanne Chan
Producer Johnny To


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
601643446141 DVD 1 Feb 06, 2001
3384442058964 DVD 2 Nov 29, 2004
9318500014450 DVD 4 Jul 15, 2004
4895024906386 DVD
4895017005966 DVD
9786304857274 DVD
5027220101480 VHS