Face Of Evil

Larry Thompson Entertainment (1996)
Drama, Horror, Thriller
USA | English | Color | 1h 27min

On her wedding night, twenty-year-old Darcy Palmer empties her fiancé's bank account and flees to New York City. Along the way, she tries robbing Brianne Dwyer, who's heading to a New England college for her freshman year, and ends up killing her. Darcy assumes Brianne's identity, enrolls in her place at college, and kills anyone who gets in her way. When Darcy becomes interested in her roommate Jeanelle's wealthy widowed father, she poisons Jeanelle so that she's too sick to spend time with him when he visits the campus, and Darcy takes her place. Suspecting her dirty deeds, Jeanelle confronts her roommate, who coolly admits to killing many people and stealing their identities. Then, Darcy attacks... Just in the nick of time, Jeanelle's father rescues her from harm. Darcy escapes but is caught just as she's about to snare her next victim...

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Tracey Gold Darcy Palmer/Barbara Richards
Perry King Russell Polk
Shawnee Smith Jeanelle Polk
Don Harvey Quinn Harris
Brigitta Dau Sabrina
Simi Mehta Zoe
Nicole Prescott Marnie
Heather Hansen Little Girl
Karen Alston Dorothy Harris
David Jensen Father Jerome
Susan Dolan Ticket Agent
Mireille Enos Brianne Dwyer
Charles Lynn Frost Gate Attendant
Timothy S. Shoemaker Senior
Joan Mullaney Mrs. Kirkland, Dean of Students
Melissa Moore Grad Student Tour Guide
Margo Swena O'Very Ellen Donnelly
Alisa Harris Secretary
Susan Masley Reporter
Max Robinson Professor Gnap
Johnny Biscuit Anthony
Barta Heiner Mrs. Perry
Lynne Van Dam Evelyn Dwyer
Frank Gerrish Detective Allen
Scott Wilkinson Detective

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Director Mary Lambert
Writer Gregory Goodell
Producer Robert Kosberg, Larry A. Thompson, Arvin Kaufman
Photography Brian Capener
Musician Chris Boardman


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
191091613498 Blu-ray Disc 1 Jun 19, 2018
191091613368 DVD 1 Jun 19, 2018